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“Thank you so much Mikki! I appreciate our monthly facials. Every time I enter the room I feel an immediate calmness and stillness that allows me to stay present and appreciate this self care. My skin is always feeling amazing afterwards and I feel so relaxed, I nearly fall asleep. Thank you, thank you for making me appreciate this me time!”

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“I’ve had chronic back pain for about 15 years. I assumed it was simply due to aging. Sitting for hours at the office, riding in a car or plane on long trips left me stiff and in pain. I was only comfortable when I was standing.Saeed and his staff at Revive worked with me for about 3 months to stretch and strengthen my lower back and neck. It worked wonders.The Revive crew are very professional and organized. They created a custom PT plans based on my recovery objectives. I highly recommend Revive!”

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“Very glad that I found the neuromuscular studio. I am extremely pleased with my results after just one visit. Very friendly and inviting staff, low-key professional environment made me feel comfortable. Richard my therapist projected a highly knowledgeable and skilled ability in his field, which gave me confidence that my issue was being properly addressed. Appreciate the team, great experience, I have become a regular customer.”

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“Where to begin... yoga, an authentic yogi experience combined with a very individualistic style. Truly one-of-a-kind. Aside from that, Kerri and Jason (founders) have built a wonderful community that starts with their own consistently warm welcomes (and all are welcomed there!) Though everyone there is wonderful. You will always feel like you're among friends. Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention their other wellness service, many call it a masaage but its so much more than that. In addition to the skilled physical component, it's akin to a gift of love, because that's what goes into it, and you'll leave with an overall sense of serenity and well-being. Whether you decide on the yoga or the massage, your body and mind will thank you. If you were on the fence, I hope this convinces you to give them a try! Cheers!”

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“Dr. Lyon is always available. My husband hurt back over a weekend and was is pain. I called the office and Dr. Lyon came in and took care of my husband.”

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“George introduced Tuning Fork Therapy to me and I'm so glad he did! After my first treatment, I noticed things came easier for me, I could feel the blockages removed. I felt amazing! As a result, my sales increased at work and I felt much more content overall. George worked hard, no short cuts, and I really appreciate his time and efforts to clear my chakras. I give him 5 stars and would highly recommend any of his services.”

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“Love this place. Warm and welcoming. Kyle is amazing. Very professional and addresses your concerns. He has magical thumbs!! I booked a relaxation massage and that's what I got. I have issues with my lower back and hip. He really knows what he's doing and he was so helpful! Highly recommend.”

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“Ben was very professional, took the time to listen to my concerns and needs and implemented them into my massage. The massage was great, the right amount of pressure and I left feeling so much better. I instantly booked another massage!”

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“DO NOT miss out on the opportunity to have a massage by Sarah. I have never in my life had a better massage. At one point. I swear she turned into an octopus and I melted into the table. I told her what my body needed and she took care of everything. Highly recommended.”

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“Samantha is the absolute best! She’s rescued me from so much pain! She’s intuitive and knows her muscles. I’m sooo grateful for her. She’s the most magical. 100% recommend.”

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“A couple months ago I suffered a major low back injury. I could not sit, sleep, or even walk. I had all kinds of pain from body aches, headaches and muscle soreness all through my body up until I was recommended to Dr. Figa and his team. Through needling, adjustments, massages, and decompressions I have been able to gain back my mobility and slowly but surely getting back to my old self. I’m so thankful I am able to walk again without pain, and it’s all due to Dr. Figa, Reggie, Lexi, Kailey, Kaile, and all of his staff. Thank you so much for relieving my pain and all that you do! I really appreciate it. ?”

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“Jimmy is one of the best teachers I have ever had and his facility is beautiful and welcoming. His lessons are engaging and informative I will come back again and again.”

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“I can’t say enough good things. Easily the best health care experience I’ve ever had.”

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“Ah-mazing! Not your run of the mill massage. Jon is a true body worker. It was very therapeutic and healing. I experienced relief almost instantly. I would confidently recommend Jon to anyone and will be back!”

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“Leah is amazing! She is such a precise gift from the universe. She is such a compassionate and good hearted person. She is very intuitive on understanding where the pain is in my body and helping to release it. I have noticed so many wonderful changes in my life since working with her. I love her techniques of adding massage, chakra balancing, and polarity in our sessions. She's helped me so much and offered so much compassion to my situation. Thank you Leah :)”

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“Love the shop and always find some great stuff! Pretty jewelry, soaps, crystals and more! Most incredible massage of my life”

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“Great DR's, great staff, very flexible in getting you in. Really helped me get back on the trails and running. Much better than A corp therapy center.”

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“I wish I took a picture of her new studio. It’s adorable! There is a beautiful cherry blossom tree in bloom out front (mid March) and the energy inside is just as inspiring. Monique is a good listener. She has tons of experience helping people cope and you can feel it. Today I didn’t know what to expect with coaching (I have only experienced her massages and her reiki sessions). I signed up for the Building Resilience group. I feel like setting and working towards a common goal will really help my mental health. The format of having an ongoing group chat is probably just what I need to manage my stress. She isn’t only great with her hands- she is a well-rounded healer.”

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“Seeing Dr. Truhan and her team has literally changed my life. For seven years I have had excruciating back pain anywhere from an 8-10 daily on the level of pain. With the first pain injection I walked out of their office at about a 1 level of pain. I will never go to another practice if I can help it. The kindest most caring group of ND’s I have ever met. Thank you for making my life so much more enjoyable”

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“AMAZING. I'm in love with the ceragem tables, and am absolutely planning to stop in as regularly as I possibly can. I reside almost an hour away but luckily find myself in the areasomewhat often”

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“She is the most amazing person. Her personal touch has the best energy I’ve ever felt. Very kind and listens to me to make sure it’s a great experience. Hands down best acupuncture I have ever had”

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“I wish I found Arizona chiropractor group sooner ! After what felt like the blink of an eye, my pain melted away after my first few adjustments. Dr.Mioni is a great conversation and an amazing chiropractor. You know you're at the right place when you walk into a Doctors office, and the first thing you hear is " how are you doing today ? " with a smile. The staff knows how to make things clear and easy to follow when it come to scheduling and directions. Any questions I have wether is scheduling, pain, or concerns they are on the ball with an answer. I would recommend this chiropractor to everyone and anyone !”

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“Elisa has an amazing blend of modalities with wonderfully strong hands and a great personality! Her uniqueness and attention to detail along with incredible knowledge and experience makes for a very relaxing and enjoyable massage session. Awesomeness!”

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“I was diagnosed with Bells Palsey in the fall of 2021 and was in severe pain to the point that I was not sleeping, nothing I tried would provide long term relief. Mike was recommended to me and I must admit, I was a sceptic and really doubted that he could make much of a difference, but was willing to try anything. On my very FIRST visit Mike was able to alleviate the pain and I am continuing to improve on a daily basis. The best thing about Mike is his dedication to your healing, his joy in discovering new techniques, and his ability to teach you to apply them to your daily life and help restore your health. I can't thank Mike enough, he has changed my life!”

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“This was an AMAZING experience all around! Walking into the building is already so peaceful and relaxing, and they do a great job of making you comfortable. There was no wait, and it was very time-efficient. Everyone was very kind and welcoming! The massage itself was the best one I have ever had, hands down. Melissa ensured I was comfortable and asked if the pressure was all right! They will focus on any spots you tell them, but if you want a whole body or a relaxing massage, they can also do that. The hot rocks and the hot towels were amazing as well. At the end of the massage, they make sure to give you water and tell you about the aftercare that should be done! Best experience I have ever had!”

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