Privacy Policy

This page documents our website's and mobile application 'Privacy Policy'. All the details which we thoroughly explain below are regarding our data collection process and how we gather information from each of our website's and mobile application users. All of the information which we discuss below may be changed at any time, to which we will also provide updated information below.


'Cookies' are a type of data which websites use to gather information about the user and their visit to their specific website. This data does NOT include any personal information or information regarding the user's computer. When a user visits our website, cookies will be sent from the website to the user's browsing client to ensure that the user has a high-quality experience and to ensure that regular users have their preferences kept intact. Should a website user prefer not to receive website cookies, for whatever reason that may be, they are able to prevent their browser from accepting cookies. On top of this, it is worth noting that browsers typically automatically accept cookies. Cookies are a common data type which are used by marketing features to provide users with relevant advertisements based on their search history and other web activity.

Information Usage

Here at Bestprosintown, we will never ask for any personal information which would assist us in identifying you as an individual, nor will your information be disclosed with any third-party company whom would use your information neither commercial, marketing, or sales related activities.

External Websites

On our website, you may find hyperlinks to an external website or source. For each of the external websites which we provide, we prompt you to view their own privacy policy as it may differ from our own policies and we may not endorse such a policy. It is your responsibility to read third-party privacy policies.

Website Logs and Analytics

As the majority of websites do, we collect analytic data from our website user's activity. The analytical data which we collect, but is not limited to, is:
- Browser
- Version of Browser
- Device
- Network IP Address
- Geographical Location
- Date and Time of Website Visit
- Pages Which the User Visited
- Length of Website Visit
- Other Session Data As mentioned above, we may at any time collect additional data to which we will update our information provided above.

More Information

If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]