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“Everyone is very friendly. Dr. Marco takes his time to explain everything to you and answer questions.“

5 Superb72 Reviews

“Great experience there today. I have learned that, for the most part, a place with a lot of different massage therapists means your experience is based on your individual therapist.Savannah did not disappoint. Appointment started on time, we had a quick conversation about problem areas and medical history, then got into the appointment on time. The appointment lasted slightly over the allotted time, which i very much appreciated.I had a subscription to massage envy, but cancelled it because of their hypocritical business practices, that almost every appointment was actually 10 to 15 minutes short on average, and the hit or miss massage quality.Savannah did a great job / I’d classify it as more of a Swedish to medium massage - didn’t ask her if she could be more firm, but the experience was top notch.My normal massage practice is medically focused, so the spa atmosphere was a bit more relaxing, which was a nice change of pace. Will definitely be back / thanks for the great service!“

4.9 Superb79 Reviews

“I received one of the best messages of my life from Carmen. She is extremely intuitive and guided my breath through some tough muscle releases. I always feel immediately at ease with her and leave feeling amazing. She is the best of the best. Thank you Carmen!!“

5 Superb33 Reviews

“It's so hard to find a really good professional and experienced massage therapist. I'm so thankful I don't have to look any further though! Christy is AWESOME!! I drive quite a ways just to see her, but it's worth the drive. She has so much experience and knowledge, and amazing technique!! If you want a professional massage from someone with extensive and diverse experience, you need to see Christy! :)“

5 Superb27 Reviews

“I can’t thank Dr. Stewart and his Team enough for helping me. Herniated disks with pain radiating down my leg. Many days affecting my quality of life and stopping me from doing family activities due to my limited ability to stand long or walk. My quality of life has improved as evidence by going to theme parks and playing with daughter in her activities of choice. Thank you so much and he has helped my family members too.“

5 Superb20 Reviews

“I received a 30-minute quick massage to kill time, and it was a wonderful experience. The combination of soothing pressure shiatsu and lymphatic drainage with elbows helped relax my tired body. I'd like to come back for a more leisurely treatment next time.Both the techniques and the staff's atmosphere were excellent.“

5 Superb15 Reviews

“This is the new "go to" spot for massage since we moved to Chesapeake from VB. Friendly and consistent.“

4.8 Superb37 Reviews

“Yoyo gave me the best massage ever. Very professional. Price is very reasonable too. I will go back again.“

4.7 Superb234 Reviews

“Had a massage with Joy today. Exceptional service! Very relaxing. I did find out that Yin Fire will be moving locations today. Hopefully they’re back up and running soon. Would love to become a regular!“

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“Dr. Chad is the best chiropractor in the area!! I’ve known him for at least 15 years and he is single-handedly the kindest and most knowledgeable person I know. He and his staff are always learning more and using the most cutting edge technology out there to help improve how the help people. I’ve improved so much since I’ve been going on a regular basis. I’m so thankful for everyone at Planet Wellness! If you are looking for a great chiropractor, with an amazing staff. Look no further, because you have found it!! Snap, crackle and pop your way over to Planet Wellness Chiropractic to start living a better pain free life!“

4.7 Superb44 Reviews

“It's amazing. I had pain in my shoulder and couldn't lift it up. The masseur here was very professional. After a 60-minute massage, I could lift my arm a little and the pain was relieved a lot. I will continue to come back for muscle relaxation. Massage, highly recommended“

4.7 Superb43 Reviews

“Lisa was amazing. I highlyRecommend!!! The massage and hot stone treatment was amazing. She was friendlyAnd courteous.“

4.8 Superb13 Reviews

“Only place I will go to get my hair cut. Awesome staff and atmosphere. You will always be treated well from the moment you walk in. The leadership team (owners) are wonderful people. They do a great job on all your grooming needs.Also Misty is their massage therapist and she is "all world"!! She is an expert as well as a wonderful person!“

4.7 Superb32 Reviews

“Recap. 3 months has gone by. Had back problems as long as I can remember. Set an appointment one day out the blue not knowing what to expect. After the great staff made me feel welcome the doc proceeded to take me to the back. After a few of my questions I had got answered we proceeded with what I came there for. Bawcom adjusted and released the pressure from my joints. My body sounded like twisting bubble wrap it was so bad. By the time we were done the pressure was gone I could had instantly fell alseep in the chair. It felt soo good. I left with no pain and standing upright. Im Still feeling great. I will go back as I need to deal with up keep. I highly recommend this place. I'm still feeling great.“

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“CHY has literally cured my back pains. All the yoga instructors are very knowledgeable and welcoming. Bri is the most amazing person you will ever meet and is very passionate about helping anyone who walks in. If you haven’t tried it do yourself a favor and take a class!“

5 Superb5 Reviews

“It was my first time seeing her and Jackie was able to get me in last minute, which I really needed since my back spasmed after a work out. She made me feel comfortable and definitely helped my back and other areas that I didn’t even realize were tight. It’s the day after and I feel my back getting even more loose!“

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“Nancy just did an amazing job on my hands and feet . I really feel like I’m walking on cloud 9 . I’m pregnant so my hands and feet are swollen she applied all the right pressure to ease some pain“

5 Superb2 Reviews

“A wellness boutique that is there to serve all of your individual needs. There is no one fix fits all when it comes to wellness, and the owners of PROH will not just rush you to make a purchase, but will take the time to sit down with you for a brief private consultation to get to know what you feel that your medicinal needs are. What are some of the benefits you're looking for? Then they will help match the products that best meet your desired outcome.The boutique is a very calm, comfortable, and welcoming area that you'll be able to browse products and ask more detailed questions if you have them. PROH Wellness is going to be a place that you'll be wanting to visit at least monthly for the maximum benefits. If you haven't visited yet, what are you waiting for?!“

5 Superb2 Reviews

“Great massage and ambiance. I’ll be a regular customer. My normal massage place is typically booked too far in advance so I was looking for another suitable spot. This one definitely fits the bill.Melissa was my therapist - highly recommend!“

5 Superb1 Reviews

5 Superb1 Reviews

“I had an excellent massage with my sports injury and also had an inner thigh issue that was totally taken care of whatever was mentioned below is not correct she is a very strong woman with a very profession additude Kelly's back in Western branch just got a massage at new location... AWESOME“

5 Superb1 Reviews

“Just went to the Greenbrier location for the 90 minute session. I had Hunter, and I highly recommend you go in and ask for him. Very good pressure and felt super refreshing after. 5 stars, both gals up front were super friendly. We look forward to returning!“

4.6 Superb142 Reviews

“I love it. After a stretch, I feel like a new person. I have tight hip flexors, and they worked on it, and now the pain is gone.“

4.6 Superb71 Reviews

“The staff and therapist at In Motion were top notch! I would highly recommend them to my friends and family!“

4.6 Superb21 Reviews

“Everyone is very professional and Dr. Mark is great at answering questions and explaining things. Michelle is awesome at teaching patients best practices to correct posture and makes a comfortable environment when receiving different treatments. Jo up front is always very welcoming whenever I come in. Love the staff.“

4.6 Superb7 Reviews

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