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10AM - 7PM

535 5th Ave #920, New York
Better Body Solutions Physical Therapy

“This place is wonderful! There are minimal wait times but somehow the staff is still warm and inviting. Dr B is a magician! The front desk is on top of everything and really checks the text messages I send.“

5 Superb72 Reviews

9AM - 6PM

279 Central Park West #1a, New York
Central Park West Wellness Physical Therapy

“Highly recommend! Both practitioners are super skilled (and use different techniques which is cool) and couldn't be nicer. Very accommodating with scheduling too.“

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7AM - 8PM

32 Union Square E Suite #215, New York
Perfect Stride Physical Therapy Physical Therapy

“Perfect Stride PT is very professional and accommodating. I've been working with Maddi for the last 8 months on a mid back strain and post-ACL reconstruction rehab. She is extremely knowledgable and dedicated to her craft. Maddi's expertise and personalized approach have been instrumental in my recovery journey. She provides comprehensive explanations of exercises and techniques, empowering me to actively engage in my recovery. Furthermore, Maddi brings a positive energy and vibe to every session; her upbeat demeanor fosters a welcoming environment, encouraging collaboration and progress in therapy.“

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7AM - 8PM

120 E 56th St #1010, New York
Spear Physical Therapy Physical Therapy

“This is such a great practice. I’ve been to lots of PT practices around the city and this one beats them all. Great atmosphere, really lovely team, nice location. For pelvic floor / pregnancy PT specifically I couldn’t recommend Ranjitha Mohan more. She’s extremely knowledgeable, skilled, passionate about her work, understanding, and resourceful and will do everything she can to alleviate issues. She’s been so tremendously helpful during my pregnancy and beyond and was able to resolve most if not all of my issues.“

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11AM - 8PM

2 W 46th St #505, New York
Center Point Physical Therapy, NYC Physical Therapy

“Great and wonderful staff led by Dr. Park. My back and neck pain has almost gone away and I am learning to fix my posture what is being very helpful. Highly recommended center.“

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8:30AM - 6PM

636 Broadway #304, New York
Dr. Steven Shoshany Chiropractor Physical Therapy

“If you have spinal compression issues and are living with back pain, look no further than Drs. Steven and Austin. I’m sure these are two of the most effective healers in town at what they do. I travelled from Massachusetts. Life changing. Awaken that spine. Highly recommend.“

5 Superb46 Reviews

“Living Well Balanced has been a true blessing since having recent surgery. Tomoko has been performing lymphatic massage and helping with all my swelling. Due to my schedule needs the Chiro team, Michael and Fizza, have been partnering to ensure continued healing and improvements. And no visit would be complete without the support, clear directions, and laughs from the front desk team, Jen, Samantha, Connie.“

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7AM - 7PM

370 Lexington Ave #1212, New York
Integrative Physical Therapy of NYC, P.C. Physical Therapy

“After only two visits my back felt better. Great professionals, friendly and knowledgeable, and awesome at what they do. Highly recommended!“

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8AM - 7PM

12 E 44th St 5th floor, New York
Physis Physical Therapy Physical Therapy

“Starting in September, I was having really troubling symptoms including head and neck pain, numb and tingling arms, brain fog, and blocked ears. It was so scary that I went to the hospital one night as I kept waking up disoriented. I went to a spine specialist and he referred me to Dr. Sunny, and I couldn't be more grateful. An MRI showed I have Foraminal Stenosis, and Dr. Sunny has done such a great job treating me, that I rarely feel any symptoms now, when before I was feeling them 24/7, and it was a treat if I didn't have to deal with it for an hour or two. Scheduling appointments with them are so easy, and they took such great care to also make sure they were on top of my insurance to reduce the cost to me. I couldn't be happier with the treatments and service at Physis Physical Therapy - I highly recommend this team!“

5 Superb39 Reviews

“Sharvari is an excellent physical therapist. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has helped me to recover from tendonitis and hip pain, with a good combination of hands-on physical therapy and exercises.“

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9AM - 7PM

162 W 56th St Suite 205, New York
Grand Madison Acupuncture (WEST) Physical Therapy

“I recently booked a treatment session with Dr. Lee to address the lower back pain I was experiencing. After my treatment session with Dr. Lee my back pain improved immensely. I highly recommend Dr. Lee.“

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9AM - 7PM

34 W 119th St, New York
Esprit Wellness Physical Therapy

“The service was amazing! I went in with neck/back pain and walked out feeling like a new person. The doctor and staff were very accommodating and personable as well. High recommended if you’re looking for the best!!!“

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8AM - 8PM

247 3rd Ave Suite: LL2, New York
Gramercy Physical Therapy Physical Therapy

“The Gramercy Physical Therapy team is amazing. They are very professional, thoughtful, and kind. I was mainly treated by Tess, who is an extraordinary therapist. I also had some sessions with Steve and Gene, who are equally excellent. Delia makes sure that everything runs smoothly. My shoulder has regained its mobility and healed from the accident I had. Highly recommended.“

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9AM - 7PM

162 W 56th St #302, New York
In Touch NYC Physical Therapy Midtown Physical Therapy

“Keith is the best. I’ve been to a few different PT locations in NYC and finally found one I’ll use forever. Came in for recovery post foot surgery surgery and now working on parts of my body that have been ailing for awhile. Can’t say enough good things about this place. Definitely recommend.“

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7:30AM - 8PM

10 E 33rd St 2nd floor, New York
Manhattan Sports & Manual Physical Therapy Physical Therapy

“I really love the folks at Manhattan Sports and Manual Physical Therapy. I always got a really good session that worked out my issues and made me stronger. Everyone there is incredibly nice and I'm really happy with my PT Sergio. They always gave good direction and feedback. The Assistants were also really attentive with correcting form and moving you on to the next exercise. Highly recommended.“

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10AM - 6PM

61 Broadway #900, New York
Axon Health Associates Wall Street Physical Therapy

“It was my first time visiting a chiropractor so initially I was highly skeptical and nervous since I did not know what to expect. However, after one visit at Axon Health Associate the doctors and staff were able to ease my mind since they provide a highly professional and friendly environment. Dr Webber is very attentive and compassionate. My issue was explained thoroughly along with the necessary procedures that be taken to restore my health and ease my back pains. I look forward to completing my physical therapy journey with them and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking chiropractic care.- Ann- Marie P“

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11AM - 8PM

160 Broadway RM 602, New York
New York Acupuncture & Chiropractic Physical Therapy

“The best acupuncture ever!! So healing, calming and rejuvenating. They always help me understand this practice and answer all of my questions! I will be coming back weekly!“

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7AM - 8PM

12 E 44th St 5th floor, New York
City Integrative Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

“terrific. I followed Justin Katz and Sonny from their prior office. It's a great space, easy booking via phone or text. Dr. Katz is terrific. very targeted, never rushed. lots of tips for preventative care, great bedside manner.“

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6:30AM - 7:30PM

483 10th Ave Suite 525, New York
Prestige Health and Wellness - Hudson Yards Physical Therapy

“Dr. Fabio has given me personal care and concern for my well being as he has helped me recover from a killer headache, stiff neck, and severe sciatica. Dr. Fabio makes me feel welcome every time I come to see him. Dr. Fabio was very clear when explaining every thing to me and very thorough during the initial exam. I walked out of the office with no headache, less of a slouch, and a smile from the relief of my back adjustment. His caring and non aggressive demeanor and technique has enabled me to carry on with my daily activities without any discomfort. I have been seeing chiropractors for over 20 years now and I have never experienced a chiropractor who is as knowledgeable and professional as Dr. Fabio. If you're looking for a chiropractor look no further because Dr. Fabio is the best.“

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10AM - 10PM

89 5th Ave Suite 808, New York
Grae Wellness Physical Therapy

“I truly enjoy every session I have here. Tim, Bonnie, Damsel, and Star have provided exceptional service and support. I feel like I am really in the process of healing with the different services I continue to book. Services I get: compression sleeve therapy, sports stretching, massage, infrared sauna, and yoga class. Thank you for the wonderful experience!“

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8AM - 8PM

124 E 40th St SUITE 1002, New York
Corinthian Physical Therapy Physical Therapy

“Ive been coming to Corinthian for the past few months for a lateral meniscus tear that surgeons wanted to operate on. Instead of doing shake and bake exercises they looked at where the pain was coming from which was my hip that was not moving, and my knee was not tracking correctly. Once I was out of pain I was giving totally different exercises standing to strengthen my knee, hip and work on balance.They are so caring give you their personal phone number with any questions.No surgery needed!“

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7AM - 8PM

within Complete Body, 25 W 14th St 2nd Floor, New York
Symbio Physio - Physical Therapy Physical Therapy

“My PT is experienced and knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. The location is convenient for me. Easy to make appointments on their website. The whole process has been easy.“

5 Superb16 Reviews

8AM - 8PM

6 E 45th St #305, New York
Vitality Health New York Physical Therapy

“Great professionalism, care, and love for this profession. Thank you very much for your valuable work, Matilde.“

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8AM - 8PM

25 W 14th Street @Complete, New York
The Human Performance Mechanic Physical Therapy

“Nick Rolnick is the best physiotherapist I have worked with. I've had a number of lower body fractures, sprains and surgeries resulting in chronic knee and ankle pain on both sides. I had trouble walking up and down stairs and was in constant pain. I spent years doing physiotherapy with a number of different providers to no avail. Nick follows a test/retest philosphy where we methodically tried different approaches until we found the issue that caused my pain. He correctly identified lower back tighness as being the culprit which no physio had identified before. Then we went on a multi week course to correct it. I am correctly pain free, able to play sports and am in the best shape of my life. I can't recommened Nick highly enough.“

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8AM - 8:30PM

36 W 44th St STE 620, New York
HI Physio Physical Therapy

“I can't thank Dr. Sheldon Nakashima enough for his exceptional care and expertise in helping me with my lower back pain. His office in Midtown, NY was a game-changer for me, and I'm thrilled to share my experience.I initially visited Dr. Nakashima on the recommendation of a friend, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. My lower back pain had become increasingly severe, especially during the summer months. During our first session, Dr. Nakashima's attentive and empathetic approach immediately put me at ease. He listened carefully to my situation and pain, which made me feel heard and understood.In our first session, we went through a series of exercises together. Dr. Nakashima not only showed me how to perform them but also closely observed my alignment and consistently asked how I felt. Shortly after our initial meeting, I received a daily exercise plan in a PDF file via email. This personalized plan was a game-changer. I faithfully followed it every day, and I began to notice a gradual reduction in my pain.The second and third sessions with Dr. Nakashima were nothing short of incredible. Once again, we worked on various exercises, and he introduced new techniques to address my specific needs. His keen eye for detail was evident as he meticulously observed my body's movements and checked my range of motion, always ensuring that I was comfortable throughout.After both of these sessions, I was amazed to find myself completely pain-free for weeks on end. Dr. Nakashima's extensive knowledge and experience in physical therapy were evident throughout our time together. His open and friendly personality made each session not only effective but also enjoyable.I can confidently say that Dr. Sheldon Nakashima is a true professional who genuinely cares about his patients' well-being. He played a crucial role in my journey to a pain-free life. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking effective and compassionate physical therapy. Thank you so much, Dr. Nakashima!“

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