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10AM - 7PM

535 5th Ave #920, New York
Better Body Solutions Chiropractors

“This place is wonderful! There are minimal wait times but somehow the staff is still warm and inviting. Dr B is a magician! The front desk is on top of everything and really checks the text messages I send.“

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8AM - 1PM

300 E 57th St # 1D, New York
Sutton Place Chiropractic Chiropractors

“Dr. Mike is an absolute miracle worker. When I started seeing Dr. Mike about a year and a half ago I had terrible neck and back pain. I was so hunched over from sitting at a desk that I could not sit up straight even if I tried. I felt better immediately after my first visit, and over the course of the year things only got better. I had no idea it was possible to feel this balanced and pain-free. Not only is Dr. Mike incredibly knowledgeable, he cares about each and every one of his patients. His kind spirit and personality are infectious. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Mike!“

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9AM - 6PM

279 Central Park West #1a, New York
Central Park West Wellness Chiropractors

“Highly recommend! Both practitioners are super skilled (and use different techniques which is cool) and couldn't be nicer. Very accommodating with scheduling too.“

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9 AM - 5 PM

853 BroadwaySuite 1601, New York
Veech Sports Chiropractic Chiropractors

“Dr. Andrew Veech is such a caring and knowledgeable chiropractor. He was very communicative before the session, helped me resolve the issues in my neck and back that was causing a range of pain / pinched sensations during the appointment, and even followed up with me to check how I was feeling afterward. Highly recommend!!“

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8AM - 2PM

551 Madison Ave Suite 1201, New York
Complete Wellness Chiropractors

“I never write reviews but I just have to write this one. I am home Bed-bound and taking physical therapy, but it hurts so much because of my pains in my hip and back, spent most of the time crying while doing my therapy. I called so many places to get help and was very disappointed no one would help.One evening i came across complete wellness' website and I decided to send an email explaing my issues,15 minutes later wonderful Ben called me, thank you Ben.5 days later, doctor Mayrsohn came to my home. Now I am able to do my physical therapy with out the crying. I highly recommendComplete Wellness.Thank you so very much.Just give them a call and you will also be helped.“

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8:30AM - 6PM

636 Broadway #304, New York
Dr. Steven Shoshany Chiropractor Chiropractors

“If you have spinal compression issues and are living with back pain, look no further than Drs. Steven and Austin. I’m sure these are two of the most effective healers in town at what they do. I travelled from Massachusetts. Life changing. Awaken that spine. Highly recommend.“

5 Superb46 Reviews

“Living Well Balanced has been a true blessing since having recent surgery. Tomoko has been performing lymphatic massage and helping with all my swelling. Due to my schedule needs the Chiro team, Michael and Fizza, have been partnering to ensure continued healing and improvements. And no visit would be complete without the support, clear directions, and laughs from the front desk team, Jen, Samantha, Connie.“

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8AM - 3PM

515 Madison Ave, New York
Dr. Robert Shire Chiropractors

“Dr. Shire is a miracle worker for aches and pains that come with pregnancy. I’ve had low back pain since the start of the second trimester and now going to him in my third I wish I would’ve gone sooner. I also feel like I can actually breathe easier and take a full breath after getting adjusted. Would highly recommend for any pregnant women.“

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8AM - 7PM

12 E 44th St 5th floor, New York
Physis Physical Therapy Chiropractors

“Starting in September, I was having really troubling symptoms including head and neck pain, numb and tingling arms, brain fog, and blocked ears. It was so scary that I went to the hospital one night as I kept waking up disoriented. I went to a spine specialist and he referred me to Dr. Sunny, and I couldn't be more grateful. An MRI showed I have Foraminal Stenosis, and Dr. Sunny has done such a great job treating me, that I rarely feel any symptoms now, when before I was feeling them 24/7, and it was a treat if I didn't have to deal with it for an hour or two. Scheduling appointments with them are so easy, and they took such great care to also make sure they were on top of my insurance to reduce the cost to me. I couldn't be happier with the treatments and service at Physis Physical Therapy - I highly recommend this team!“

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9AM - 6PM

165 Madison Ave #602, New York
Level Up Sports Chiropractic - Dr. Daniel Huang D.C. Chiropractors

“Dr. Dan Huang is really helpful in treating my high hamstring tendon issues. He quickly diagnosed my issues and prescribed exercises. Over the months I have been doing the exercises and improved a lot. He is also very kind to his patients. As a runner himself, he understands the problems and can explain to you very well ; he also shows you how to properly do the exercises. His space is easy to get to and very clean. I highly recommend Dr. Dan!“

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8AM - 5PM

231 W 21st St Lower Level, New York
McMahon Chiropractic Chiropractors

“I have serious, back issues, suffer chronic pain. I see Dr. McMahon at least once a week, have been seeing him going on 4 years. Without his skills and care, I believe I would literally be unable to walk. Not only a talented practitioner, a terrific guy. His office is run by a wonderful young woman. I can’t recommend this practice too highly.“

5 Superb35 Reviews

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162 W 56th St Suite 205, New York
Pico Family Chiropractic Center Chiropractors

“Incredible doctor, staff and service. Communicated all the pieces and steps as part of our process and has been a great experience.“

5 Superb33 Reviews

11AM - 2PM

39 W 56th St 4th floor, New York
Carnegie Chiropractic, P.C. Chiropractors

“Doctor Gordon is always so helpful! He focuses on the body/health holistically, and not just the area in which I am experiencing systems. He makes himself available and genuinely cares. Highly recommend!“

5 Superb33 Reviews

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315 Madison Avenue Suite 511 Entrance on 42nd St next to Chick Fil A, New York
Lamb Chiropractic, Adam Lamb DC Chiropractors

“Lamb chiropractic, is the best service in this field by some distance. The atmosphere is welcoming and professional, the equipment is state of the art and everything is so clean and sanitary. Most important of all Dr Lamb is superb at his craft. He cares for each patient and constantly goes above and beyond . I have suffered with disc issues for 12 years and seen a dozen chiropractors in that time . For the past 3 years I have been coming to Lamb chiropractic and have had the most pain free time of the last 12 years. I highly recommend to anyone .“

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9AM - 1:30PM

1400 Marsh Landing Pkwy unit 107, Jacksonville
Disc Centers of America - Ponte Vedra Chiropractors

“I started this process very skeptical as most are. I am currently half way through the program and my pain level has gone from an 8 to a 3.5 in just 6 weeks. I CANNOT wait to see the end result. I have lived with this pain for most of my adult life and to see this progress in such a short period of time is beyond anything I thought possible. Dr. Glass and his assistant Alex are the absolute best!!!!!! There are not many places you can go anymore and receive the kind of customer service that they give. Both of them are very personable and caring on an individualistic level. I wish I could rent every billboard in town as an advertisement for this program. This team creates the most positive environment of any health facility I have ever stepped foot into. I also believe this positivity, caring and understanding from these two helps the healing process of everyone who walks through the door. My prayer is that every pain relieving health facility would be even half as passionate as Dr. Glass and Alex convey. I thank both of you so much for what you do every day not only for me, but for everyone!!“

5 Superb28 Reviews

9AM - 7PM

34 W 119th St, New York
Esprit Wellness Chiropractors

“The service was amazing! I went in with neck/back pain and walked out feeling like a new person. The doctor and staff were very accommodating and personable as well. High recommended if you’re looking for the best!!!“

5 Superb27 Reviews

10AM - 8PM

566 7th Ave #601A, New York
New York Acupuncture & Chiropractic Chiropractors

“After dealing with back and neck pain for over 20 years and trying three previous chiropractors with their usual heat pads, adjustments, and cervical traction routine, I found Dr. Chen. He is on a whole other level. He's not your run-of-the-mill chiropractor; the guy's practically a genius. His in-depth knowledge of human anatomy allows him to tackle my pain with unmatched precision, delivering relief that goes beyond the quick fixes of standard treatments. Dr. Chen is the real deal, hands down.“

5 Superb25 Reviews

12 - 8PM

101 Greenwich St 15th FL, New York
NYC Wellness - Downtown Chiropractors

“Nice facilities and great staff. Each speciality provider I’ve seen has been thorough and wonderful to work with. They take their time working with you and care about getting you back to 100.“

5 Superb22 Reviews

7:30AM - 1:30PM

159 E 74th St, New York
Wayne M. Winnick, DC Chiropractors

“A remarkable healer, problem spotter and kind professional. He’s a gift. You leave with a plan and a deeper understanding of improvement-what you can do to care for yourself- realistically. His office team Eve, Janice, Margaret- overall the A team- they are all the very best at what they do. Thank you“

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10AM - 6PM

61 Broadway #900, New York
Axon Health Associates Wall Street Chiropractors

“It was my first time visiting a chiropractor so initially I was highly skeptical and nervous since I did not know what to expect. However, after one visit at Axon Health Associate the doctors and staff were able to ease my mind since they provide a highly professional and friendly environment. Dr Webber is very attentive and compassionate. My issue was explained thoroughly along with the necessary procedures that be taken to restore my health and ease my back pains. I look forward to completing my physical therapy journey with them and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking chiropractic care.- Ann- Marie P“

5 Superb21 Reviews

11AM - 8PM

160 Broadway RM 602, New York
New York Acupuncture & Chiropractic Chiropractors

“The best acupuncture ever!! So healing, calming and rejuvenating. They always help me understand this practice and answer all of my questions! I will be coming back weekly!“

5 Superb21 Reviews

10:30AM - 6:30PM

62 E 1st St, New York
1 on 1 Chiropractic Chiropractors

“Omggggg we love Nurse Nancy. I have always had some aches and pains but just roll with it and never do too much about it. Recently, as I was applying SPF on my face.... I literally picked my head up and displaced it somehow. I suddenly felt shooting pain from my neck going down my spine. The pain was serious - I felt like I could barely walk.The next couple days things improved a bit, but I called Nurse Nancy who I hadn't seen since 2015.She was able to squeeze me in with only a couple days notice. I arrived for my appointment, and she's just SO sweet. She funny, relatable, chatty, and makes you feel completely comfortable.She did some electric current stuff, gave me a little massage, found my knots, and literally cracked my head back in place. Less than 30min after my visit and I felt immediate relief. I would say at least 80% of my pain is gone. This was such a pleasant experience, I'm feeling like I need to make this a monthly routine!“

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7AM - 8PM

12 E 44th St 5th floor, New York
City Integrative Rehabilitation Chiropractors

“terrific. I followed Justin Katz and Sonny from their prior office. It's a great space, easy booking via phone or text. Dr. Katz is terrific. very targeted, never rushed. lots of tips for preventative care, great bedside manner.“

5 Superb20 Reviews

6:30AM - 7:30PM

483 10th Ave Suite 525, New York
Prestige Health and Wellness - Hudson Yards Chiropractors

“Dr. Fabio has given me personal care and concern for my well being as he has helped me recover from a killer headache, stiff neck, and severe sciatica. Dr. Fabio makes me feel welcome every time I come to see him. Dr. Fabio was very clear when explaining every thing to me and very thorough during the initial exam. I walked out of the office with no headache, less of a slouch, and a smile from the relief of my back adjustment. His caring and non aggressive demeanor and technique has enabled me to carry on with my daily activities without any discomfort. I have been seeing chiropractors for over 20 years now and I have never experienced a chiropractor who is as knowledgeable and professional as Dr. Fabio. If you're looking for a chiropractor look no further because Dr. Fabio is the best.“

5 Superb20 Reviews

2 - 6PM

8701 North Tarrant Pkwy Suite 100, North Richland Hills
Flower of Life Chiropractic Chiropractors

“Relocating from NC to Texas while pregnant was rough! I knew my back pain and difficulty walking was because I was horribly out of alignment. I hadn’t had the opportunity to get into my primary care manager to get a chiropractic referral so I had to look around on my own. I found Dr Erin on! After my first adjustment with her, I was finally able to walk without pain for the first time in months! Fast forward a few weeks and I managed to get a chiropractic referral for a Webster certified chiropractor but they unfortunately referred me to someone else. I felt bad leaving, but the visits were free through my insurance if I went elsewhere. I went to this other chiropractor that was geographically closer and cheaper… it was not the same. In addition to not feeling my best when leaving the chiropractor, I didn’t realize how much more Dr. Erin and Dr. James did for me. They have this whole body approach and were full of tips and tricks to get my body moving and functioning in a better way. The other chiropractor just wanted me to come back in for more visits and their adjustments of me while pregnant were no different than their adjustments of my husband! That should’ve been another red flag! They didn’t have the pregnancy cushion and during every adjustment I was scared of hurting the baby… after a few visits to the other chiropractor I decided to come back to Dr. Erin and pay out of pocket because my overall wellbeing and experience was that much better! I feel better between adjustments and they’re always there for me if I have any questions between appointments! Moral of the story is not all Webster Certified Chiropractors are the same! Dr. Erin and Dr. James really help you get connected to your own body so you aren’t fighting your body, you’re working with it. Their approach is not about being reactive but being proactive about listening to your body and finding ways to mitigate pain without the default answer being only more adjustments.10/10 recommend Flower of Life Chiropractic!!!“

5 Superb17 Reviews