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“I used to see Pamela before COVID and then had to move out of town. She was a miracle worker then and is still a miracle worker. I planned a vacation to Southern California and made sure take a detour both there and on the way back so I could have two sessions with her. I didn't realize how out of sorts my body was until she started working her magic again. I normally need to go to the chiropractor every two weeks but it's been over a month and I'm feeling great. I just wish I could take Pamela back to Northern California with me. Absolutely incredible results and such a wonderful person too. May need to make at least annual trips just to see her.”

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“I am incredibly fortunate to have found such an incredible personal trainer In Jennifer P. at GetUFit. Jennifer has transformed my perception of weight training from something intimidating to an empowering journey, particularly with functional strength training. Her profound knowledge in fitness, coupled with her patient and empathetic approach, has not only built my confidence but also guided me towards achieving my fitness goals. Beyond workouts, her nutritional guidance has been invaluable, making a holistic difference in my life . As a woman in my 50th, weight loss often feels like an impossible task, but with her expertly tailored programs and unwavering support, I've been shedding pounds and losing inches. Her dedication and ability to adapt the program to my needs have been instrumental in my progress. I am immensely thankful for Jennifer, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, supportive, and inspiring personal trainer.”

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“Received a holiday message from my mom and I am so happy I did. Honestly one of the best massages I have had. Ben is amazing can't wait for the next one. Highly recommend.”

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“Amanda did a "sugar" treatment on my lip, chin, and brows. She was incredibly friendly and professional. The result are fantastic. The spa itself is very welcoming and not intimidating or pretentious (as some spas can be). I highly recommend both the spa and Amanda.”

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“Small and unassuming spa. Tasteful decor and very clean. I've experienced the foot reflexology and a facial here. Never rushed and friendly service. Was knowledgeable but loved that they weren't aggressive in pushing the skin care line. I will be back.”

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“I took a 13-year-old Irish dancing ballerina in for point-related knee issues. I watched as Henry assessed and treated the "cause" of her limited mobility and saw improvement immediately at the end of her session. Highly (and will) recommend. Stellar!”

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“Pamela bar far is wonderful for massages with wellness healing. She will figure out what is wrong with your body and heal you. No words can say enough for her work.”

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“Absolutely divine. It was my first time getting a Thai massage and this location did not disappoint. Very clean and welcoming atmosphere. I will definitely be coming back.”

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“Samantha is outstanding!!! very patient and professional, she takes her time but doesn't take all day. I will only go to her from now on”

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“Araceli was great, her touch, attention to detail, and energy was just what I needed for 90 minutes. Thank you ?”

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“Being a myofascial release therapist, I’m quite picky and I absolutely love Marilyn! I can’t speak highly enough of her skills as a long time and well experienced myofascial therapist. She is great with dialoging and having you see deeper then what’s obvious. She is intuitive, compassionate and dedicated! She continues to expand her knowledge, take and repeat seminars and get treated herself! Thank you Marilyn for also being connected and in-tune with with my body! Don’t hesitate to book an appt., you won’t be disappointed! MFR is life changing and it sure has saved my life!”

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“I was on the hunt for a new massage therapist And I needed someone who was going to apply the good hurt on me. I had a 50mile race coming up and had a bit of an injury that needed attention ASAP. Trish was immediately available, she was so kind and welcoming. I let her know which areas on my body where my primary focus and she did just that - no fluff. I am so pleased with my experience definitely reccomend.”

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“I appreciate that it is a small group size studio. Kjerstin’s lengthy knowledge of Pilates shows in the way she effortlessly teaches. She has an infectious spirit. I enjoy my time at the studio.”

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“Kevin is amazing. He knew what I needed without me having to say anything. I will be coming on a biweekly basis to see him. Thank you, Kevin!”

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“This is my favorite foot spa, they have a punch card for frequent flyer and birthday surprise”

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“This was my first time for a massage at golden spa and massage. The place is clean, inviting and relaxing. Very professional. The therapist I had was Angela. And she provided such confidence and did a fantastic job. I felt so much better. you're every penny is worth it.. Highly recommend”

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“Great experience, I have always had a bad back just due to work . Sellina did an amazing job ! I will plan on coming back”

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“I've tried all the Nail Spas in the Clairmont Village, and I must say this is the ultra Best!! Natalie and Kim are beyond sweet, kind, very talented. This Spa has an Amazing French/ American old Hollywood Jazz Vibe! Love this place!”

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“Always there To help my old aching body out. Clean friendly staff who always Greats me with a smile and makes my day that much better.”

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