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6AM - 7:30PM

39400 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd Suite 122A, Murrieta
Progressive Health & Performance Trainers

“PHP is one of the best choices I ever made. Super fun, super uplifting, great energy all around and a good support system. 10/10“

5 Superb50 Reviews

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25100 Hancock Avenue, Murrieta
Anytime Fitness Murrieta Trainers

“Sad that it's closing, so I feel I should write a review. I've been to many Anytime locations and this by far has been my favorite location and gym. The only gym I've seen with a jungle rack for pull-ups or 4 addition squat/bench racks. Large diverse set of equipment like an arm blaster, curl bars, a stubby straight bar, rope climbing, extra set of dumbbells, extra benches, those lat pulldown attachments, and so much more. Always nice to see the owner George working out and talking to him, the staff and all the other members. You can tell when the staff actually use the equipment because everything is set up in the most practical and convenient way possible. Any ideas I had about how it could be set up better were later done on their own, its like they could read my mind. The only real upgrades they could've done is tinted the windows(sun setting gets in the eyes bad sometimes) and a bench for the restrooms(I don't shower at this location but if I did I'd want a bench for my bag) The gym never got busy and while I liked that I also knew that could mean there weren't enough members to keep it all afloat. Truly saddened that it will be closing. I've been to powerhouse and metroflex and they could never replace Anytime Murrieta.“

4.1 Good30 Reviews

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42265 Winchester Rd, Temecula
Self Made Training Facility HQ - Personal Training Gym Trainers

“Been coming to SMF for about 2 years now and training with Chandler. Love the facility it is super clean, always very welcoming, music and vibe are great! They also have amazing food and snacks post workout. The Meals by Mel are also amazing. 10/10 recommend this facility for any beginner or advanced athlete. They also have extra services such as sauna, IV drips, etc.“

5 Superb76 Reviews

5AM - 7:30PM

36100 Hidden Springs Rd ste a, Wildomar
F45 Training Murrieta North Trainers

“I started going her last year I love the environment everyone is so helpful and ready to answer questions one of the things I really loved is it’s not so cliquey where you feel weird if you go alone , it’s just a overall great place“

5 Superb59 Reviews

5:15AM - 7:30PM

28860 Old Town Front St Unit A-5, Temecula
Beardown Strength and Conditioning Trainers

“Hands down the best gym in the area! I had been looking at different gyms in the area and when I came to Beardown I immediately felt welcomed and everyone was extremely friendly. The coaches are great as well & pay attention to technique and correct when necessary. Recommend 10/10!“

5 Superb10 Reviews

8AM - 4PM

42245 Remington Ave suite b-2, Temecula
Body by O Trainers

“I'm so happy with the posing specialist Nikia. She truly cares, is very accommodating, and a very positive person who walks the walk and talks the talk. I highly recommend.“

5 Superb2 Reviews

8AM - 6:30PM

42116 Vandamere Ct, Temecula
The Studio - Pilates, Temecula Trainers

“First time trying Pilates yesterday and absolutely loved it. Janice is a great instructor and her studio is very nice. I will definitely be back“

5 Superb2 Reviews

5:30AM - 5:30PM

42265 Winchester Rd Suite 191, Temecula
Gina Colonna ~ The Fit Office Trainers

“I’ve been training with Gina consistently for the past year and have had the best results of my 48 years! From nutrition to accountability and always having a different workout! She is motivating and personable. She really cares and want you to exceed your goals!“

5 Superb2 Reviews

5AM - 9PM

42265 Winchester Rd, Temecula
Gainslinger Training and Sports Nutrition Trainers

“I don’t even know where to start. Karissa is such an amazing trainer and I absolutely love learning from her!! Training with Karissa isnt just helping me physically but mentally also. I’m learning that I have had a lot of bad habits and they are finally changing. She’s always so joyful when you come in, helps you correct your form, pushes you at the right moments and gives great encouragement. Some stuff is tough but it’s so worth it because these are the only bodies we get. Train with her and you’ll get the results you’ve been wanting!“

5 Superb1 Reviews

31248 Strawberry Tree Ln, Temecula
Postural Solutions, Inc Trainers

5 Superb1 Reviews

6AM - 6:30PM

42265 Winchester Rd Suite 1, Temecula
Christina Jakymiw Trainers

“I have worked with EIGHT different personal trainers (at various locations) thus far, but Christina Jakymiw is unquestionably the BEST personal trainer I have had the great privilege of working with!Christina is absolutely AMAZING. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, conscientious, and thorough. She has the amazing ability to treat each and every single one of her clients as if they are her only client. Your goals become her goals. She develops thorough plans to help clients achieve their goals and she follows through with those plans. She will hold you accountable and encourage you to become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. She is very detail-oriented and organized and she uses those skills to ensure that progress is made. I have gotten hurt when I worked with other trainers in the past, but I have NEVER gotten hurt and I have always felt SAFE with Christina. I know I can trust her. She even prescribes exercises that one can do at home to help correct issues or to help ensure continued progress.Christina has a knack for pushing you past your comfort level to a point that you would never have gone on your own, BUT she never asks you to do something unsafe that will result in injury. She has helped me to do/achieve things that I never thought I would be able to do. Other trainers don’t care about your growth or progress. They are content with providing clients with the same routines. They don’t care if their clients plateau. All they care about is collecting their money. Christina is not like that at all. She diligently adjusts the plans she formulates for her clients to ensure growth and progress. To her, you are not just another nameless face, you are a person who matters. Her services are superlative. The content of her character is superlative.“

0 Na0 Reviews

5AM - 9PM

42095 Zevo Dr #5, Temecula
West Coast Training Center Trainers

“My wife convinced me to start at Wrst Coast in March of 2023 as I was no longer feeling comfortable in my own skin. Everyone was very welcoming and knowledgeable. I love the group classes and learning about nutrition. Amanda, the owner has always let me pick her brain. It’s insane how much better I feel changing my diet and exercise routines while still eating the foods I enjoy.“

4.9 Superb32 Reviews

7AM - 7PM

33195 Temecula Pkwy Suite A-1, Temecula
StretchLab Trainers

“The entire staff at this location are top notch and so friendly! I highly suggest their services!“

4.7 Superb22 Reviews

5AM - 10PM

32150 Railroad Canyon Rd, Canyon Lake
Canyon Fitness Center Trainers

“Have been a member since 2020 and as gyms go, this facility really has everything you need with the mellowness to counter the crowds of big box gyms. Facility is kept clean and tidy! That is a BIG thing to me. My only complaint isn’t even about the gym but rather the afternoon rush that comes with the dance studio upstairs. Can make it hard around 4-7pm to find parking at times. My ONLY complaint. Even for a serious lifter, you can find your needs met here ?“

3.5 Good11 Reviews

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40355 Winchester Rd, Temecula
Planet Fitness Trainers

“Great place to workout without all the hooplah, especially for visitors. There is merch and upgrades available. Went in for a 5k, hope to be back soon.“

4.2 Good60 Reviews

5AM - 11PM

39716 Winchester Rd, Temecula
Esporta Fitness Trainers

“The manager Joshua was so exceptional... he made sure along the tour to pick up any paper towels or bottles lying out. The place is overall pretty clean 9/10. He was very easy going with getting our memberships and wished me a happy Mother's Day . Thank you Joshua!“

3.2 Average84 Reviews

5AM - 11PM

18550 Dexter Ave, Lake Elsinore
LA Fitness Trainers

“The manager, Chase, does a dynamite job at LA Fitness in Lake Elsinore. He’s always pleasant and tactful, and knows how to manage not only his staff, but the high-energy members who might need to be reminded about gym rules and etiquette!“

2.9 Average66 Reviews

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