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7AM - 8PM

3433 North Rd #230, Burnaby
Absolute Physiotherapy Clinic Burnaby Acupuncture

“Lillian is professional, caring physiotherapist. I am so blessed to meet her because I need a physiotherapist can speak Cantonese.I had a dry needling from Lillian for my chronic lower back pain. It is so amazing the pain has gone next day. I will go back to see her again to give me dry needling for my shoulder and neck pain in coming days.“

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10AM - 6:30PM

5050 Kingsway #401, Burnaby
YOON CLINIC Integrative Pain & Rehabilitation Acupuncture

“I recently visited this clinic and had an exceptionally positive experience with Eric Choi. He is not only highly skilled but also attentive to my specific needs, making sure to address any concerns I had. The persistent neck pain and headaches that had been ongoing for several years have completely disappeared. I highly recommend Eric to anyone.“

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9AM - 8PM

4212 Dawson St, Burnaby
Aurora Integrative Medical Acupuncture

“Have been coming here for the past few months and wish I discovered them earlier! I've been seeing Dr. Michelle for Chiro, Dr. Judith for Naturopathic treatment and just recently saw Celia for acupuncture. All of them are so friendly, professional and provide high quality care. Additionally, they are very accommodating - I was feeling ill for my acupuncture visit but they allowed me to come in with a mask. Celia brought me a cup of water at the end of the treatment, which was such a thoughtful gesture. Wish I could've gotten a few more sessions in before my benefits terminated. Highly recommend!“

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7AM - 7PM

4580 Hastings St #204, Burnaby
InSync Physiotherapy Acupuncture

“I went for my initial assessment today and felt assured with Elizabeth about the problem I am having with my shoulder. I look forward to my future appointments as she works with me on the progress of my healing process.“

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9AM - 6:30PM

2251 Holdom Ave #111, Burnaby
Holdom Chiropractic & Wellness Centre Acupuncture

“Dr Ron is the best at what he does - very informative and truly loves helping people heal. I was skeptical about chiros at first but he was able to talk and break it down on how we will work to fix the whole body instead of where it just hurts. Highly recommend this place to my family and friends !!“

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8AM - 8PM

3787 Canada Wy Suite 218, Burnaby
Soma Burnaby Acupuncture

“My work puts a lot of strain on my neck, shoulders and back, and Dianna managed to get my working day off to a great start!Thanks, Dianna! Getting a massage has become my monthly treat!I also love Soma Studio because it is clean and always smells good!“

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9AM - 7PM

6125 Sussex Ave #207, Burnaby
Elu Wellness Acupuncture

“Elu Wellness in Burnaby offers exceptional treatment for frozen shoulder. Their knowledgeable therapists provide personalized care, utilizing a combination of techniques such as massage, stretching, and exercises tailored to alleviate pain and improve mobility. The welcoming atmosphere and skilled practitioners make it a top choice for anyone seeking relief from frozen shoulder discomfort.“

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6AM - 8PM

4789 Kingsway Suite 350, Burnaby
Metrotown Orthopedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic Acupuncture

“Our daughter had a serious injury during a gymnastics competition and snapped her forearm in half. We needed to find a sports physiotherapy clinic fast and Kevin and his team came highly recommended. Our daughter got paired with McKenzie and it was the best thing that could have happened. She not only helped our daughter with her physical recovery, but the attention to the injury, the understanding in the need to recover for future competitions, and the overall trauma involved - truly helped our daughter with the emotional recovery as well. Furthermore, she continues to work with our daughter to help strengthen other areas that are compromised to increase performance in other sports. We are forever grateful for Kevin and his team. They're tremendously knowledgeable, professional, and most importantly, compassionate above measure.“

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7AM - 8PM

4480 Dawson St, Burnaby
Physio Collective - Brentwood Acupuncture

“I saw Ashley today I a had an excellent physio for my shoulder , looking forward for my next apt to meet her“

4.9 Superb46 Reviews

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3255 Smith Ave #408, Burnaby
Jiaru Zhang, RMT - 张家如注册按摩师 Acupuncture

“Jiaru is amazing! He is trained in both acupuncture and is a registered massage therapist, and I used him for both of these services until I moved away. I have had a sore/stiff neck for years from a motor vehicle accident and I also have a desk job. When I am really stiff, I can get pain down my arm to my elbow. I don't know how he does it, but a half-hour acupuncture session relieves this completely and immediately. It's happened at least twice, so I am convinced that he's skilled and it's not a fluke! He is also a super strong human, so his deep tissue massage is wonderful for someone with a high pain tolerance. I highly recommend Jiaru's services! He is fluent in both Mandarin and English.“

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6411 Nelson Ave #207, Burnaby
Luke & Theresa's Natural Therapy Clinic Acupuncture

“I have been using their service since I came to Canada.They solved the issue of my shoulder, my back and my lower back. You need to try their service if you have similar issue“

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7:45AM - 8:30PM

7324 Market Crossing, Burnaby
Legacies Health Centre - Burnaby Market Crossing Acupuncture

“This is what physiotherapy should be! individualized care. Definitely recommend the physio staff here.“

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5621 Goring St, Burnaby
FSN Acupuncture Acupuncture

“Dear Peggy, thank you for the excellent ICBC acupuncture medical treatment. I have an incredible improvement, not only in my backpain, much more in joy in my life. God bless you! Joseph“

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10AM - 6PM

4501 North Rd Unit 307, Burnaby
Aura Healing Medi Clinic Acupuncture

“My friend introduced me to Jane, and through the assessment she noticed some misalignment on my spine which contribute to my poor balance. I also had chronic back pain. After Jane’s appointment I feel so much better and I can feel that my spine is in alignment!“

4.8 Superb39 Reviews

7AM - 8PM

5050 Kingsway Unit 601, Burnaby
Burnaby Physiotherapy and Hand Therapy - pt Health Acupuncture

“My wife and I come here. Exceptional service, the front desk are lovely. Everything went very smoothly.“

4.8 Superb32 Reviews

12 - 5PM

3701 Hastings St #103a, Burnaby
North Burnaby Physiotherapy and Wellness Acupuncture

“I have been seeing ManKeen for various issues in the past five years or more. He is exceptionality knowledgeable and is an all around fabulous person. He has helped me with whiplash, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, migraines, and a compressed sciatic nerve. He is patient and effective. He listens. I drive 30 min to see him because I value his expertise and his non-judgemental approach. In addition to this, the front desk staff is so friendly and welcoming. I 100% recommend.“

4.8 Superb29 Reviews

11AM - 6PM

7347B Edmonds St, Burnaby
Synapse 65 Healthcare Edmonds Acupuncture

“Sean is very good , highly recommend . He is not the usual RMT, his long training in Korea has given him the skill training to find out what is going on and fix the problem. ??“

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9AM - 9:30PM

7655 Edmonds St #102, Burnaby
Wu Tong Health Centre Acupuncture

“I had a stroke on 6th st Bus got off and saw Chess I had 2 friends in St Paul's who had had strokes I did not want what they had 1 has died locked in his mind in a care home .I saw him Chess 3x a week for months was frightened but I am a strong healthy 69yr.old woman due to all the amazing help Chess gave me. Lark Rau“

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860 Duthie Ave, Burnaby
China Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic Acupuncture

“Dr Mai is a Very friendly Chinese dr. And they are only two mins away from my house. Thanks God for their service!“

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7AM - 6PM

5372 Grimmer St, Burnaby
Ambrosio Physiotherapy Acupuncture

“Sal is the best physiotherapist! He helped me recover from a torn ACL. He is really knowledgeable and takes the time to care for his patients. He is also very nice and fun to talk to, so visits with him are always enjoyable. If you are looking for someone to help you overcome an injury or just to relieve pain, Sal is your guy! Highly highly recommend.“

4.7 Superb7 Reviews

9:30AM - 8:30PM

9940 Lougheed Hwy. #320, Burnaby
Evergreen Health Clinic Acupuncture

“I got physio worked done by Audrey Kim. Absolute the best physician. Highly recommend by getting physio by Audrey.“

4.7 Superb12 Reviews

9AM - 5PM

4747 Hastings St, Burnaby
Balanced Healing Acupuncture Clinic Acupuncture

“I hurt my back and Dr. Fara helped me in only 2 sessions! He not only helped me with my back but the ripple effect of his healing energy balanced more than just my physical body, he helped balance my emotions and mind, I am forever grateful for Dr. Fara, I highly recommend him and his clinic, his work in priceless!“

4.7 Superb13 Reviews

9AM - 6PM

4885 Kingsway Unit 301, Burnaby
Body & Soul Wellness Centre Acupuncture

“I come here for either RMT or Accupressure services and I always feel better after every session! Definitely recommend them and express all your pains so they can serve you better. I also love how i can easily book online! Busiest are the last 2 months of the yr so book asap.“

4.6 Superb5 Reviews

10AM - 6PM

3815 Hastings St, Burnaby
Burnaby Wellness Centre Acupuncture

“I’ve been coming to this clinic for a number of years now and both Dr Rami and Marie (plus other front desk staff) are always very pleasant to deal with.I like it that Dr Rami is honest with my treatment and directs me for further visits only when they are required. When I have an emergency, they do their best to fit me in where possible - which I really appreciate.Their appointment booking system is also very straightforward and easy to navigate.“

4.6 Superb10 Reviews

9:30AM - 7PM

405 A Beta Ave, Burnaby
UVall Health Center Acupuncture

“Recommend the RMT massage by Minna. Most RMT's do a targeted massage of the affected area only, but Minna was professional and kind enough do a full body massage in addition to the pain points. The tension in my neck/shoulder was relieved after the massage. The front desk staff were very courteous and were able to direct bill to my 2 insurances. They should develop their website to allow for online booking though. Right now it looks like only phone booking is available.“

4.6 Superb11 Reviews