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“I went to Maria for a piercing and she was the best! Super helpful and kind and also helped me with aftercare process! The best piercer I’ve had by far and I will definitely come back! Higley recommend Maria for all your piercing needs.Service: Ear piercing”

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“I came in here for just two tragus piercings and to switch out some jewelry. The piercer was awesome and the prices were very reasonable. Everything was sterilized to hospital standards (I checked because I work in surgery) and I was pleased how nice the establishment was. One of my favorite piercers in the Phoenix area.”

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“Fun shop with great vibes, Ki was so kind the whole time and gave me a sick tattoo!! Will definitely be coming back :)”

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“Kevin is quite literally the best tattoo artist I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only is He very friendly and cool, he’s extremely talented and has a natural gift for tattooing and art in general. Kevin took my vision and made my tattoo 100% better than I ever could have imagined. It is 100% worth the wait, and 100% worth the money. I enjoyed our talks about aliens and our talks about his travels to other countries to pursue his education and learn every form of art He can. He is extremely dedicated and in my opinion, a master at his craft. I’m so grateful to have stumbled across Sea Of Ink and met an artist like Kevin. The only downfall is he made all my other tattoos look mediocre! Lol! I will never go to another tattoo artist again. If you’re looking for any sort of tattoo, Kevin is definitely your guy! You will not regret that decision!”

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“This was my first tattoo and Alex was amazing!! She has a very gentle hand and as a person who is pretty sensitive to pain, she was wonderfully gentle. The process was fun and she has great and friendly energy. 10/10, would recommend, will go again.”

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“Came to state48 for a tattoo recently and absolutely was a great experience! Shop was super clean I had Bri as a artist and she did a awesome job and even got another appointment scheduled with her. definitely hit her up, you couldn’t go wrong coming here”

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“Johnny is the BEST! I have been getting so many compliments about both of the tattoos he has done for me. The shop is so clean and they are so professional. I plan on going back and I have shared his name with so many people.Service: Tattoos”

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“My friend and I walked in two hours before closing both wanting a tattoo and Tony sweetly squeezed us in and was AMAZING!!! He was so much fun and did amazing on both of our tattoos! We will 100% be back for more with him!!”

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“Been going here for years all these guys put out amazing work. Personally had Tommy and Nestor work on my tattoos. Of course you need an appointment but any good place worth going will need this as the artists are booked out. If you want a quality tattoo of course hit up my guys but any of em can hook you up.”

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“Absolutely incredible experience. Spent time to draw my design and make it perfect before the tattooing started. Derek was so cool and personable during the whole thing. The tattoo came out better than I could've ever imagined. I will definitely be going back for more.”

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“Suzie does such an amazing job at all my tattoos this is my recent tattoo and I am working on a sleeve and I want her to continue doing my tattoos. ?”

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“I had Allan Best tattoo artist you can have, Very light with his hand, Very considerate, Very patient over all he is Isa 5 star tattoo artist And I appreciate his work?”

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“Our piercing experience for our 8-year-old daughter exceeded our expectations. Emily took great care to provide a clean, professional, knowledgeable, and kind environment. The healing process has been completely uneventful. If you're looking to get a piercing, I couldn't recommend her enough!”

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“Damien did a great job! We laughed the whole time! Shop is very clean! Great environment!Services: Color ink tattoos”

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“Phia is a rockstar! Her work is always clean and heals easily. She's an amazing artist ans and just a great person to work with.The rest of the staff are always very kind, as well, and treat everyone who comes in with respect.”

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“Beautiful and calming music and environment. The massage therapist was accommodating, kind and focused effectively on the areas of concern and stress. Catelyn did a wonderful job with pressure and focused patience to meet my muscle tension needs. Highly recommend!”

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“I have had two tattoos done here by two different artists and both were amazing. I felt so welcomed and loved on! Highly recommend- will always come back here.”

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“Adam is amazing, be his canvas. The shop is always very relaxed and they're all great to hang out with for a long session.”

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“Neil rocks and is an awesome tattoo artist.Always good conversation with him to distract from the pain!”

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“My two brothers and I got memorial tattoos for our grandma who passed last year, the whole vibe of the shop was light, fun and welcoming. ?? we got Tatted by TZEE!! She is extraordinary. Great to talk to all day while we got Tatted. Beautiful fine lines and AMAZING detail!!!would definitely recommend her and anyone in the shop that day!! Saw some amazing portraits and realism tattoos. Thank you for putting my memories and love for our grandma into a beautiful piece. ???Service: Tattoos”

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“Saw that Tommy Helm was now working at the Scottsdale shop, just minutes away from my wife's family, so i HAD to get on his books for over the Thanksgiving break. I get tattoos based on imagery that reminds me of departed loved ones, and this one was important to me because it was meant as a memorial to my Grandmother. Coordinating with Tommy's assistant Vivian was a pleasure; she responded to my initial inquiry within hours and before the end of the day had an appointment set up for the day after Thanksgiving.Because I was not local, i had not been able to have a full consultation with Tommy himself until the day of, and was told he wanted to meet me at the shop at 9 am instead of their normal opening hour of noon. I REALLY appreciated this extra window of time to get to know Tommy a little bit and build a raport before the work had even started. The color of the piece was my only "must have," so I gave Tommy complete artistic freedom for how he wanted the image to look and any touches he wanted to add. I dont know art, but i know what i like when i see it, and with an artist of Tommy's talents in so many mediums, i always feel like its best to just let them do what they do without overwelling them with 1000 different strange elements to cram together. Within an hour he had come up with a design i was in love with; the exact painterly style i knew i wanted but just couldnt get myself to explain properly. Stencil on, machines going, all told the sit was about 8-9 hours, with a few hours left to go to finish completely. The second i saw what we had built together in the mirror, i felt like i was looking at the best tattoo i had ever seen. I cannot WAIT to get back into this shop with Tommy once the current work is healed fully (FYI it has now been basically 5 days, and the peeling is finished and the soreness (giant full color inner arm piece = OWWWWW) is almost completely gone already. I have not show a single person the tattoo since i got it that did not do a double or even triple take as more and more details were included. I am not a religious person, but my Grandmother would be proud of the Virgin Mary art i now carry with me in her memory.To me, the work was flawless. But extra props have to go out to Tommy Helm too as an artist and my only company for almost 12 hours. Sure hes been on TV showcasing his work. But like anyone else, hes a real human being too. Our converstation ranged from personal tragedies, potential amazing outdoor excursion travel destinations, family histories, what we had for thanksgiving the day before. Im not huge on chatterbox tattooers, but Tommy really just made me feel like I was one of his boys, and every time i looked over and was impressed, i could see in his eyes that he was trying his damndest and really cared about the quality and outcome of the piece. When i had to leave a few hours earlier than i would have liked, he even through in some slight extra details so that unless I told someone and twisted my arm all the way around, theres almost no way to tell that it isnt finished. And if you have been a fan of Tommy's from seeing his work on IM just remember: he was runner up 15 years ago. Which means he NOW is 15 years more talented and experienced than even that.Overall i couldnt be happier with the shop, Tommy as an artist, and the expierence i was given here. I went in with an idea i couldnt describe and somehow walked in with the most perfect version of my idea i could ever think of. I didnt have much experience with any of the other artists, but during my time at least there wasnt a hint of ego, just guys talking to each other about how to become better artists. I always love seeing and hearing that so that was just yet another plus.”

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“Super happy with my experience. I got tatted by Fuchi who is a very talented artist. I walked in and showed him the sketch attached to this review, and walked out with the tattoo shown on my leg. His level of detail is exactly what I was looking for. Awesome place, awesome experience.”

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“Captain tattoo treated me and my friends so well! They honored the Friday the 13th deal today which was awesome. Super welcoming and flexible with my tattoos! 10/10 would recommend coming here and getting tats!”

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“Incredibly talented artists & chill vibeTbh I was a little worried about the store front but inside is super clean and all of the artists know their stuff. Carly did my 2 largest and most technical tattoos & was really fast, which I appreciate!”

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