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11AM - 7PM

959 Merrimon AveSuite 204, Asheville
Flower Mountain Acupuncture of Asheville Acupuncture

“Chris Jacobs has brilliantly developed a gift for aligning the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms of his patients wellbeing. Chris' approach gets your body ready for an extraordinary journey in recovery allowing for a significant shift in healing. I am so grateful for his dedication to his practice.“

5 Superb21 Reviews

9:30AM - 6PM

26 Fairfax Ave, Asheville
West Asheville Acupuncture Acupuncture

“I’ve had chronic head pain for about nine years. Two surgeries and seen more specialists than I can count, none of whom could do anything for the pain other than prescribe drugs. Dr. Nancy has effectively reduced the pain to the point that I no longer take gabapentin. She’s a remarkably skillful practioner and a great and thorough listener. I’m very grateful to have found her.“

5 Superb14 Reviews

9AM - 7PM

55 Cowan Cove Rd, Asheville
Five Branches Acupuncture and Massage Therapy Acupuncture

“I’ve tried every kind of therapy over the years, including accupuncture, for my back and hip pain, with disappointing results. Not this time. Mary’s combination of massage and accupuncture is amazing. After our third session, I had the most dramatic pain relief I’ve ever had.“

5 Superb11 Reviews

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0 Elk Mountain Rd, Asheville
ELEMENTAL CHANGES Acupuncture & Oriental Medical Arts Acupuncture

“Since the pandemic started I had felt like I had fallen into a slump. Looking and searching for ways to pull myself out from it, I decided to try anything to bring me peace. One thing that felt unique to this visit was that you took quite a bit of time to hear me out and have a general understanding of who I was and what my needs were. At other places it felt like all business, get in and get out. That was a nice touch. As for the procedure itself I would say it went flawless. Thank you for your service and I just wanted to let you know it feels like now a days my mind, body and spirit feel attuned with each other.“

5 Superb10 Reviews

8:30AM - 6PM

667 Brevard Rd, Asheville
Welcome Wellness Acupuncture

“Excellent adjustment with awareness and understanding of all aspects of healing. I felt stronger and balanced when I left. I will see her regularly from now on. Thank you!!“

5 Superb10 Reviews

11AM - 7PM

35 Haywood St #207, Asheville
Evolutional Healing Acupuncture

“I’ve been seeing Kyle almost weekly for 6 months and have found my health has completely shifted for the better. With 3 children and also having a job that works with the public, this is the first fall/winter that I have not gotten sick. From painful PMS symptoms, to sleep issues, anxiety, general digestion and energy levels, all facets of my health that I’ve previously struggled with, have improved. Kyle is extremely knowledgeable and his methods are effective. He helps get to the root of the issue, and really listens.Kyle offers simple, effective and accessible suggestions for overall better health and wellness. Acupuncture has been life changing for me personally and I always recommend Evolutional Healing to anyone looking for a natural alternative that is truly effective.“

5 Superb10 Reviews

“I came to Asheville Community Acupuncture complaining of an issue in my left hand (thumb) that I believe is connected to a repetitive use problem from being a guitar player for 35 years.Katie at check-in (and more) was extremely welcoming and friendly and knowledgeable on both of my visits. My acupuncturist was Clancy and from her incredible bedside manner, her empathy and compassion, and her excellent skill as a practitioner I would highly recommend that anyone see her. I was only able to do two sessions because I’m moving out of town, but I saw great results from both. She was even able to refer me to another practitioner in the city I’m moving to across the country. I can’t thank Asheville Community Acupuncture enough for creating such a warm friendly place filled with skilled practitioners and great vibes. Definitely a gem in Asheville!“

5 Superb10 Reviews

8AM - 5PM

369 Montford Ave, Asheville
Chinese Acupuncture and Herbology Clinic Acupuncture

“If you have not given the Chinese acupuncture and herbology folks a chance to address your medical needs or well being, I would strongly recommend them. Their thoughtful holistic approach is making a difference in my quality of life. What could be more important Than that?“

5 Superb9 Reviews

9AM - 7PM

70 Woodfin Pl Suite 8, Asheville
Spirit Rose Wellness ~ Reiki & Acupuncture Acupuncture

“I had a Reiki and Acupuncture session with Jaime. I really appreciated her taking the time to listen to my health concerns. She is a wonderful healer. I would highly recommend her to help you with any health issues you may have.“

5 Superb9 Reviews

8AM - 12PM

1201 Bleachery Blvd STE 203, Asheville
River Ridge Chiropractic & Acupuncture Acupuncture

“Dr Bart has helped me through problems with my back and neck. He is a very professional and compassionate doctor. Very knowledgeable and thoughtful in his recommendations. I cannot express how grateful I am to him and Mirren for the the care and kindness they have shown over the years I have been a patient there. Highly recommend them.“

5 Superb7 Reviews

10AM - 6PM

966 Tunnel Rd, Asheville
Acupuncture For Digestive Health Acupuncture

“Lesha had really helped me with so many aspects of my mental and physical health! She is the first acupuncturist I have felt comfortable to go to and I am truly impressed with all that she has done for me. I highly recommend going to see her!“

5 Superb6 Reviews

8:30AM - 6:30PM

959 Merrimon Ave #203, Asheville
Blue Ridge Acupuncture Clinic Acupuncture

“I highly recommend James and Tera. I had some bad sciatica pain last month and after two sessions James was able to help me. I felt much better and am planning to come back again. Thank you“

4.9 Superb51 Reviews

9AM - 6PM

3076 Sweeten Creek Rd, Asheville
Asheville Alternative Wellness Center Acupuncture

“Dr Zachari Cahn has consistently shown himself to be dedicated to my healing, dedicated to his craft, and someone worthy of my trust. He is knowledgeable, organized, and a clear and effective communicator. But perhaps even more importantly, he listens and pays attention with a depth, sensitivity, and curiosity that opens the door to true discovery and healing. If you want a powerful and effective ally on your wellness journey, he is the guy. In my experience, a true professional and healer.“

4.9 Superb31 Reviews

9AM - 6PM

1 Zillicoa St, Asheville
Hearth Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Acupuncture

“When it comes to curing Herpes and other disease with natural herbal medicine, I trust only doc Ihionkhan an I recommend only his herbal medicine to everyone because his medicine actually cured me from Herpes.“

5 Superb4 Reviews

114 Arlington St, Asheville
Kuai Acupuncture Clinic Acupuncture

“We went for a three day session with him and it was by far the best acupuncture we have ever had. His meticulous care to detail of where we were hurting was spot on. Will never miss an opportunity to have him do acupuncture on me again.“

5 Superb2 Reviews

107 Merrimon Ave #327, Asheville
Healing Point Acupuncture Acupuncture

“Briana is kind and actually listens. My wife and I have found healing and we look forward to going each and every time.“

5 Superb1 Reviews

27 Massey Rd, Asheville
Four Flames Healing Center Acupuncture

“So pleased with my experience at Four Flames Healing. From the moment I walked through the door I could feel the energy shift. If you are looking for tranquil, restorative place for healing don't overlook this practice. Met with Chris Hargrove, clinical psychotherapist and energetic healer, and found the experience both totally comfortable and equally transformative. There was nothing I felt I could not say and I felt heard and seen on a level I had not previously experienced. Highly recommend Four Flames if you are looking for a healing practice. They will not disappoint.“

5 Superb1 Reviews

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183 Bartlett St STE 120, Asheville
David S Graham, DC Acupuncture

“Dr. Graham’s is a wonderful house of healing. using many methods beyond chiropractic. Dr Graham and his staff create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation while superbly treating many varied client needs. Regardless of the injury, I would suggest Dr Graham’s office to any friend or loved one. Thank you so much Dr Graham’s office!“

5 Superb1 Reviews

“Nic was very effective on my lower back pain .I feel very confident on her treatment plan for me“

4.8 Superb53 Reviews

8AM - 7PM

25 Reed St #200, Asheville
Chad Johnson Acupuncture Acupuncture

“Chad is a brilliant and gifted acupuncturist. Simply being around his energy is healing; he’s so kind, compassionate, gentle and fully present. He is a true healer in every regard. Chad is passionate about his work and being of service to others with integrity and heartfelt care. His depth of knowledge, expertise and experience is impressive. I am deeply grateful and highly recommend Chad!“

4.7 Superb14 Reviews

8AM - 5PM

222 S French Broad Ave, Asheville
Daoist Traditions College Acupuncture Clinic Acupuncture

“I stronly recommend the staff, students and facility. Over the years I have had successful treatments for back/psoas, restless leg symdrome and help with pain relief from a hernia operation.“

4.6 Superb33 Reviews

10:30AM - 7:30PM

36 Clayton St, Asheville
Sustainable Health Acupuncture Acupuncture

“Liz is truly awesome. She made me feel so seen and heard at our initial meeting. She's insightful and professional. She also makes me laugh which is much needed when on a healing journey. I'm happy to refer my own clients to her!“

4 Good4 Reviews

9AM - 1PM

55 Grove St, Asheville
The People's Acupuncture of Asheville Acupuncture

“I don’t usually write reviews, but I felt like a positive review for Kat was long overdue. When I went in for my first appointment, I was probably at my lowest that I have ever been at. Not only was I dealing with headaches every single day, but I was struggling with them from pretty much morning until night. After going to my first appointment, I was a little worried that the acupuncture wasn’t going to help because I hadn’t had much success with any other treatment, however, here I am going three weeks in between appointments and I can’t thank Kat enough for being with me throughout this journey. The People’s Acupuncture has had such an amazing impact on my day to day life. Thank you!“

4.3 Superb11 Reviews

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