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10AM - 7PM

417 E Jackson St, Orlando
Be Well Holistic Care Massage

“Absolute Best I have ever experienced.Acupuncture experience by Shamiso Mucherera for several areas of concern has definitely Improved My Health. She is knowledgeable, professional, and explains procedures in detail encouraging questions. Excellent for new patients. Experienced patients will know they are receiving the absolute best available in the Orlando area.“

5 Superb71 Reviews

8:30AM - 1PM

110 N Kirkman Rd, Orlando
Kirkman Chiropractic Massage

“This is a great experience for me. I started out not able to do the exercises and work out programs that was given to me. My body is feeling much better the pain is going away. I thank Kirkman Chiropractic for there treatment programs directing me in the right direction.“

5 Superb71 Reviews

8AM - 9PM

2111 E Michigan St STE 202, Orlando
Creative Bodyworks Massage

“I highly recommend Creative Bodywork. I have multiple sports injuries and at times have had to slow down. Joel keeps me going. After sessions with Joel my joints are more flexible, and the pain is relieved.“

5 Superb70 Reviews

9AM - 9PM

5454 Central Florida Pkwy, Orlando
Orlando Spa Oasis Massage

“Yudith was amazing, booked a couples massage a little while back; will definitely be back.“

4.9 Superb184 Reviews

9AM - 7:30PM

11300 Space Blvd #3a, Orlando
Recovery Therapy Orlando Massage

“Probably the best therapy i have had. They took care of my problems and i feel great. Professional, knowledgeable and helpful people. I highly recommend“

5 Superb55 Reviews

9AM - 6PM

12200 Menta St unit 107, Orlando
Beauty Factory Salon & Spa Massage

“Wonderful salon, everyone is very attentive, flexible, impeccable professionals, I recommend them with my eyes closed“

4.9 Superb123 Reviews

9AM - 12PM

11500 University Blvd #103, Orlando
Orlando Spine Studio Massage

“Amazing services I appreciate the explaining the service & what's going to happen & the reference to better services. The staff was helpful & massage therapist understood exactly what I probably needed. I also understand miracles don't happen over night So I appreciate taking time for me to keep coming. Great services understanding staff.“

5 Superb51 Reviews

9AM - 9PM

8137 Vineland Ave, Orlando
M Body Therapy Massage

“Everywhere I visited, I like to check out their local spa. I usually get deep massages from men/women. Judy had to be one of the best that I've ever had. My girlfriend likes medium pressure. Chloe was her therapist. She absolutely loved it. I would fly back to Orlando just to get their services. 10/10 for sure!!“

4.9 Superb104 Reviews

11AM - 7PM

13538 Village Park Dr Suite 140, Orlando
Restoration Spa 360 Massage

“I had the most amazing experience at Restoration Spa 360. Edith is amazing and truly knows how to tailor needs of her clients. I had a horrible migraine, and her specific techniques relieved my pain tremendously. I will definitely be back with family and friends as well.“

5 Superb47 Reviews

11AM - 8PM

2599 S Hiawassee Rd, Orlando
Orlando Massage Center Massage

“First time massage , They made sure I was okay and made me feel comfortable. Massage was beautifully done.“

5 Superb46 Reviews

9AM - 1PM

401 N Mills Ave suite a, Orlando
Comprehensive Health Orlando Downtown Orlando Massage

“Although accidents are unfortunate. I was fortunate to find a facility to get me through the chaotic process. Thank you again to the staff.“

5 Superb46 Reviews

9AM - 5PM

334 E Michigan St, Orlando
FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers Central Orlando Massage

“Can’t say enough good things about the PT I received here. I went in for mobility issues due to lower back complications. Thank you Jay for your excellent help and kindness.“

5 Superb43 Reviews

9:30AM - 3PM

933 Lee Rd Suite 360, Orlando
Optimal Massage, LLC Massage

“Heather is absolutely AWESOME! Her in depth knowledge of the body and flexibility during massage is exactly what I was looking for. I needed a more sports-focused massage and she was able to adapt her techniques to help resolve my needs exactly.And Ashi! If your muscles are super tight and dense; make sure you ask for Ashi! This was one of the best experiences I have had in Orlando at any massage facility, and Heather will always make sure she’s getting all the areas you’re having concerns with. This review is after 4 appointments.The only negative thing is the office / room is slightly confusing to get to on your first time, but don’t worry because Heather will meet you down below to walk you up until your familiar with it! :)“

4.9 Superb81 Reviews

10AM - 4PM

3655 Maguire Blvd Suite 101, Orlando
Massage or Knot Massage

“Went in for a 90 min massage and I’m 21 weeks pregnant. She relieved so much tension in my shoulders and hips that I still (two days later) feel like I’m walking lighter. I can’t wait to go back!“

4.9 Superb76 Reviews

9AM - 12PM

3097 Curry Ford Rd Unit B, Orlando
Kaizen Chiropractic Solutions Massage

“Treatment is wonderful. Every visit I get great treatment employees are very wonderful and mindful“

5 Superb39 Reviews

9AM - 7PM

508 N Mills Ave STE C, Orlando
The Salt Room Massage

“Marea is very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend her for all your Spa needs. She seriously goes out of her way to make sure your experience is the best.“

4.9 Superb73 Reviews

7AM - 12PM

2206 E Colonial Dr, Orlando
Complete Care Centers Colonialtown Massage

“I came in around September of 2023 for a stiff caused by a rear end collision from a Semi back in July of 2023. Mobility in my neck was very severely limited and my lower back would lock up one or twice a month.After I was x-rayed and an MRI of my neck was taken, I was given about 5 months of physical therapy at the Complete Care office on Colonial dr which included adjustments. All the physical therapist did an excellent job with guiding me through the physical therapy exercises and the adjustments provided by the chiropractors were especially helpful.I now have full range of my motion in my neck and my back is no longer locking up.Thank you to CDs Troy Kieran and Nishka Medina Montalvo and Gusset Griggs and physical therapist Ashley, Gaby, and LaShaundra ;) and anyone else I missed for all your help.“

5 Superb38 Reviews

9AM - 5:30PM

6735 Conroy Windermere Rd Suite 318(3rd Floor, Orlando
Gaby Serretiello Holistic Massage Therapist Massage

“I had an amazing experience and treatment with Gaby.. She has alot of experience and has a gift for healing. After my session I felt the results the next day. My mind was not foggy anymore and I felt alot of peace.. I highly recommend Gabby. Thank you!???“

5 Superb37 Reviews

10AM - 5PM

1850 N Alafaya Trail Ste 1a, Orlando
Custom Touch Massage Therapy Massage

“I’ve gone to Chris for over 3 years now and I can’t speak highly enough of him. Fantastic personality, extremely knowledgeable about the body, and so so helpful. I have a lot of neurological, muscular, and skeletal issues, and he does so well at pinpointing what I really need each time. If you’re even remotely interested in a massage, there is no reason to not visit. Chris is truly awesome at what he does!“

5 Superb37 Reviews

9AM - 5PM

1617 Hillcrest St, Orlando
Nectar Mobile Health Massage

“My IV drip with Rhiannon was amazing. The facility is very clean and welcoming environment. I had energy and mental clarity several days afterwards. Rhiannon is knowledgeable and skilled, explained the ingredients of the hydration. I definitely recommend!!!“

5 Superb36 Reviews

10:30AM - 5PM

7450 Della Dr Ste 301, Orlando
Geni Waxing & Massage Center, LLC Massage

“Been going to Geni since 2016 when we moved here from LA. She feels like family at this point as she really cares about you as a human beyond being just another client. She’s been with me through infertility being my cheerleader and now having two kids. She’s friendly, professional, knows what she’s doing and uses wax with thoughtful ingredients. I remember one year she was thinking of moving from Orlando and I got really worried I would have to find someone else that would have to fill her very big shoes.“

4.9 Superb67 Reviews

11AM - 8PM

2100 Lee Rd Suite F, Orlando
Wellness Rituals-Orlando Massage

“Amazing experience! I have struggled with finding the right massage therapist who can really work through the tension in my neck and back. With herniated discs, I deal with a lot of pain on a consistent basis. Lauren is thorough, communicative, and intentional. Highly recommend her!“

5 Superb35 Reviews

9AM - 7PM

11601 S Orange Blossom Trl #108, Orlando
Massage by M.E. Studio Massage

“Had a massage session with Jessica on Saturday, absolutely amazing. Felt literally brand new after the session !“

5 Superb35 Reviews

10AM - 6PM

13000 Avalon Lake Dr suite 100, Orlando
Infinite Me Spa Massage

“Gina’s expertise, kindness, gentle approach made my spa experience delightful. She provided valuable guidance on my regimen and was incredibly helpful with my inquiries. I’ll definitely be returning for more!“

4.9 Superb64 Reviews

515 N Fern Creek Ave, Orlando
Rooted Body Tattoo Massage

“I really enjoyed the experience! The only negative is I think the 333 is upside-down but still love it!“

5 Superb34 Reviews