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“I've been working with Lisa for what I think has been over a year now, and I can confidently say it's been worth every minute there. Lisa embodies everything the business name suggests - each session feels like a journey into tranquility and the most peaceful minutes. Her experience and care shows. I leave each session feeling rejuvenated, both physically and mentally.“

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“I came to Michelle after 4 years of chronic back pain. I was being told by specialists over and over that I was anatomically fine and “nothing was wrong with me”. After trying, acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic alignments, medications I really didn’t know what to do. Michelle was the first person who actually took the time to listen to me and I am happy to say I am now feeling 100% better. Making life style changes and Michelle’s top tier clinical massages addressed the root cause of my pain. Personally, I enjoy working with Michelle because implementing her treatment plan empowers me to help heal myself. Plus I feel a lot better! And I finally feel like my diagnostic odyssey is ending. I strongly recommend Michelle to anyone with any type of back pain. She is really the best!“

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“Most weeks I need her massage more than air or water. She changed my daily life the last 7 years. The peace and healing in my life that she brings can never be measured. Not sure a lot of days I would be able to do what I do for work let alone walk most days. She keeps me moving forward. So grateful she is in my normal routine.“

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“Amazing service Lauren is very sweet and down-to-earth and I felt comfortable with her. She extracted my face painlessly that's never happened for me. She's gentle, professional and knowledgeable. She's definitely worth every single penny. I feel blessed to have found her. my skin is happy, after one visit to see results like this is wow. If you suffer from blackheads or acne you know what I'm talking about. To have almost every blackhead removed in one sitting I can't find the words I'm repeating I'm just grateful“

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“Judy is an amazing therapist with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I trust her completely and she is able to get results.“

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“Megan is very professional and super nice! She gives a great massage and I’ve become a regular client! The atmosphere is clean, relaxing and wonderful! She’s always attentive to my personal needs such as using a non-scented cover on the face rest for my fragrance allergy. Which she switches out for each client along with the sheets! I highly recommend her!“

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“Awesome! Always hits those spots! Beautiful quiet calm atmosphere! Great therapist!!!“

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“A good massage and the addition of starting off with the steam sauna was a real welcome surprise!“

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“I'm very loyal to anyone who provides a service to my liking. I was recently faced with the task of finding a new stylist because my stylist of 25 years moved away. Thank goodness I found Tracy at Bella Domani. One of the best haircuts I've ever had. Tracy really listened to me when I told her what I wanted and kept checking to make sure she was on track. I'll be a client of hers for many years to come.“

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“I just want to say... Thank you salon zion.what a wonderful experience! I felt at home and heard! Erin is wonderful!!! I feel beautiful .“

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“I am so happy to have found journeys and couldn't be more satisfied with the massage therapy I'm receiving from Debbie. She is absolutely professional and awesome and the establishment is really clean and friendly. I would recommend everyone to give them a chance to assist if needed. They're great.“

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“Amazing! We decided to try them out today and Melanie was absolutely wonderful. She went above and beyond to cater to our needs. The knot is worth the extra price as they get deep into your muscles for the tension relief. Place is well kept, clean, and smells fantastic. Highly recommend checking them out.“

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“Haircuts with Lori are always the best. A friendly, kind spirit who is always on point with my haircuts. Reasonable prices and a lovely person to chat with. I will miss my haircuts with Lori now that I'm in the UK ??.“

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“I travelled from Tampa to Longwood to receive care from MaryAnne for post-surgery discomfort. The needed relief and changes to my shoulder and upper back could not be resolved locally. I had had Mohs surgery on each of my shoulders. Afterwards I had a nagging discomfort in my upper back and right shoulder that did not go away. I received scar release therapy from MaryAnne Since then the discomfort is gone and I have a new freedom movement in my right arm. It was worth the drive to finally get calm relief!“

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“Was able to get in with no appointment and the massage was great. Very professional clean and nice.“

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“Dr. Johnson is great. She's gentle and knowledgeable. She's great at pinpointing pain down to the exact spot and working to comfortably resolve the issue. Most chiro I've met with have rough, forceful techniques, but Dr. Johnson is nothing like that. Same efficiency with less harsh adjustments. She also gives great therapeutic massages“

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“Love ALL of the staff at Palmer Natural Health and their natural, holistic, no nonsense approach to getting to the root cause of health issues and heal them naturally. Every visit here is always a great experience. I've learned alot from being a patient here!“

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