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“I had a 90 minute Lymphatic Drainage Massage from Bridget Amato yesterday and had a wonderful, relaxing, healing experience. First the ambiance and background music in the treatment room was condusive to a relaxing/healing vibe/setting. Bridget made me feel very comfortable and secure from the moment we met. That vibe continued through my session. I've had many "bodywork" treatments before I met Bridget. I really appreciate her approach...that she first acclimates my body to her touch before working deeper, which helped me receive the work she was doing on me in such a way that any pain points were more than tolerable, making the work being done productive and effective. I was at ease and relaxed as a result...feeling great afterwards. I recommend Bridget wholeheartedly!!! D. Brand“

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“Kyle is extremely skilled and a master in everything mind, body and soul. I have been seeing Kyle for the past month now and have been noticing changes in my life already. From meditation, yoga, breathing, massage therapy to hypnotherapy, he really is a jack-of-all-trades and excels in every one of those healing practices/modalities. There is so much more that I have yet to discover! I can positively say he has made a true impact in my life that has shaped me into a more wholistic, balanced, spiritual person in touch with my inner & higher self, God and the universe. If you want to change your life for the better, discover your intuition and calling, Kyle is the one to help guide you along that beautiful journey!“

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“It is a true pleasure and honor to be a part of Westlake Yoga Co family being an active practitioner: amazing customer service, incredible teachers(Nikki, Sydney, Holly,Liz and All others)!!! Especial THANKS to the owner, Tyler, who created this wonderful place for us ??? My today’s class with Sydney was absolutely fantastic: she worked hard to make me through Vin/Yan ?“

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“Maria has a true gift for healing. I have been seeing her for some time and more recently through Zoom healing sessions. She is truly unique in the way that she incorporates multiple healing modalities into her sessions. Each of the sessions are tailored to where I am at that exact moment in my life. I leave each time feeling mentally and physically renewed. I feel super blessed to have her in my life. I have studied so many reiki practitioners and can tell you that I have never seen anyone integrate so much customization and care into each healing. Thank you Maria!!“

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