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“Great group and awesome barbers. Hands down one of the best barbershops in the area. Shout out to Phil for taking care of me. ? recommend.Service: Haircut”

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“Good cut for a decent price. Stays busy so don't think you're going to walk in and get a chair.”

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“Great shop with excellent atmosphere. I've been getting my hair cut by Adam for years; he's never given me anything less than a great cut”

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“I've been going here since 2018. Very friendly. Geat place to get a military style cut. They do kids' hair, too. They also have a play corner where your kids can entertain themselves while you get your haircut. Everyone is very nice and professional but Emily is the best! But you might have to wait a bit because there's always a wait for her.”

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“Great haircut and style. I was in good hands here. I walked out of here feeling so fresh and confident. Definitely recommend.”

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“Nice service and reasonably priced. Good men's haircut and a nice warm towel to warp it up.”

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“Amazing experience. After having my hair screwed up one too many times I gave this place a try. I had been paying for cheap haircuts think 25-30 prior to tip. This place is worth the increase. Came here and it was amazing service, friendly, and actually knew what they were doing. Steve cut my hair and immediately we talked about how to get my hair back to its former glory. He used a straight edge and clippers on the back and usually I break out due to sensitive skin. Nope 24 hours later and no irritation. Shows he really takes care of the equipment. I’ll be creating a standing appointment every 2 or 3 weeks depending on season.”

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“Susie was like Michelangelo with my hair, stepping back often to inspect it and take care of stray hairs or to fix the blending. Sometimes barbers start talking to their coworkers and it feels like they are not fully paying attention, but Susie was completely focused on me the entire time.Her attention to detail is unmatched in my experience. For example, she used a soft sponge to brush hair off my face throughout the cutting, and at the end she was sure to blow the loose hair off my feet with a hand dryer (I was wearing sandals). She did the back of my neck with a razor, and held up a mirror for me to look at my head several times throughout.Services: Scissor cut”

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“I have been going to Barbara zone for probably five years. They really take the time and attention to give you an excellent haircut. I highly recommend them.Service: Haircut”

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“I take my dad here and I love them! They're so sweet and do a great job. 5☆Service: Haircut”

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“I have gotten my hair cut here multiple times now and have never been disappointed. My barber is Demeke, who goes by "De". De is one of the most skilled barbers I have ever met. His work is consistently precise and excellent in quality. As a female with a short hairstyle, oftentimes I have to go home and wash my hair and style it myself after leaving the barbershop, but not when De cuts my hair. His cuts include a hair wash every time, and he even takes the time to put product in my hair, blow dry, and brush it. I honestly was blown away after my first visit because I was not expecting such wonderful and thorough service. Surprisingly, I have tried other barbers since finding De, but only because he is so high in demand and always has clients waiting on him whenever he is working. However, I always end up coming back to him because I still have not found a barber that cuts even remotely close to him. It never fails. I am always disappointed when I go elsewhere.”

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“Amazing haircut experience! Got exactly the haircut style I asked for. The barber took time to listen to how exactly I wanted it done.”

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“I recommend this place to everyone, their really nice and take their time,also kid friendly”

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“Vicky is outstanding. I was temporarily in the area and had my hair cut by her over 5x. Highly recommend. This is a great shop with a great team!”

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“My new barbershop!I've followed my long-time barber, the maestro Don Eden, who has relocated here.Very nice shop. It appears to be equipped for cuts and a variety of salon services.Service: Haircut”

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“One of the Best Airports to travel in the DMV area especially with with Children/Family”

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“Excellent haircut, affordable. Owner git me in early. "Magic fingers" she said and that was true. Highly recommended.”

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“Clean Barber shop and friendly barbers. Ample parking outside and spacious waiting area before having your hair done / cut.”

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“I always get a haircut here. When I moved to the area a few years ago, I tried several other barbers in the area and I found Mount Vernon to be the best. I've gotten haircuts from several of their barbers and all have been good. Recommended.”

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“Rick the barber provides a nice cut & he is on time for his appointments. A very friendly barber & treats each customer special.”

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“$25 for a good standard men's cut without shampooing, friendly barbers, and a cash only establishment.”

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“It was first time there, the place is very clean and covid protocol. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Lee her personality was welcoming and made me as if I was a regular customer.i will definitely return.”

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“Everyone is welcome…make your appointment to secure your spot…Services: Hair straightening”

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“We we're in Alexandria, VA and my son needed a haircut; I knew the shops would be crowded because it' was a holiday weekend. I called All American Barber Shop and spoke to a man who was so pleasant and welcoming; he said my name is Booker T, "come on in, I'll be waiting for you! " His voice reminded me of the old town barbers that served their community for decades and sure enough as soon as I walked in the door I could see and feel the love of an old Sokol barber who served the community in this shop. I loved seeing Young and old people walking by, they would pop in and give Booker T a "fist bump," handshake or a wave. Photos of happy customers adorned the walls along with citations from the mayor congratulating All American & Mr Booker T for the 50 plus years of service to the community. The ship is clean, and we'll maintain. Not only did my son get a nice hair cut, but we got a great history lesson and a new friend.”

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“My son has been getting his haircut by Eric his barber for a few years. He recently moved to this shop so we followed him here. He is truly a very talented barber and the salon is less crowded and very covid friendly. Eric is usually always on time for his appointments which is always gold! Highly recommend Eric as a barber.”

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