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Below are the best 25 hair salons in Sioux Falls picked by BestProsInTown

“Amazing!!!!! It’s more like a spa then just a hair appointment!Services: Hairstyling”

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“Hair Essence is a great place to go! I had gone in for a bleach root touch up by Kristin M. And I couldn't have been more pleased with the results. I plan to go back when it's time for a root touch-up and trim.”

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“Quinn is magic. It is wonderful to have such a collective group of tallent under 1 roof. No matter who you are lucky enough to book with, you are in excellent hands. Speaking of hands, best manicure I have ever had was at Hair Graphix.Services: Shampoo & conditioning”

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“I always enjoy my time at Hair Magic. Melissa is great, the staff is so friendly and the prices are affordable. You can find a stylist for all of your hair needs.”

4.8Superb82 Reviews

“Got a Devacut from Monica. She knew what she was doing, and she was so nice and personable! Loved her!The atmosphere of the salon was relaxing and comfortable.I'll be definitely coming back for the next cut.”

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“Absolute spot on job, did a great job working with what I was telling him, told me what he thought would look good and ultimately ended up with one of my favorite hair cuts and colorings I’ve ever had!!! I don’t go back to people I don’t trust with my hair, and I will be coming back time and time again! Check him out, you will glad you did!Services: Haircut”

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“Best haircut in Sf.. lived here for 3 years struggled to find a hairstylist to cut my fine curly hair.. thanks Allison for doing an amazing job!!”

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“Emma was the first salon professional that got it right!!She has magical talent. You will go away feeling fabulous, like I did. This girl is ten stars!??????????Thank you Emma!”

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“Jeff did an amazing job taking my matronly Little House on the Prairie hair to spunky and fresh! He listened so well and gave life back to my waves!Services: Haircut”

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“I saw Grace for my eyebrows and Macy for my hair and I’d give both of them 5 stars! Scheduling was super easy and they both did a fantastic job. Pricing was appropriate on services too. I’ve gone to a handful of different salons/stylists in Sioux Falls since moving here last year and this is the first time I’ve felt like I’m in good hands as far as my brows and hair go. Super impressed by both of them :) Definitely will be going back!”

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“Olivia is the BEST! I can't speak for most of the stylists but she did an amazing job on my color and only charged me 80 something dollars?! She's very friendly and will talk about anything with you. Has very good policy reguarding when they mess up, styling hair after for no additional charge, etc. Definitely have themselves a new regular client. I recommend this place to anyone who might be inexperienced in hair dying or has never been to a professional salon. They definetly earned that 20% tip even in this economyServices: Shampoo & conditioning”

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“Samamtha did an awesome job. She listened very well to the type of layers I wanted, and they turned out excellent.”

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“I've gone here a few times for sugar waxing & always found it to be professional, friendly & reasonably priced. Lynette is great! Can tell she is very experienced & does a fantastic job, even when dealing with a big baby like me! You really get the feel that everyone there is part of a team who take great care & pride in the whole place & a customer's experience, not just separate individuals worried only about their own station.”

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“Came to see Marco for the first time and can honestly say it’s the best haircut I’ve ever received. I went in being a little nervous trying someone new but he did his thing, I could tell he took hella pride in what he does. Best haircut I’ve got and the culture around the shop is top tier. I’m coming back for another Marco? Beard and Haircut turned out way better than I could’ve thought of.Services: Eyebrow trimming”

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“Sarah's been cutting my hair for 12 years now and barely messes it up anymore. Just kidding, she's great. It's more like I go to visit a friend and happen to walk away with shorter hair.”

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“DeAndra Fee is who helped us and who ypu should ask for, she was on time listened to what we needed and was able to deliver with a smile, thank you we will be back again.”

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“I took my 2 year old son there and James did such an amazing job! He was also so good with him while cutting his hair! Highly recommend James! Also he was very professional and so sweet!”

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“Kylie is the ultimate curly hair specialist. Her approach is so customized, and the education she provides is unmatched. My daughters and I will be regularly making the 3 hour drive to give our curls the TLC they need from Collective Curl Salon.Service: Curly hair”

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“Angi is awesome! She gives great cuts and colors/highlights. She gets you in and out in no time.”

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“The shop was nice and super clean.We walked right in, on a Saturday, my son jumped in the chair and got the best fade I've seen in a minute!He knocked the hair cut out in no time. My son can't stop smiling. It was definitely worth it. He usually hates getting his hair cut! We will be going back for sure!Services: Beard trim”

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“Toni is amazing!! Before I moved to Sioux Falls, my hair was damaged and dull. I went from hair stylist to hair stylist because I was never impressed with their work. Then, when I moved to Sioux Falls, a coworker suggested Toni at Etch. I can honestly say that if I ever leave S.D., I will come back to get my hair done by Toni. I've received non-stop compliments the last 2 times she colored/toned my hair. (Before that we were just doing cuts/highlights.) I've never disliked anything she's done to my hair, which is big coming from a girl who usually leaves hair salons a little traumatized. She brought my hair back from the dead and made it beautiful again.”

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“Couldn't be happier having Angela do my kids and my hair. Highly recommend and the salon is gorgeous.”

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“Understands what you want 1st time you explain it to her and you get the look you want!”

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“Ava does an amazing job! She cut my 3-year-old daughter's hair for the first, and she loved it ? she also does a pretty great job with my husband's hair as well as my own. Thank you so much!”

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“I went in with a picture of how I wanted my hair to look. It didn't turn out like the picture because I don't have the same kind of hair that the model had. The results were very nice. Everyone in there is friendly and very personable. I had a Good experience.”

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