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211 Breighton Cir Suite 1, Shelbyville
Chadwell Comforts Hvac

“Knowledgeable of the systems and truly cared about helping as soon as possible to get my heat working again on one of the coldest days.“

5 Superb33 Reviews

8AM - 4:30PM

6036 Frankfort Rd, Shelbyville
Ferrell's Air Conditioning & Heating Hvac

“My geothermal unit stopped making heat. I gave Ferrell's a call on Monday and they scheduled me for Wednesday. Since it was the first cold snap of the winter I can assume they were inundated with calls like mine. I felt the timing was within realistic expectations.I really like the service techs that came to diagnose my issue. I have a decent understanding of most systems in my house, and the techs respected that. They talked to me as an equal, taught me a few things I didn't know, and were exceptionally respectful overall. This tells me the team was knowledgeable and didn't feel they needed to get defensive with a semi-knowledgeable customer. I often struggle to get service providers to take me seriously, it was very impressive that this team did.The team got straight to work, found the problem in less than ten minutes, and had no high-pressure upsell when I said I would be making the repairs myself.The problem ended up being the disconnect box. The connections separated over time just enough to build up heat and cause the box to fail. This box was not installed by the HVAC company originally, it was installed and supplied by the builder's electrical contractor.I would have found the problem if I tested the actual voltage with a meter instead of testing for voltage with a non-contact tester. Even with my oversight, I felt the experience was so good that I was completely satisfied to pay for the call. I felt the fee was a reasonable amount for 2 pros to travel to my house, especially with the courtesy they displayed.I'm DIY to a fault, which means I'm very critical of anyone I need to call. Next time there is an HVAC issue outside my abilities I will be calling this company.Lastly, a keen reader will notice my last name is similar with a different spelling. I'm in no way related to, associated, or affiliated with Ferrell's or any employees. They happened to be the company the previous owner of my house hired for the geothermal installation. That means they were the ones I called when there was an issue, but my issue ended up being unrelated to the unit installation. I didn't know the company existed before then.Service: HVAC system repair“

4.6 Superb7 Reviews