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“The entire staff are super professional, accommodating, and fun. Absolute best practice I’ve experienced, runs on time. Never feel rushed or unattended too, Dr. Murphy is amazing at what he does.”

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“I have been seeing Richard for close to 3 years now and he always knows just what to do to provide the best healing. He is intuitive, very attentive , and professional to what your body needs, offering just the right amount of pressure as needed. While there are many massage therapists available and I have been to many, he is the one I always go back to.”

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“Julie is an amazing therapist, very knowledgeable and empathic. She worked on my achillis tendon without forgetting the rest of my body. A true healing session.”

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“Absolutely the best! I’ve been going here for years. I️ started when I️ lived in CT and was so happy when they started offering a virtual platform which I’ve been using since relocating to NC. Flexible options - most mornings I️ do a live class but sometimes I️ opt for a recording. The recordings are updated frequently so I️ dont get bored with them. And the live classes have a terrific vibe with a very attentive coach to help me avoid injury - and sometimes push me to do more. I’m a huge fan.”

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“Denise Brown is amazing!She’s born to do what she does.Denise is an Integrative healer and formerly of the Integrative Medicine practice at the Tully Center in Stamford. If you’re familiar with the Tully Center clinic, Dr. Katie is the top doc there sends all of her patients to Denise - whether it’s for back or neck pain, stress relief, Accutonics, Aromatherapy, reflexology and more.My husband and I both saw her after a car accident And made significant progress with her.Denise recently moved back to the East Coast and is with a new clinic that has different specialists that focus on womens health. We are lucky to have her back in the area!She uses a variety of different modalities and is a true healer.In addition, she is reasonably priced!!”

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“Anthony is the only person I trust with my hair, period. He is my go to for my haircuts, highlights and blowouts. I also hired HBar to do the hair and makeup for my wedding and everything came out stunning (they were so good with our little flower girls!), and I got a facial from the wonderful Cecelia leading up to the big day that left me feeling fresh and beautiful. Can’t recommend this salon enough.”

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“Tama is the best massage therapist in the state. I was suffering from a fall which crippled me and I was going for physical therapy. The physical therapy continued for almost 6 months but I was still in pain. An active person like me found it hard to go on a walk for not even ten minutes. I found Tama on Google and going to her was the best decision I made. In the first session itself I felt 70 percent better. She is passionate about her worki and very competent.Totally trust her. One session with her is enough to instill confidence to cure you and make you feel better.A friend for life!!”

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“Veronica is a great massage therapist. I suffer from sciatica and have trouble sitting (while I do work, while watching TV, while driving and sleeping). Veronica is a great therapist with excellent manual dexterity and is able to easily perform the complicated maneuvers required to hit target areas. She listens to you and makes you feel valued. After just a few massages, I notice a huge improvement. I will continue to seek massages from Veronica and recommend her to my friends and family. She is very knowledgeable and courteous. She goes above and beyond for her clients. I highly recommend her!”

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“Tess did an amazing job. My body has never felt so relaxed. I loved that she took the time to sit down and go over a questionnaire with me about my day to day, what my aches/pains are, and really take a holistic/naturopathic approach to it all. She is great \u0026 I am looking forward to working with her. Package deals are great!!!”

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“I love to have a massage from Simone, she has a lot of knowledge and uses different techniques to adjust the needs of my body, it seems like she knows exactly what I need. Every time a have a massage I feel like a new person ! Thank you Simone for your dedication, compassion and kindness. I highly recommend Simone’s massage therapy.”

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“She doesn't have any reviews because she's the best kept secret in three states. Highly trained in multiple disciplines, gets right to the point, takes care of the problem and doesn't just keep wanting you to come back and come back and come back. I saw her out because I only use activator message. Chiropractor and she is certified and that is well as many other disciplines. She's never let me down. I've been using activator method chiropractictory for over 30 years now and I swear by it I think it's magic really. Highly recommend her for any work you need done. But don't spread the secret too widely I don't want to share.”

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“Ricki is very knowledgeable in her area of expertise with pregnant women. I did a prenatal massage elsewhere prior to seeing Ricki and wish I had seen Ricki sooner because her hands are magic! I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant and my lower back thanks her for the relief! Every pregnant woman should experience Ricki's massages. I loved it so much I plan on returning for a postpartum massage and have my husband take her infant massage class. I highly recommend her and you won't be disappointed!”

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“Felt it was important to offset the 1-star review due to how ridiculous it is. This is a spa for humans and not animals. Unless it's a seeing eye dog, it doesn't need to be in a spa. So they're wearing pajamas to be more comfortable. What's the big deal and how would that impact a manicure, pedicure, etc.? Try not to be so dramatic when reviewing something.”

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“HHO happens be in my neighborhood, and I had received an ad to try out their infra-red sauna service. I ended up scheduling my first session at the perfect time - I ended up injuring my knee the morning of my session, and had undergone joint aspiration that day - so I arrived quite sore and in pain. While I had read lots of great things about infra-red and it's healing benefits - nothing could have prepared me for the pain-relief I experience during my 60 min session. I visited their abundance room, and their staff from start to finish was extremely warm, welcoming and informative. I left feeling significantly better and revived after a long painful day. I can't wait to go back and watch as my healing journey improves with each session.”

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“I am a classically trained pilates instructor who just moved from NYC and I could not be happier to have discovered this incredible studio! I have taken several classes with Lisa and privates with Yungli! I would highly recommend both of them!”

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“Dr. Snowball is an incredibly caring, communicative, wonderful physician.Her ability to diagnose injuries and successfully treat the sources of pain is phenomenal.We are so very fortunate to have Dr. Snowball in our community!!!”

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“This place is amazing. I saw Cindy for about three years until she graduated college and took her talents to a higher level. Every girl is professional, kind, and understanding to the needs of a stiff muscle. Each masseuse works out the stress of the stiff muscle in their own unique way. Never disappointed, ever. One of the top five relaxation parlors I’ve been to across the US. I will come back again and again and again and ….”

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“Mary has magic in her hands. What a lovely and professional welcome. What a way to soothe away my stress and ills. I will definitely come back to the Agora Day Spa.”

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“Kira was wonderful! I have tried other therapists and none of them compared to her! She was so calming and accomodating. I have booked her monthly for the next 6 months to be sure I got her! Hands down best massage I have ever gotten. Highly recommend.”

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“Soong has magic hands. I’ve gone in with major back pain and walked out 80% better. Then I was 95% better the next day. The process hurts, but it works.”

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“I am 9 months pregnant and have been going to Spavia for the past 2 months almost weekly to get a maternity massage. I usually book with Tony, he is really good! I booked with someone else and I left really disappointed and shocked! I couldn’t believe it, the girl who was very nice by the way, just rubbed me with oil for 45 min I didn’t even get my full hr. I told her to go deeper because I wasn’t feeling anything and explained that I had back problems. She continued on with the same rubbing method. By the time she was done I was just super shiny and still felt tense everywhere. I honestly am close to tears because I still had to pay for the massage. 100$ to be rubbed with oil smh they need to have more experienced maternity masseurs for that price, this was definitely a speechless moment for me and I am very sad that I went there. Although I must say she was kind which is why I didn’t make a scene about payment at spavia. But I am really disappointed I really wanted a nice massage :(Update : I ended up getting a call the very next day from management and they were very nice. I really appreciated the customer service and mostly the care. They really value their customers and hear them out which is why I changed my rating. That means a lot! I got a massage with Toni today so thank you Spavia for listening, for taking action right away!”

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“The service of this massage shop is very professional, and the masseurs are highly skilled, which made me feel completely relaxed.”

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