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“Great, thorough service! My heating oil furnace is running smooth and more quiet than ever“

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“I could not be happier with Wayne, Brooke, and our new whole house fan from Eco Air Solutions of CO.Wayne came to our house in Phoenix to give us a free estimate. He taught me how it all works and we decided to go with a 6.0 Trident Pro as well as a gable vent fan to keep the attic cooler in the summer. We decided on a place to install the fan and he even recommended a new type of screen for certain windows/doors in the house to help mitigate pollen/allergens from coming in when using the fan.The guy is absolutely a pro’s pro.I was being a frustrating customer, impossible to get a hold of for a few weeks, but after a warm few weeks in January and being mad about maybe having to start using the AC already, I got back to Brooke and she scheduled us to have the fans installed on Feb. 3, 2024.Wayne came back over with everything he needed and he completed the job in 3-4 hours. I have to admit that I used to work in construction and was on HGTV for a few years back when, and when they were done I hopped up in the attic to scope everything out, and their work is CLEAN.To be completely honest, our house is about 3800sqft, one story including a finished basement. I was concerned that a whole house fan wouldn’t be able to move enough air to make sense. I waffled for weeks about whether or not this thing would work.Dude.When Wayne was walking us through how to use it, I opened a window just a few inches because I thought it would help out and he goes “…you’re gonna wanna open that all the way”.When he flipped that fan on for the first time with me I was blown away, no pun intended.I swear to god I don’t think I have ever been happier with a purchase in my entire life. We've already used it multiple times to clear stale air out of the house, vent lingering cooking smells, and cool the house down. I can't wait to use it more and more throughout the spring. And I am extremely excited to see the savings on our electricity bill this year as compared to last.1 – get a whole house fan2 – get it installed by Eco Air Solutions of CO3 – thank me later“

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“I needed to replace my twenty-year old AC and heating systems. The owner, Rodd, came out and spent a few hours examining my system and recommending a replacement. No overcharging for a system I didn’t need. Just a great price for the highly rated and efficient HVAC system. When the day of the new installation arrived, the crew was punctual, professional, polite, and knowledgeable. I give Rodd and Winterrowd Heating & AC Services the highest ratings for customer service, trust, value, quality, and speed of service. I think Rodd’s favorite saying is “Yes, we can do that!” I recommend Winterrowd Heating & AC Services for all your HVAC needs in the Colorado Springs area. David Laramee, A Very Satisfied Customer.“

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“Terry showed up on time...was very polite & explained everything that he inspected. We were selling our home so we needed our invoice detailed out a little more to provide to the new buyer. He gave an exceptional write-up detailing what was done/inspected. Yes, very reliable and professional.“

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“Orlando from Bee Heat & AC arrive on site early and diagnosed the issue quickly. He presented options of what could be done and once we decided on the best path - he set to work. He was very pleasant to work with, was knowledgable of the system he was working on and got the job done quickly.Very satisfied with Bee Heat & AC. Would definitely recommend based on the service we received. From the initial phone call to schedule the service to the actual service call itself everyone was professional and friendly.Services: HVAC system repair“

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