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“I had an exceptional experience with chiropractor Lindsey Rimes at Atlas Chiropractic in Boulder, Colorado. Lindsey's expertise and compassionate approach truly set her apart. From the moment I walked into the clinic, I felt welcomed and cared for.Lindsey took the time to thoroughly assess my needs, patiently answering all my questions and explaining each step of the process. Her gentle and skilled adjustments made a significant difference in alleviating my discomfort. What impressed me most was her holistic approach to wellness, providing not only effective chiropractic care but also valuable advice on posture, exercises, and lifestyle changes to support long-term health.The atmosphere at Atlas Chiropractic is warm and inviting, creating a comfortable environment for healing. I left each session feeling rejuvenated and confident in Lindsey's care. I highly recommend Lindsey Rimes to anyone seeking a skilled and caring chiropractor in Boulder. Thank you, Lindsey, for your dedication to holistic well-being!”

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“Marc is a fantastic chiropractor. He listens to patient’s concerns and takes good care to help you feel better! My low back is very grateful for Marc’s expertise!”

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“I've been getting adjusted for close to 20 years, and Dr. Josh is without question the best doctor I have ever seen. His goal is to address your pain - not sell a package to keep you coming back.He is thorough, detailed, and remembers each patient. If my neck is bothering me, he makes sure to adjust it in multiple different ways to address the issue. I've never felt rushed or hurried.Ive also never felt pressured to buy any long term package. I just come in when I hurt, and Josh does everything a chiropractor can to help, without promising anything he can't actually address.Since Josh is a master at his craft, expect a 15 min wait. Grocery shop, go to the dollar store, or bring a book. Others have also discovered how great he is, and he is worth waiting for!”

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“Dr. Steve and Dr Alyx were able to accommodate me on short notice and developed a plan to alleviate my back pain. They’re obviously experts in their field but also fun to chat with during appointments. I’m fortunate to have found their practice!”

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“Dylan is hands-down, the most profound healer I’ve ever experienced. His chiropractic is incredibly attuned and gentle. But he’s also working on deeper energetic levels that help me into greater wholeness. I’ve been working with him for years and have evolved so much thanks to his help.”

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“Appreciate the time and knowledge of Dr Gruhl. He’s helped with multiple issues from back adjustment to nutritional guidance to getting to the root of gut issues. Highly recommend!!”

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“I was reluctant to see a chiropractor. The sound of bones cracking is not my favorite. I went to see Dr. Gary for an initial consultation, he easily put me as ease by explaining all the what’s, why’s, and where’s. My first adjustment was great. Then I was involved in a car accident and really needed help. My hesitant visit turned into a weekly necessity. Dr. Gary has helped me in ways I didn’t even know I needed. His kindness and care for his patients is abundantly clear. We even worked up to having my neck adjusted, something I was very nervous about. It was like a blast of confetti being released. It’s been 5 months since the accident and I am mobile and getting back to myself again.If your looking for a great chiropractor you have found one.”

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“Dr. Birchann Martin has been an absolute gift to me as I navigate through my first pregnancy. I started seeing her when I was only 6 weeks pregnant and she has helped me work through each stage and all the new and fun (and not so fun) things that have come up throughout! She is amazing and I am beyond grateful for her knowledge and expertise in both nutrition and chiropractic care! Thank you so much Dr. Martin!!”

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“Can't say enough great things about Kate and the whole team at PR Labs! Kate understands all the weird aches and pains that come from both holding down a desk job AND riding my bike all the time. She's one of the very few people I'd trust to give me a massage a few days before a big race, ensuring I feel strong, loose, and ready rather than sore, achey, or bruised. So many times I leave a massage feeling like something's missing, but not when I go to PR Labs. Plus she's just a friendly, chill, awesome person to chat with and get a massage from. Highly recommend!”

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“Highly recommend! John is extremely good at what he does. The practice is a comfortable and professional environment. I will be coming back for more sessions.”

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“Amanda is AMAZING!!! I received weekly from her for two years starting in 2020 and I still continue to receive from her when I'm back in town. I feel more alive, aligned and happy when I work with her. She's a magician, she reflects to me who I truly am, and she helps my system open with such ease and delight. I was hesitant at first to commit to such regular ongoing care, but it was well worth it and I'm so glad I did!”

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“Thanks to Dr. Pearson I’m now pain free and hoping to have fixed some other issues with my body!!! He bends over backwards for his people(not physically, but I probably can now thanks to him). He fixed me and my girlfriend. He’s so amazing I would drive an hour each way to see him twice a week for 5 weeks!!!”

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“I began suffering severe, chronic neck pain a little over a year ago. I was referred to Dr. Dale Hameister by another physician in Boulder. I had never been to a chiropractor, and had some trepidation likely derived from the fact that my father, a family physician, never put great faith in chiropractic treatments. I went to see Dr. Hameister, who immediately impressed me with his comprehensive understanding of the human muscular and skeletal systems and their processes. He analyzed my condition, explained the likely source of my pain in great detail, and began a course of treatment that has resulted in remarkable, lasting improvement. At that first appointment, he predicted the probable duration and result of his treatment. He was 100% accurate in his prediction. He and his front desk staff are terrific. I could not recommend the his practice more highly.”

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“Literally the very very very best chiropractor ever. I always feel amazing the day of the treatment and even better 3 days later. They are actually interested in helping you and build their practice through referrals rather than making their money on endless repeat visits. All their practitioners are amazing and get 5/5 stars!”

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“Truly the premiere practice in all of Boulder county for massage, PT, dietetics and more. It’s the whole package and the most caring people who make it happen, I could not be more grateful”

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“I've been going to Divine Spine for many years. The doctors have changed over the years, but I kept going. My adjustments have helped with my headaches and with keeping my hips, back and neck straight. Dr. Jesse is very kind and friendly and my Whole family enjoys going to see him. Check out his Facebook page and I highly recommend you set up a consultation to see if he can help you too!!”

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“Dr. Zandi is amazing. He has done wonders for our 11 year old yellow lab. He is like a young pup moving around again. Thank you for taking such great care of our fur baby!”

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“I've been to a few chiropractors over the years, but no-one has ever shown the knowledge or expertise that Duggan has.”

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“So thankful for Dr. Beth. I feel as good as I did in my first trimester! Back story..Two months ago I started seeing a Chiropractor weekly for low back/hip/pelvis pain. By the end of each day I was in so much pain I was shuffling around. I didn’t know how I would last another couple months being pregnant. I was getting no relief after my appointments until I decided to give Dr. Beth a call. After our first session my pain was gone! It’s been a few days and I still feel amazing no matter how long of a day I’ve had. She found the issue immediately and was able to adjust me perfectly. I feel like I did in my first trimester and am now looking forward to the last few weeks of pregnancy.”

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“Dr. Jane Ray is very skilled in her healing modalities, and helped my mother, with a painful spine, to feel more relaxed and comfortable, as well as less anxious. This was quite a gift, for which I am very thankful. I highly recommend Dr. Ray and her kind, gentle approach which exudes an exceptionally caring nature.”

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“I've never been to a chiropractor before, but on the insistence of my sister I saw him for an appointment the afternoon of the same day. I filled out a very long health questionnaire and was seen immediately as I had finished. I was I a good deal of pain on my neck and shoulders with numbness and tingling in my fingers possibly due to a trapped nerve. After a brief discussion about what is most ailing you, he begins. The exam and manipulation is done clothed and you're put into several pretzel-like positions as he either uses his hand or whole body to "crack" areas of your body. I couldn't believe how well it worked. I wasn't completely pain free but the numbness and tingling were gone. He told me that instead of weekly appointments that I should go there Id my pain gets bad again. I m glad because many people I meet who have had chiropractic services are told to come back on an ongoing weekly basis. It cost less than I had expected too. Know I understand how chiropractic works. It was easy to get an appoint and although his office is in an area with many other professionals in separate buildings, I found a nearby place to park. Thank you!”

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“Dr. Finegan is a great chiropractor and functional medicine doctor. He has always gone out of his way to not only make me feel better but always explains what is going on and what he's doing to fix it in terms I can understand. He not only has relieved headaches, back pain, and hip pain but has also healed my stomach after years of pain. He has also identified why my energy levels crash in the late afternoon and has helped me resolve this problem. Overall I'd recommend Dr. Finegan to anyone that has any pain or nutritional questions or issues. I'm so happy to have found Dr. Finegan, he has changed my life for the better.”

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“Instantly felt better after one session and finally found someone who does ART and Chiro! Super friendly and easy going she is awesome! Recommend going to more then one session though because your body needs multiple adjustments.”

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“If I could give this 1000 stars I would! Dr Jan changed my life, I was involved in a serious accident when I was a kid and told by my doctors in 1996 that I would be in pain for the rest of my life. Fast forward to 2020 and after seeing Dr Jan all my pains are gone... THANK YOU DOC”

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“Stop coping with whatever you dealing with and see AJ! No more excuses! Fertility, headaches, allergies, a cold that won't go away, feeling groggy, she can handle it. She has a beautiful, welcoming practice and will help you start living your most fabulous life!”

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