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“I highly recommend Olga and this place. It’s beautiful and clean. She does a wonderful job, her facials are so good. She cleans the face and uses the best products. Her prices are very good too.“

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“Debbie is so great. Had my first ever facial with her (stress/relaxing package). Her studio is located inside of a salon. She is very professional, kind and knowledgeable. She does recommend products but is respectful and not pushy as some other places are. I will definitely come back to her soon.“

4.9 Superb84 Reviews

“Have been here a few times now and have loved every session I’ve had here. Mary is knowledgeable and well versed in all things skin! She always leaves my skin glowing and radiant as well as making it a total relaxing experience. Would highly recommend!“

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“I meditate daily and I have my deepest meditations here. My mind feels clearest and my body feels great afterwards. I highly recommend you give it a try.“

4.8 Superb91 Reviews

“Kelli is amazing! I have been coming to her for about a year and my skin has improved so much. She is super nice and also very knowledgeable. She asks about my skin care routine and recommends products that she thinks might work for me and that has been great. I get the acne facial with a RevitaPen add-on once a month. I always leave very relaxed and my skin looks refreshed. The salon itself always looks clean, very cozy and relaxing.“

4.8 Superb24 Reviews

“I came here expecting a head massage, but instead had a lovely full-body massage. The Asian massage girls were stunning and offered to massage my body with some herbal oil, which worked miracles. These people are amazing!“

4.7 Superb41 Reviews

“Lucelly is wonderful! I highly recommend her. She's very relaxing but gives an excellent massage and the cupping she does is excellent. Go to her you won't regret it.“

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“Joselin provided me with an exceptional facial and sculpting treatment. She was welcoming, attentive, and tailored the treatment to my specific needs. Her expertise and attention to detail resulted in my skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend Joselin for anyone looking for a high-quality spa experience.“

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“The ambiance was clean and pleasant, creating a relaxing atmosphere. The staff, particularly the lady who attended to me, was incredibly friendly and professional. I enjoyed a soothing one-hour massage that left me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I will definitely be returning for another session soon. Highly recommended!“

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“I really enjoyed this place, I got massages and waxes with them for about 2 years consistently and I did do 1 facial with all the bells and whistles.I am a huge fan of a few specific individuals for massage, Raymond is incredible and always gave me exactly what I was looking for a short massage or a long one. There are a few other massage therapists here now but for awhile it was mainly Raymond and an older woman, I did get 1 massage with the older woman and the massage was a bit of a "lighter touch" and quicker feeling massage where as Raymond was always a bit of a deeper and relaxing feeling massage (I requested deep tissue from both). I would recommend this place for massage if you can manage to snag a spot with Raymond.For waxes, for the first year I stayed with the same esthetician and had no issues with her waxes. When the location I went to closed I no longer kept the same esthetician and did notice a few differences in waxes. They were a bit less painful with the other estheticians, one in particular who's name I unfortunately cant remember was so unbelievably better then any of the other girls I had worked with and I was really impressed! The differences were usually each esthetician had a different "pattern" they'd go in with their waxes and some pulled better the others resulting in a lot less pain, less broken hairs and a quicker experience.For facials, I only got one and I'm not a huge facial fan in general so I didn't do enough work with them to know if they are better then any other place, however I really enjoyed the experience. If I remember correctly I got a Hydrofacial with some other creams and what not. It was very relaxing but I did it on a day where I had a long massage first and then facial at the end. I was a bit shocked at how much it all cost, which I don't blame the store for that was my own fault for not realizing what I was doing!Reading these other reviews I felt the need to sort explain some issues that were brought up. I think this places main issue is the scheduling to get your first appointment is pretty difficult. They used to have 2 locations so it was a little easier to scheduled and if you were lucky (got Raymond for massage) and ended up re-scheduling another massage you essentially were guarantied to keep your sessions with the therapist or whoever that you enjoyed the first time. For the first year I went here I always scheduled my next appointment and was able to maintain the experience because I essentially came, saw the worker I liked, re-upped for the next visit and walked out. The second year one of their locations closed and Raymond got a little harder to schedule with.That being said the result of this is when its your first time or your just making an appointment online or calling your at the mercy of strange availability and they tend to go through receptionists like candy so your experience there will be hit and miss occasionally.My only other gripe is if you do a membership and build up points to use towards whatever you want, once you want to end the membership they do NOT give you those credits back. They will let you put them on a gift card but that can obviously only be used at the shop and then the card is only good for 60 days or something like that. What sucked about that is I moved from OC to some place super far away and I physically can't get to the shop. So I went to cancel my membership, had a TON of points built up (about $400 worth) and they wouldn't give me my money back even though I literally can't come to appointments anymore so that was a bit upsetting. I ended up putting it on a giftcard and giving it to a friend who I have no idea if they used all the money on the card or not before it expired. Kinda felt like throwing away $400. For anyone else this would probably be enough to warrant a 1 star review.“

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“Came here during the day to get a full body, 1 hour massage and walked out completed rejuvenated.“

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“I always go see Ling Ling as my masseuse at the Orange wellness spa. She is great at what she does and a very nice person on top of that. The other ladies are nice too. I have a bad ankle and Ling Ling makes it feel much better every time.“

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“Went and got a couples massage here today, and it was excellent. They definitely aim to please! I will go back often and tell all my friends about it.“

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“This place is the BEST! If you're looking for quality and competent staff- THIS IS THE PLACE. ANGEL IS AMAZING. and I do not say that lightly?“

4.2 Good32 Reviews

“I had the most magical spa experience at Skinsations Spa. From the moment you walk in you can sense a presence of peace. The staff was exceptional, kind and always available to accommodate our needs. The ambiance and decor was beautiful. My massage therapist was highly skilled and extremely in tuned with exactly what my body needed. My facial was heavenly and it was by far the best one I’ve ever had. My skin has never felt better and I have had so many compliments. I’m using Leaine’s whole line now and it’s changed my skin dramatically. All of the staff and therapists are extremely knowledgeable and well trained. It’s a really special place and I left feeling refreshed and can’t wait to go back.“

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“Trish and Jasmine are the best go to girls for your nails. Mom does the greatest pedicures.“

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“The staff here is the best! The massage therapists are highly skilled. We are monthly members. So worth it!“

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“Tuesdays around noon are the best time to go! Jenny does a nice thorough job. I can tell the lead/manager cares how well the girls do. Prices are reasonable too ☺“

4.2 Good116 Reviews

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