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8406 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209



Tips & Reviews for C&F Skin Care Center

parking: street accepts credit cards by appointment only

  • Jun 2020

    I LOVE this place. Her lashes are incredible, prices are fair, they last for at least 5 weeks and don't damage your natural lashes. She's very sweet and the place is very clean. Can't WAIT for her to reopen!

  • Dec 2019

    I have to said that she did such a great job on my face took her time, I wasn’t sure about which fácil to get and she explain every one to make sure I was confident with the one I was getting, my skin after 4 days look so much better healthier will definitely recommend this place and will be back soon. Plus you get a special for Hollidays.

  • Dec 2018

    No. Just no. She made my eyebrows Into upside down 'U's and told me that was the natural shape of my eyebrow. I could have screamed. I told her I wanted them tinted (she used black) and a natural thicker shape. She gives me pencil eyebrows. I'm still awaiting my refund. God. For the love of god don't do it.