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“This was my first tattoo and Shay was my tattoo artist, she did amazing as you can see, I’m very happy with the results.”

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“David was the best! He added to an existing tattoo and completely brought it to life!”

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“Cannot recommend this place enough! I've been going here since March and deadass it's the nicest place I've ever been to. Staff are awesome and knowledgeable, prices are great, atmosphere is chill.I've gotten tatts from Joey, Nestor, and Nenad (who unfortunately doesn't work there anymore ?) and I never had a bad experience with any of them!If you're looking for a chill af tattoo place with talented artists you def gotta come here.”

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“This place is fantastic! I loved my experience working with Rich. He had such passion and he’s very helpful guiding the experience. I relied on his expertise when I was getting two tattoos covered up with a bigger tattoo. He was great to talk with, I loved the relaxing jazz music in the shop and the vibrant art was so cheerful, so inviting. Rich and I kept in touch and he checked my tattoo out a month later to see how it healed. I’ve told my friends to go see Rich and I can’t recommend enough! Thank you!”

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“Milly did a fantastic job on my eyebrows! She lets you know what to expect from the beginning to the end. She also checked in with me to see if I liked the direction she was going with the shape of my eyebrows and would make any adjustments if needed! I highly recommend Milly!”

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“I have been eyeing Lana's work since my early 20s, but I wasn't ready to book and was hesitant about tattooing them. This year, I was finally able to have the privilege of getting my eyebrows tattooed by Lana. The consultation took place around February via phone, and I booked my appointments in May and July for my first and second sessions respectively. Not only is she an amazing artist, but she is also relatable and a wonderful person. I highly recommend her! I wish I had gotten them done much sooner.Pre-procedure care and aftercare is straightforward. Follow her directions and use the solution she recommends, and you should be fine. Her prices are fair and reasonable, and even if it's possibly true that she's "more expensive than microblading," please remember that you get what you pay for. I will be back in a couple of years for the color touch-up/maintenance :)”

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“I lost all of my hair including my eyebrows from chemotherapy treatments and was referred to Elsa for micro blading. She is such a passionate, caring and professional Lady. She is also very talented & skilled in her craft. I am so grateful that she has the heart to help women like myself who have gone through traumatic illnesses such as breast cancer & Mastectomies to help us feel pretty and not look like what we’ve been through. Elsa is the best and I highly recommend her for your cosmetic needs! It felt so good to get dressed up and feel pretty again with my new eyebrows done by Elsa right before New Year’s Eve? ?”

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“I emailed Jenn with rough ideas for my 2nd tattoo that is very personal to me. She took my chicken scratch and a collage of various inspiration photos and turned it into an absolutely beautiful work of art. The design and placement couldn't be more perfect. She was quick to respond to emails, and super communicative during the process to make sure I was doing OK. The entire shop and all of the artists had a great upbeat, friendly vibe which made me feel even more at ease. I will most definitely be going back to Timeless Tattoos and Jenn for any future sessions.Service: Tattoos”

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“Walked in on a Thursday hoping for some flash. They were able to squeeze me in no problem. Miles gave me a great turtle. Very friendly and professional, have been a customer here before and will continue to be one in the future. Would definitely recommend.”

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“The first time tattooed, Louis B. covered my wrist. I'm super happy with the results as well as the healing process. I was scared about having permanent ink on me for the rest of my life. I have zero regrets and could not be happier with the finished product. Would highly recommend…getting bombarded with positive feedback. It's flatteringServices: Fine line tattoos”

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“Had a set budget and my artist worked with me to get an amazing piece that was bigger than I thought was possible! Coming back to finish my arm”

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“Can't say enough about this place. Every time I'm here I feel like family. Everyone is awesome and freaking talented. I definitely recommend this place.”

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“Loved my experience with Anna. She was very patience and paid attention to detail. The shop was very clean and cozy. Absolutely loved my experience and my new tattoo.Services: Tattoo aftercare”

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“Booker hooked me up with the cutest tattoo. Great artist and an even better dude. You won't go wrong getting a tattoo by him - I have never had one heal as nicely as his.”

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“I didn't have a tattoo down but I sure did tell my boyfriend how nice they were when we had that horrible weather. Their art looks amazing”

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“Best tattooing experience I've ever had. I dont know why I ever wasted time anywhere else. Artist Mike F.D.'s work is phenomenal, and his ideas and art are absolute fire ?. Do yourself a huge favor, book with Mike.”

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“Ivy is incredible, she helped us narrow down designs and told us about the building’s history, all while keeping her space pristine. Super easy booking and paperwork. Will definitely be coming back for more!”

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“Steve is one of the most talented artists I've met.He is a one of a kind highly awarded artist you will not regret.Steve is top-notch, especially when it comes to cleanliness and creativity.”

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“Yo, everyone here has solid work. They take walk-ins and card.Just really solid.Nico also is so nice yo. Like fast work, a perfectionist, refuses to traumatize your skin, and will invite you back to touch things up if there isn't a way to pack more color in without traumatizing the skin.I have commonly been a bleeder. I have had two pieces from him that didn't even leak plasma and the third BARELY oozed any.”

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“Alex is the only tattoo artist I have ever gotten any work done by and that is for a reason. His work is always 100% and I'll always keep coming back to him. The shop is always clean, everyone is always friendly, and it's always a great time when I come here. Anytime anyone asks about tattooing I send them here!”

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“I was looking to get some ink. Picked this place out. Went in and talked to an artist. Going in February, pictures to follow.”

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“Got my first tattoo here and couldn’t be happier. Solory is a fantastic artist and also answered my millions of questions with the upmost patience while providing a chill and welcoming environment. I will definitely be back in the future!”

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“High artistry in a great vibe - I love One More Tattoo and will certainly be back. Sammi Kroll is a next level artist. My black and gray shoulder piece integrates 4 different kinds of shading (at least) flawlessly. She took a simple concept and transformed it into art. George (the owner) is a gem. I love the way he treats his artists and the tone he sets in his shop. Warm, welcoming, helpful. I can see this little shop blowing up in the future so I highly recommend getting on their calendar while you still can! I'll post a photo when it heals so you can see what I mean.Service: Tattoos”

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“The brown Brothers themselves are both gay which makes me like this shop more. But if you go here, only go to Timmy Bast.”

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“Adrian is great! He was able to do my belly piercing last minute on New Year’s Day! He’s so professional and work really fast, I love my piercing! Thank you again Adrain”

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