Reviews for Zoe Lash Pro

  • Dec 2019

    Pro's: they have the most comfortable beds of any lash salon I've been to (I've tried multiple including Lash Love and Kristen Wood), beautiful atmosphere, and no pain/tugging during application .Cons: very pricey, but not the longest lasting lashes I've had. They are definitely high end, and do a beautiful job, but I've had better experiences (and lower prices) at other places.My main issue was that my lashes barely lasted 2 weeks. I came in every 2 full review

  • Oct 2019

    I am here for Mandie. My girlfriend and I followed her from another place because we love her so much. She's so sweet, funny and does a great job waxing your hooha everytime. Flexible times and reasonable pricing, I recommend her to everyone

  • Mar 2019

    Christina is my lash girl here and she is THE BOMB. I always get complimented on my lashes everywhere I go and honestly I love that she makes them look beautiful and full but not over done like a drag queen. The price is reasonable and you get high quality lashes and service. I've been going to her for a year and she is always accommodating if I ever need to reschedule an appointment. My 8 year daughter always comes and hangs out on the couch while I get dolled up and full review