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“wasn't sure what to expect but, Coral Roofing Experts team was on it we needed some fascia repaired and they did great“

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“My husband and I were looking for a roofing company to install my skylights. I hit the jack pot!! The best best customer service all the way around from start to finish. They got the job done promptly. My skylights came out beautiful. Vinny the owner was very professional & honest. The staff was very kind. I know who I am calling for future roofing. Thank you again D’’Agostino Roofing!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!Corina & Manuel Garcia“

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“Mr. Michael J. Jacobazzi, President/CEORCU Roofing Concepts UnilimitedOn behalf of Bimini Association/Wynmoor Community...Too often we get busy and do not take the time to give feedback when a job is executed well. I would be remiss if I didn’t do it right now. Three of the Bimini buildings met with three reputable companies to determine which company should be awarded the contract. We needed to do a complete tear down and installation of a new roof. The 3 Directors of these buildings voted unanimously to go with RCI.While I was impressed with your proposal presentation, the thoroughness of content, you willingly took the time to answer every question we had. You took the time to explain every detail to help us understand the answer to our questions. You were generous with your time and patience basically educating us. Needless to say, you prepared us for the other two bidders.My residents and I have watched how another roof company did two buildings within our circle. The difference between your company and the other vendor is night and day. The residents are honest and they carefully watched each roof being done. The feedback from residents from our building as well as those at the pool that were paying close attention to the work being performed only supports that we made the right decision to go with RCI. I would recommend you without hesitation to another company or person looking for a roof replacement.Interesting enough, among the residents that have provided insight on major projects have engineering and roofing backgrounds. I especially pay attention to what they offer and their comments which were more than complimentary but they took notice of the fine details observed that impressed them as well.I would like to share feedback with you that I have witnessed as well as the resident’s input.• Preparation: Notices posted on every unit on top floor as well as all floors, entrances, exits giving them sufficient time notice• Environment: Attention was clear while RCI saw people walking, parking, walkways, entering/exiting illustrates their focus to ensuring no one is hurt. There were flags, cautions signs to restrict them from entering an area they should not be in.• Employees: dedicated, friendly and polite employees. It is obvious that each employee has their specific job and are very proficient. RCI’s name is prominent on employee shirts, signage, trucks. They're organized, professional, and are there early and till at least 5. When you see the reduction of material daily, I had to do a double take yesterday. The pallets have disappeared to just a few pallets.• Operational: The efficiency of constant movement throughout the day. Crane lowering the old roof into trucks that haul away repetitively. The forklifts picking up and moving pallets constantly.• Building protection: elevator floors protected all the way to the roof hatch. I particularly noticed that there wasn’t a spot on it after 2 full weeks. There is no debris anywhere to be seen. Clean-up each day was noticeable. They took care in protecting our pavers, catwalks and elevator.The roof looks like it's almost complete. I don’t have to wait for the final completion as your staff is exemplary. The daily progress is noticeable. I am delighted that we went with RCU. Your company is incredible…outstanding actually. Buildings 3402 and 3403 residents have been watching the progress at our building and are raving about how good and efficient you are and consistently moving. They’re feedback to me on our building indicates that they’re happy with their directors’ choice.The best way to describe this RCI is a well-oiled machine. Michael, thank you from start to finish. 3404 is grateful.See photo below... 99.9% complete as they are cleaning the site. Thank you again!“

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“Have nothing but great things to say, the quote we got was the best one and even after a couple of months of trying to work out financials they still honored the quote. Any time I called or emailed they were very responsive. The two gentleman who came out to do the repairs were incredibly polite and respectful and did a great job on our repairs and were very diligent about their work. It's been a very stressful situation with my insurance company, but a2z at least made the repair part of it easy and great! Much appreciated.“

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“Professional quality work at a reasonable cost and great customer service and follow up…. I am very impressed and satisfied with Simon @ Brady Roofing and his staff“

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“I have had a very bad experience with this roofing company. This company worked on my neighbor's roof and totally used my property as a garbage disposal. I have been patiently waiting for the roofers to fix what was broken and clean up the mess left behind, but it has been over two months and I am done waiting. I have no words to describe this total disrespect.I am very happy to report that the owner of the roofing company came personally to inspect the damage to my property and proceeded to send someone to fix and clean up my yard. He kept his word and made everything right and that is good enough for me.“

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“I’ve been an A B C Roofing customer for 24 years. Nobody else has ever worked on my house. I’m an enthusiastic homeowner. Always got a good response and they always did what was needed. My house is a difficult puzzle with 5 sub roofs and a large flat roof. Thank you to the entire team from the owner to the sales team to the labor force. It’s a real compliment to see many of the same folks for all these years. Kudos!!Services: Roof installation“

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“Charles Miller was absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend him and Grace Roofing. Charles Miller went above and beyond to ensure that my new roof was installed without a hitch. Highly recommend!Services: Roof inspection“

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