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“Dr. Rachel Sanders is the best! I was having SI joint pain with running and after a few visits, my pain was practically gone. She is very knowledgeable and caring. Highly recommend.“

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“Great doctor and staff, they are knowledgable and super helpful with my neck and shoulder pain.“

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“I have been seeing Dr. Moore for over five years. I will not go to anyone else, nor should you! His care is beyond exceptional. Dr Moore is highly knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to your concerns and explain the treatment plan. The adjustments are gentle yet effective, and I always get relief from my neck and back pain. I could actually write a novel on all the positive life changing care not only I have received, but my daughter, who is a college lacrosse player, but it would take me years to finish! So to sum it up, the office is clean and well-maintained, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. I appreciate the personalized care I receive and would highly recommend Revive Health and Wellness to anyone in need of quality chiropractic services.“

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“Dr. Cristina is great with my 4 year old who struggles with neck pain. She is so warm, friendly, and comforting and my daughter always feels better after her visits. She is now able to last longer between visiting before complaining about the pain. Highly recommend this office and Dr. Cristina :)“

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“It's been WAY too long since I've been back due to life changes. I went to Dr. Zuckerman's new, beautiful office and as always, had a 1st rate experience. I'll be going back later this week. When I lived closer he kept me walking between surgeries and was a life saver!“

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“Highly recommended! He’s the best body mechanic I’ve been to. Call him and he’s always happy to help. Truly cares about his patients.“

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“Over the years I have had over a dozen different chiropractors work on me with minimal positive results. Finding Dr Diehl seven years ago was just what this body needed. Once a week keeps me a happy adjusted camper, give Dr Diehl a try and you will be in good hands too“

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“Dr. Marrone has been amazing, my back pain has improved since I started seeing him, still go regularly. Very glad I found him! I recommend him to all my friends“

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“Dr. Lindsay Erickson’s approach to wellness is comprehensive. The initial tests looked at markers of my heath not looked at before. How is it possible to relive a severe and limiting pain I’ve had for months so much after one appointment?! Dr.Lindsay has been generous with her knowledge and time.“

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“I have always heard of chiropractors and normally someone would say something about being old and that their back was acting up. Over the years with my autoimmune disease, I started to look at different ways to help my body without meds. Being on my feet and hands all day and also being super active. My doctor shared that it would be good to go to someone that can adjust me but also help with my body from the inside out with vitamins. I was referred here and then come to find out that a friend of mine. Has been going to her for years and knows Dr. Lindsay very well. Knowing that I felt safe I made an appointment. upon arrival, the parking was easy, and finding the building was not hard. The first appointment is on two different days. This is to do some tests and to talk to Dr. Lindsay. Once she has gone over everything then a game plan is set. The first time that I came in and was adjusted was exciting and nerve-racking. Before she adjusted me she probably could feel how tight I was/ nervous. She reassured me that it was going to sound louder than it is. After that first adjustment, I felt way looser and had fewer headaches, as well as I, felt more clear. I am very thankful that my doctor referred me here. This is not a crack-and-go place. If you are looking to help help your body from the inside out. With vitamins and getting to the root causes, this is the best place you can go to!!!!!!“

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“Ryan Rubin saw my daughter regarding recurring knee and joint problems. My daughter has been seeing him regularly and is feeling much better. He is an expert in sports rehabilitation, they only use modern and cutting edge equipment also they have a huge gym and a very clean and modern office. Ryan is really good at what he does, and you can tell he cares about each patient, I highly recommend using him as a chiropractor and for physical therapy.“

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“Dr. Mahmud is an extremely intelligent and caring professional. I would, without hesitation, recommend him.“

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“I used to drive my client out here from Sherman Oaks to Thousand Oaks.. we don't mind driving that far because he is so great he knows what he is doing, not only that but he is also a very kind,accommodating and considerate.. I would always recommend him to everyone.. great location as well, parking wise.. office is very clean with complimentary water and chocolates“

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“I was referred to Posh Body Wellness by a friend and I'm so happy I found Dr. Pedram! She has a lovely energy and does a great job of making everyone feel welcome and in good hands. I highly recommend her! Thank you Nasim!“

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“I've been working with David for a few weeks while trying to get back to running after a quad strain. He is wonderful! He always listens, I never feel rushed, and he seems to genuinely care about my recovery. Highly recommend Body Logic.“

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“Dr. Terry is an experienced doctor that takes time to assess each patient and devises a plan unique to the current injury/pain. He explains the connections of various body parts and how they should work together for the best performance. You not only leave with a plan but also a better understanding of your ailments and how your whole body works to improve strength and longevity. He talks with you, not at you, and relates to all ages. We are a family of 5 with various ailments, some sports-related and others just part of life. He has helped all of us with huge success. We cannot thank him enough! Plus, all of the staff at CSI are professional, knowledgeable & caring. The atmosphere of the whole office is positive - from the moment you walk in, you feel welcomed.“

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“Dr. Fey is THE BEST …. I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve done for me.i feel so much better after my adjustments I love you and Mia. God bless you both always.“

4.7 Superb14 Reviews

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr.Tosh. He is intuitive and gentle. My body trusts him and I have had some incredible adjustments because of that internal trust. I highly recommend Dr. Tosh whether it be a ‘tune up’ or pain management. He is one of the best around!“

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“Dr. Terry is very knowledgeable about healing the body and he has helped me with several injuries. I like that he has other healing modalities available like magnetic pulsing therapy and a traction machine My son loves Dr Aaron for his unique work with his jaw and neck for headaches. Both men are ethical and kind! Friendly office also.“

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