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  • Dec 2023

    I am far away from the training facility (Canada) but have to say that my mini bull terrier was the worst leash puller ever. I tried prong collar with a trainer, he just hung himself on it, I tried getting between him and the trigger, I tried a halter with a front clip....no success. I watched Joel's loose leash video - important that it starts right in the house, Ruger had to learn that the leash meant something and he had to earn every step of the walk. He waits for me to say okay and doesn't "leave me" - we are still working on walks but he isn't "pulling" me off my feet. (He's intact and a sniffer that's easily distracted) but the loose leash videos.....game changer...read full review

  • Dec 2023

    Joel's Youtube guidance at Beckmans Dog training saved my sanity, my relationship w my two Labs, and kept my budget in the black.I just couldnt afford a dog behaviourist or trainer when it was most needed. Plus, the dream of enthusiastic walking and hiking buddies has come true, within months.Before I found Joel on YouTube, a hip injury I got while walking my dogs, who were making like jet skis, prevented real exercise for about 6 months and cost me a fortune in physiotherapy.In just a week with Joel's methods it was possible to start walking my two older 7-9 year old Labradors separately in my neighbourhood crammed full of large, aggressive, barking dogs, and nightmare...read full review

  • Nov 2023

    I can't thank Joel enough for what he did for me! I've struggled for 4 years with my dog reactive/aggressive German shepherd and had given up hope to ever have her run with another dog and not attack it just because it ran or got playful. After my two sessions with him, I didn't really see much of a difference at first when I left Joel's facility. Her reactivity in the car and on leash was just as bad but he told me to expect that. So I kept working with her, and it paid off. I have now been able to get her together with the dog that she hadn't interacted with off leash without a fence in between them before. They have become fast friends, they chase balls and squirrels...read full review

From Beckman's Dog Training

After training killer whales, dogs are a breeze… Joel and Liz Beckman developed their unique training system and style from years of training killer whales, dolphins and other exotic animals. Joel and Liz Beckman left the marine mammal-training world because they were passionate about bringing their unique talents to the dog training community. Their unique background has shaped their dog training philosophy, system and approach. Beckman's Dog Training has grown to be a team of expert level trainers who are committed to providing you with both effective and humane help.


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