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“Amazing amazing amazing ! About a year ago I stumbled across their Yelp page when looking for a place that pierced kid earlobes with a needle. I went ahead found them on Instagram and messaged them. They quickly replied and answered my questions. At the time my daughter decided she was not ready. Fast forward a year later she decided at 4 1/2 that she was ready. It was very easy to make an appointment online. This morning we showed up and were greeted very politely and friendly. The whole process was smooth. They were so kind and patient with her explained everything they were doing from the cleaning, sterilizing, mapping, measuring, clamping and actual piercing all while talking her up. The whole experience was a great one and I simply cannot recommend them enough! Core memory for our little girl and us for sure.”

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“Went for a flash art deal with a friend. Sean was my artist. Super chill guy. Real nice work. The whole crew there overall is very nice and welcoming. Definitely going back.”

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“Tattooing is a skill I had been meaning to pick up for several years now but never felt like was easy to take up. There are several challenges that I had to consider, but after pulling the trigger and having a phone call with Anqi, I feel like those worries dissipated after she reassured me that the issues I was worried of facing were ones that she had gone through as well. I am so incredibly happy to have finished her course alongside with Kat as my mentor. They're both such encouraging, knowledgable people and I'm so lucky to be able to go to them with questions.The course was a full 3 days, the first day learning all about theory. We were already having practice in the afternoon on the first day, something I was really nervous about. Afterwards once I got home, I would continuously practice because there was a gap in practice and time I had to consider with the live model day being on the third. They also go over building your own brand, how to edit photos, the importance of having a clean IG feed, utilization of TikTok, and more. With live model day, Anqi and Kat were there to support us and watch over us as we worked on the live models.Because I draw as a hobby, my art skills are a bit more developed (and Anqi can reassure you don't need an art background to pursue this) and therefore I was looking to learn more about coloring or shading. They're much more advanced skills that I still don't dare to practice on a live person until tattooing like 100 people but Kat and Anqi are willing to show you these techniques and go over them briefly if you prove that you're ready for it.Something I would recommend is to seriously consider if you want to learn in a group or in a one-on-one basis. This is crucial. If you need full attention and focus on you, I would just do the one-on-one training. I did the group training because I thrive in a group setting where I can stay competitive. It's important to also mention that I had previously had some PMU training that helped me understand the way the class was structured and outlined.Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this course and can't wait to learn more about tattoos. I really respect Anqi's positive attitude and how she's integrated it into her business. She's successfully created a safe and pleasant space not only for herself or for clients, but those who also work alongside her. It's not easy to find a mentor who will help build your confidence; I'm so grateful I picked her.Services: Fine line tattoos”

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“I love it here. Have come here a few times for nose piercing and jewelery. Lindsay has helped me and has always been super helpful and patient. Shop is also very clean and sanitary.”

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“Super friendly, really helpful with making a decision on a design. Over all great experience. Walk ins are welcome as well, Chris took care of us ,”

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“Eddie was awesome and kind! I never thought I would get piercings but he talked through the process with me and the aftercare as well. He talked throughout the whole process and was able to help me relax. Great guy, great experience and didn't hurt! Just a pinch and that's it. Already recommending him to a few friends and already saving to get a tattoo from him too. Thanks Eddie for being an awesome guy!Services: Ear piercing”

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