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“I received excellent service & care by the front desk team & Dr. Katherine. Thank you! ?“

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“The team did an amazing job making me feel my very best every time I came in. They were all very understanding and would work with my working schedule to be able to make it to all appointments. As well as made me feel comfortable to bring my kids in and helped kept them sitting.“

5 Superb58 Reviews

“Very professional & courteous to myself & other customers that were being seen. Highly recommend“

5 Superb56 Reviews

“This place is amazing!! Far exceeded my expectations. The staff are all so welcoming and truly care about their patients long standing well-being. The level of interest they have put into my overall health has been impeccable.“

5 Superb51 Reviews

“Dr.Jett, NP Rikki, and staff are truly so amazing and caring towards their patients! They have such great availability and flexibility to one’s time and needs. I recommend all my peers to this clinic!“

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“Friend recommended Dr. Martin. Initial visit identified issue and stated 2-3 visits should fix. Pleasantly surprised to have a chiropractor not suggesting forever treatments. First visit took away majority of my pain (immediate relief) and the next two visits continued improvement and Dr. provided exercises to help me be proactive at caring for lower back. Outstanding service, highest recommendation.“

5 Superb40 Reviews

“Amazing service,,very affordable and comfortable place,,,doctor and co worker are so helpful,,make you feel like home“

5 Superb37 Reviews

“Awesome Dr very kind very knowledgeable made me feel comfortable, I was super nervous but he was able to calm me down.“

5 Superb36 Reviews

“I was referred here by a friend and I can’t thank him enough! The Total Lifestyle team has been great help with my hip pain and all the girls in the office are so nice. I’m happy to say I will continue to go to them for all my chiropractic needs!“

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“Dr. Kohan's testing was able to identify a "whole grain" sensitivity affecting my son's physical well being. I have to admit that after searching for a solution and trying to avoid the intake of traditional medicine, Dr. Kohan was able to provide him a natural whole food based nutritional supplement that provided significant results for my son. Thank you!“

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“With one treatment Dr. Greg brought relief to my painful jaw.Thank you Dr. Greg for decades of effective and compassionate care. Fran O'Boyle“

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“I have been to dozens of chiropractors in my life.. Dr. Won is the best. He’s extremely skilled with his adjustments, expect instant relief and more improvement over time. It blows my mind honestly that’s he’s one of the most affordable practitioners in Phoenix, I would pay 3x his prices because the adjustments are so good. Highly highly recommend.“

5 Superb32 Reviews

“Best chiropractor and masseuse in the city! They will work with your schedule, and insurance. I recommend you come here if you’ve been involved in an automobile accident,sports injury, or any miscellaneous pains.“

5 Superb30 Reviews

“Dr. Madrid is awesome! Fixed me up good, I'm grateful for him and his team. Thanx Doc!!!Israel T.“

5 Superb28 Reviews

“My husband and I have been taking our newborn to see Dr. D consistently since she was a week old! He has been wonderful in providing a thorough evaluation and gentle adjustments during every appointment. I would highly recommend that anyone who is considering newborn or infant Chiropractic care see Dr. D. Additionally, their office is always clean and organized! Thank you Dr. D for taking such good care of our little girl!“

5 Superb26 Reviews

“Doctor Gardner is great at what he does and I have made it a part of my wellness routine to visit regularly. I highly recommend the services his office provides.“

5 Superb26 Reviews

“Dr. Robb and Sylvia have met and exceeded my expectations every step of the way for about the last six years. If you are dealing with any type of injury or biomechanical problem anywhere in your body, this is a must stop body shop. He is a fantastic doctor.“

5 Superb26 Reviews

“My Husband and I received treatment here after our car accident & we always felt welcomed and cared for! Would 100% recommend!“

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“I have been going to Dr. O'Connor for years. Him and Amanda are so talented! I highly recommend AZ back health.“

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“After tirelessly searching for a chiropractor in the valley I have finally found Dr. Abby and the crew at Paragon. They not only have been able to piece me back together after years of chronic sports injuries, but they have kept my health thriving with their care.“

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“Dr Widmaier and his staff are always so kind, pleasant & professional. They have helped me with several injuries and are so accommodating when it comes to scheduling. So thankful for this practice!“

5 Superb20 Reviews

“Hello, good morning, grateful for the support of the clinical for giving me their experience. Asia to me. May Good. Grateful.with you“

5 Superb20 Reviews

“Dr. Barb gives great attention to patient concerns, provides a comprehensive examination and report of findings prior to providing very accurate and effective spinal adjustments.“

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“So far I've seen Dr. Nemanic for:- turning my breech baby while pregnant- carpel tunnel syndrome/numbness of hands- postpartum pelvic floor tightness/pain- dislocated ribOn all of these different occasions:- he offered same day or next day appointments- resolved the main problem in 2-3 visits- treated any additional issues that I mentioned- asked lots of questions and listened carefully- spent as much time with me as I needed (first visits were always long)- was respectful, kind, positive and honest.He was recommended to me years ago by a friend whose whole family has seen Dr. Nemanic for a variety of reasons for years. Simply put, what he practices works. He's effective and to the point. I really appreciate that he has a holistic view of human physiology and besides the mechanical adjustment, he also addresses any additional factors (lifestyle, stress, fears etc.) with advice that's easy to follow, personal and convincing.After I moved, I saw a different chiropractor for a while. What a mistake! I was instructed to schedule way more visits, payed them way more, got much more complicated and useless advice, and had much less significant results if they we're willing to treat my problem at all. Dr. Nemanic might be a further drive away but he truly makes it worth my time by being effective and listening to me closely. He's the opposite of a money grab - it has happened multiple times that I was considering paying him an additional visit and he told me his honest opinion on why I don't need to.Overall, he's more than a chiropractor and if I could give him 10 stars, I would. If you're considering seeing him, just give him a call and ask if he thinks he can help you. You won't be disappointed.“

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“Happy to work with TriMotus and Dr. Khavari as a collection partner to help service their patients!“

5 Superb17 Reviews

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