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“The staff is knowledgeable, professional, friendly and warm. I feel very taken care of and my pain is greatly reduced.“

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“Dr. Cann is hands down the best. True professional and class act person.Don’t miss out.“

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“Staff is friendly and makes you feel welcomed. The Dr is very informative and explains what could be the problem and how he will treat the problem. I had a good adjustment and look forward to further treatment.“

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“Whole Health has helped my infant daughter's oral ties. She had tongue, lip and buccal ties. She had a very noticeable tongue tie. We got it lasered. I also seriously thought that we were good to go. I had been advised to have her be seen by a chiropractor, but because I had not had very much success with chiropractors in the past per baby feeding, I was leary about going to one. We ended up feeling like we needed to see one because she wasn't getting well at all. Taking in an ounce or half ounce on one side. At 4-5 weeks and taking 50 minutes to get just 4oz down! They are all pediatric certified. I noticed great changes after the first visit! They are very knowledgeable. They are serious chiro nerds who love what they do!♡ I love Whole Health! We see Dr. Jess.My daughter nurses and bottle feeds so much better now!“

5 Superb42 Reviews

“Speaking from a 30 year old woman who has been through 13 surgeries, has died and been brought back to life and two traumas, I have seen DOZENS of providers, specialists, with so many medications, “treatments” etc. this office is by far the best medical provider I’ve ever had. They are so organized, thorough, not money hungry and begging you for all your money. They genuinely want to help and get to the ROOT cause not just fix you. I felt so comfortable and educated. I have referred multiple friends here. Insurance is a scam but I would pay any amount of money in order to receive care here, it is phenomenal. All the techs are great, the admin front desk ladies just as organized and business wouldn’t run without them being the drs right hand man. GO HERE IMMEDIATELY“

5 Superb38 Reviews

“Doctor Dave and his entire staff are professional, polite, and I always feel well cared for everytime I go to Living Well Chiropractic. I highly recommend them for all your Chiropractic needs!“

5 Superb34 Reviews

“Excellent experience, professional the doctor knew exactly where my pain was and explained things as she went through my pain.“

5 Superb32 Reviews

“So excited to have discovered Dr. White!! Great chiropractor. Very thorough, compassionate, listens and personally works with you! Nice office and equipment as well.“

5 Superb31 Reviews

“I love Dr. J! I really appreciate how he asks a lot of questions to get to know what’s wrong with you and be able to help in the best way. I really like his holistic approach. He’s like no other chiropractor I’ve been to before! I will highly recommend him to anyone who needs help!“

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“I hurt my low back lifting weights. Dr. Ben saw me walking towards his office from the parking lot and knew from my walk exactly what the issue was and immediately helped address it through an adjustment and use of a decompression table. He is knowledgeable and friendly!“

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“I have gone to the Macri Wellness Center for many years, and it has been very wonderful getting adjusted especially as a runner, where often times some injuries do occur. Dr. Macri is great at what she does and has also helped me so much with my scoliosis & back pain. And thanks to her care It has gotten a lot better and doesn't hurt like it did before. This is the best chiropractor I have gone too, and the people who work there are all friendly and kind it is a great experience. ?“

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“I have been adjusted several times here. I have a couple of bad discs in my neck, and every once and awhile notice reduced neck movement. After I leave Miller Chiropractic, I feel like I have a new neck.“

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“Dr. Gibb and his staff are amazing. I have been well cared for and am experiencing significant improvement.“

5 Superb21 Reviews

“I've been going to this lovely chiropractor for over 10 years and wouldn't change a thing! All the staff is very friendly and helpful to everyone! the office is full of good vibes and good energy :)“

4.9 Superb66 Reviews

“Excellent only hope was for them to accept my insurance. Dr. Taylor is amazing, I walked in there being so stiff from an accident. He did a laser therapy, very effective. Like I said my only hope is for them to accept United Healthcare...“

5 Superb12 Reviews

“I came here (8ish) years ago and they were amazing. Because of another injury I recently started coming here again. They have only gotten better. They truly focus on overall rehab, not just a chiropractor practice. Aside from being some of the nicest people you will ever meet, they are incredibly skilled at what they do - helping you heal and making you feel better.“

4.9 Superb39 Reviews

“Very friendly, accommodating, takes great care of their clients, strongly recommended.“

4.9 Superb38 Reviews

“Dr. Sabina is amazing. I came in with almost constant numbness in my back. She is thoughtful, patient, and informative. After one month I have most of the feeling back and I quality of life has improved so much.“

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“This is the only medical facility I go to that feels like family. Everyone is so friendly. They do it all, chiropractic, medical, physical therapy. They also helped with gut health. They really are an overall practice.“

4.9 Superb32 Reviews

“Honestly a life changing experience. I called Dr. Dufour late on a Friday past his office hours and he answered. I informed him I was in an accident and was in pain he told me to head over. From the first conversation I've ever had he has gone above and beyond to serve me. He sincerely looks out for you. I am so thankful I found Dr. Dufour and will refer people to him anyday.“

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“I'm "Back" (no pun indended), after a long year of injections, and if it's possible, Gilbert Chiropractic is even better than a year ago. Their process is amazing and the staff is just what you'll need to feel better in no-time. Their timing, level of care, admin, and most of all compassion, from initial contact to leaving the office is peerless. Do yourself a favor and take the leap (carefully ?) and start the healing with Gilbert Chiropractic. See y'all there!“

4.9 Superb29 Reviews

“Today February 22nd I had my 3rd visit to Dr Sanchez, my first visit was on February 13th. I went in with pain of between 8-10 on the pain scale. First visit he could see how much in pain I was and I was nervous but he was very gentle and only applied more pressure when I asked him to. Was still in pain after first visit only because I let him go easy on me, but when my second visit came on Tuesday the 20th I asked him to be more aggressive with the Ring Dinger. I went in with pain of about 6-7 left with about a 2 and that night and following day I was nearly 0 pain. Was almost like I was dreaming, it had been so long since I have had no pain. When you have constant pain for long periods of time to have no choice but to adapt and live with it, but when the pain is gone you wonder why didn’t you try something like this sooner? I think the pain free is way better for me. Thank you Dr Sanchez for giving me my life back and thank you for helping me and others get their lives back. I’m already recommending everyone I know that has pain to come see you. You definitely are a miracle worker thank you again.“

4.9 Superb26 Reviews

“They were very quick to get me in. The staff was friendly. Dr. Andreasen was very very good!“

5 Superb7 Reviews

“Doctor Dan is the man. Most knowledgeable, caring, and helpful Chiropractor on earth. Many other services offered at this office. If you have pain or another ailment, give them a try. You won't be disappointed.“

5 Superb7 Reviews

“My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Swartz since 2002. We refer to him as Dr. Magic Hands because the first time I visited him I was bent over by back pain. After 15-20 minutes, I was walking straight and 90% pain free. We now live 90 minutes from his office, but drive the distance because we know he will improve our physical condition far better than any other chiropractor. Thank you, Dr. Swartz!“

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