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“Between work and life, cleaning just slipped through the cracks for me. Took a chance with 'Maid for Seattle' and I'm glad I did! My place hasn’t looked this good in ages. If you're juggling too much, give them a call.Services: Standard cleaning“

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“Move Out Seattle, Wonderful experience! I didn't have time to tidy because I had to leave town for a new job. Due to the chaos, I completely missed turning off the electricity. Nevertheless, they took on the assignment and completed it well. incredibly grateful for their assistance!“

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“From the first phone call until the job was complete, this staff showed outstanding customer service. The clean up job was dire and needed to be done with a quick response. Shawn and the team from Emerald City Cleaning were timely and friendly. They bid the job, showed up on time, but the most outstanding part of their service was performance. It looked amazing when they were done. If you seek cost effective, timely professionalism you've found it at Emerald City Cleaning.“

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“This was my first foray into getting home cleaning services and wow, what a difference it makes! You think you’re clean, but then you realize what clean actually looks like when they are done. I was extremely impressed with not only their service but their friendliness and professionalism. The cleaner was extremely kind and trustworthy. It was clear that they hold high standards for their employees and it shows up in the work done. I will be calling them again.“

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“Great to have this friendly, competent mailing center in the neighborhood. Sure they add a small fee to what you would pay at the post office but it is worth it.“

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“I bought a used white dress for my rehearsal dinner , and I didn't realize it had stains. They weren't sure they could get them out, but they did!!! Love this business!!“

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“I thought we had gotten a new microwave but it was just S.T.A.R Cleaners. They make everything look like new again.“

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“Mandy is not only any amazing cleaning person (owner of the company) but probably one of my favorite people in Seattle!! She has been cleaning for my boyfriend for 3+ years, and I moved in over a year ago and have been so lucky to get to know her!! She is meticulous, she is detail oriented, she is trustworthy, she is fast, she is flexible, she is everything you have ever been looking for in a home cleaner! I leave her lists often on "extra" things to do.... baseboards, inside Refrigerator, oven, etc. not once has she ever been not able to complete the "extras" without hesitation. Her prices are unreal. I tell her all the time to raise them!! She has so many clients that she has had for so long, she just doesn't want to rub anyone the wrong way by saying "hey, the economy has gone up over the last decade, I need to charge you a little bit more" You will never need any other cleaning person if you choose Mandy and her crew! You would actually be lucky if you can get her on a bi-weekly or monthly bases. I honestly could go on forever and not say enough nice things about this woman....“

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“We used My Housekeepers for over five years, and they faithfully and reliably cared for our home with service every other week! In all those years, they never missed a service. Truly astounding. Andy and his team were communicative, prompt, trustworthy, and always left our home looking beautiful. They consistently went above and beyond, and hiring them was literally one of the best decisions we ever made for our family of five. We are now moving to a new city, and leaving their team behind is absolutely one of the hardest parts of starting at a new home and new city! We highly recommend them. Thank you for so many years of reliable service, My Housekeepers!“

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“David and the cleaners at Maid in the NW are wonderful, exceptional, thorough and kind as well as responsive. Have had one of his professional cleaners coming for almost two years, and my home is always singing when he leaves. David is very contentious in matching you with the right fit. Definitely don’t hesitate to hire them. Most recently, he and his team turned a very bad situation into a positive one in less than 24 hours of contacting them. He answered my call and even came by to assess my situation within an hour on New Year’s Day. A contractor had failed to put up any sheets or covering, and his flooring machinery malfunctioned-did not catch the saw dust. Every inch of my home except bedrooms and laundry room had sawdust all over it. All of my baby’s stuff was unusable. Two of my alarms broke from all the saw dust and had to be disconnected to stop them from going off every 15 mins. Will be replacing. This situation had me in tears. David and his team came in and did a deep clean of everything. After they left today, I felt restored. I really can’t express my gratitude enough. Before I found them a couple of years ago, I had a hard time finding reliable and thorough cleaners. Maid in the NW is the way to go.“

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“I've been using them for regular cleaning and annual deep cleaning for about 5 years across 2 houses. They're so professional and sweet to my dog and flexible. They bill quickly and exactly what I expect, and take care of everything. I will always recommend them. Would rate 6 stars if I could.“

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“I highly recommend GCS! The quality of cleaning, and their professionalism is definitely top tier.“

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“Excellent and thorough cleaning service. I messaged on Saturday they came Sunday morning. Professional and efficient. Highly recommend“

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“Seattle Family Cleaning is an exceptionally run organization. I first contacted them online and they were incredibly communicative from start to finish. The ladies did a fantastic job cleaning my place and were very friendly and punctual. I highly recommend them and Seattle Family Cleaning to have your home professionally cleaned.“

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