Reviews for Merton Nails

  • Feb 2020

    It was ok. My pedicure was good another lady did it very patiently. My manicure wasn't. The owner did it in a rush, the polish was old and she didn't do it well so it lasted a day only before it chipped. The top coat had residue from other nail polishes that had sparkles so then my nails weren't what I wanted the to be from a color stand point. The place is clean.

  • Dec 2019

    Been here on and off over several years and unfortunately good and not so much. This last time however it was terrible service, drew blood and didn’t acknowledge or apologize for it, then screamed at me and ordered me out of the place!Sort of doubt I’ll be back!

  • Sep 2019

    I have been going to this salon for quite some time since it's across the street and too convenient. Let us start with how rude the staff is here, I was flat out told to take my money else were. I did my first bio gel set out of desperation, and overpaid for it, in less than two weeks the shellac was peeling off and it just looked horrible. I went back for a refill to salvage the situation. She wanted to charge me full price, and went on to say that she prefers not to serve mixed race or black customers and i can go to a cheaper place if I like. No wonder this salon stays empty. I was so silly not to recognize how BAD the quality is at Merton Nails is from just its full review



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