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“Dr. Erin is the best chiropractor I’ve ever seen! She’s very kind and sincere and really listens to my concerns. She is also seeing my 16 month old son for chiro work and she is just so sweet with him and is always trying to keep him comfortable. I will never go anywhere else!”

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“If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. The team here is phenomenal. The front desk staff are super friendly and helpful.It all began with Physio with Amit. I'm grateful I then tried Osteopathy and discovered Dryden. James has proven to me that massage can truly be healing.The entire team had helped me beyond words, by going above and beyond. They've all helped me through some serious 'pains'! I also walk away with a ton of knowledge and takeaways (exercises etc.).One stop shop dream team!”

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“Dr. Scott and Dr. Spencer? Say no more.I have been going to Stevenson Chiropractic for many years now and its literally one of my favourite places in the whole world. They take the time to listen to what pain is happening and always perform the PERFECT adjustment for instant relief. The whole team is so friendly and awesome and they treat everyone like family!! If you’re looking for a new chiropractor or one for the first time, don’t look any further!”

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“Finally getting down to some answers and help, after many years of struggling on my own. Thank you for listening and validating my concerns. It isn't JUST menopause, don't rely on umbrella diagnosis. Looking forward to working with you.”

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“After recently finishing active cancer treatment and surgery, I was recommended by my medical team to consider Physiotherapy. I am currently under the care of Marilena, and find her to be absolutely outstanding! Her dedication, knowledge and genuine care have surpassed my expectations. In particular, the Restore You Program has helped me gain further movement while easing my residual pain from my most recent surgeries. Marilena is passionate about helping all of her patients, and I hope to enrol in another Restore You Program in the near future. Thank you, Marilena and staff for assisting me in regaining my strength, flexibility and confidence. As someone who went through all of the stages that goes with chemotherapy and radiation, Marilena helped me feel beautiful again. Thank you for all you do, I’m so blessed to have Marilena as my Physiotherapist.”

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“After suffering a very painful injury at work I was told that surgery wouldn't benefit me and would be better off healing naturally with proper help even though it would be a long process. At one point I begged for surgery because I couldn't handle it anymore. Well past that point I am thankfull my family doctor explained why and got me to go Physiomed. Billy and Dr William are amazing. They are very easy to talk to and know their stuff. I wish I could help them the way they did for me. Least I can do is a review. Thank you and your staff..”

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“Ash and the Medhealth Physio team are wonderful! They helped me with an elbow injury and I’m feeling great! Would highly recommend their services!”

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“This is a wonderful place for massage therapy, work related injuries and so so much more. My wife and I enjoy going here to get better. Al staff members are very good with what they help you with. It's our go to place .”

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“There is no better therapist than Dr. Kaz. Magic hands, very knowledgeable, patient. Thank you Kaz for everything!”

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“I stopped by to pick a good place for Massage therapy when my Benefits kick in and the staff were all very helpful and very nice , also the lady at the front desk is so very helpful and she's my favorite part of stopping in. I'll be back for sure. Can't get Activa and her name out of my head”

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“After my surgery my shoulder was frozen almost solid. The plan Charlton Physio came up with me has given me my arm back! Thankyou guys so much!”

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