Tips & Reviews for Fademasters (Boss Plaza)

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  • Dec 2019

    Sat down, ambiance was good. Music was poppin', but it when got down to my haircut, dude didn't give me what I wanted. I asked for a combover blended on the side. I ended up getting an undercut with unevenly trimmed hair. Mid fade isn't even present either. Disappointed, I thought the experience would be better.

  • Nov 2019

    This wasn't the worst haircut I've ever had but it was far from the best. My main issues were with the time and the cost. I was seated very quickly and my barber started to cut my hair. I asked for a skin fade with a hard part cut in. This should take about 20 minutes or so but for reasons unknown to me I was sat in that chair for an hour and a half.. pretty outrageous. I paid $50 for a cut that was uneven at parts. The line he cut into my head was straight, but inconsistent. (Parts in the middle still had hair) he used trimmers instead of a razor which he cut my head with and drew blood. The line was too wide imo but to each their own. ALL OF THIS ASIDE, the full review

  • Aug 2019

    First time there, my cut went a little shorter than I wanted but that was my fault for not explaining what I was looking for more clearly.They could do a better job of clearing hair clippings since there were at least a couple haircuts worth of clippings around each work area. Realize this isn't always feasible with back to back haircuts though.



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