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Below are the best 10 plumbing services in Pocatello picked by BestProsInTown

7AM - 5PM

2693 Sonoma St, Pocatello
Northgate Plumbing Plumbers

“Jason and his team have a 5 star overall rating for a reason! Every comment and review I read says everything that needs to be said. Honest, timely, does the job right with no short cuts. This company is about serving you and not about taking you money. I will be recommending them to anyone.“

5 Superb24 Reviews

8AM - 7PM

529 Warren Ave, Pocatello
Pocatello Handyman Plumbers

“Don is great! He made it over in a timely manner and fixed a 100 year old sticky door whit hun an hour or so. We can finally open/close/latch the door! Super happy with his work, and he’s a very nice man.“

5 Superb16 Reviews

8AM - 5PM

625 W Center St, Pocatello
B & G Plumbing & Heating Co Plumbers

“Andrew fixed the problem quickly after explaining the issue. He was professional and cleaned up after himself. 11/10 would use again“

4.9 Superb43 Reviews

1236 Wall St, Pocatello
Tal's Plumbing Plumbers

“What I thought was going to be a small fix ended up being a much large project. Tal and James were wonder and completed the repairs on the same day. They are very professional yet fun to have around. I would highly recommend Tal's Plumbing to everyone.“

5 Superb6 Reviews

3935 Nora Ave, Pocatello
Gary's Sewer & Drain Plumbers

“Amazing. So kind and fast. I’ve never had to use a plumber prior to this. But they got to the root of the problem. We’re super friendly even with my yapping dog. 10/10. If I ever need someone to come out for a plumbing issue again I’ll know who to call first.“

4.9 Superb9 Reviews

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425 Hampton Ave S, Pocatello
Anchor Plumbing Plumbers

“Good service. They fixed my water heater in a jiffy after two RightNow technicians could not fix it.“

5 Superb3 Reviews

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Triple-A-Plumbing, Pocatello
Triple-A-Plumbing Plumbers

“Brian did a fantastic job in my laundry room yesterday. Great guy. I will use this company always.“

4.6 Superb21 Reviews

8AM - 5PM

225 W Pine St, Pocatello
Barlow's Aire Force One Plumbers

“Barlow's Air Force One was very quick at coming to look at my unit to make a repair. Unfortunately my heating manifold was cracked in two places. I received a fast verbal quote on a new unit. The servicemen were very professional. I went with another company to replace my unit but I can't really complain about the two guys that came to help. Very friendly.“

4.5 Superb31 Reviews

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8609 N Kraft Rd, Pocatello
Roto Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service Plumbers

“Let me take a second to talk about the service and integrity of two outstanding employees at Roto Rooter named, Tanner and Jerone...We had the worst ice/snow storm I have seen in Pocatello in nearly two decades. The city snow plow had attempted to plow and sand but slid down the hill that I live on, nearly sideways, and hadn't returned for days. So, our road ends up being more than "Unacceptable" for anyone to negociate, and of course that is when you have "plumbing problems". After calling ROTO ROOTER for assistance, Tanner and Jerone tried to negociate the completely iced up road in their service truck, but suffered the same fate as the city snowplow. I watched their attempt to drive up the hill, and I became very disheartened. I feared that I would have to deal with these disabilitating plumbing problems/issues for even longer. I look out the window, and through the a`new blizzard that was beginning, I see Tanner and Jerone, fighting the ice of the road, and snow pelting them in the face, with their tools, and pipe camera (in a large heavy case) walking up the hill to my house, completely unphased. They diagnosed my plumbing problems very quickly, set up the next phase of fixing these issues, then packed up all their tools, and headed out to fight my icy road and sideways snow, to get to the next job. It was all a positive, fairly inexpensive, experience. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND ROTO ROOTER for your plumbing needs, and suggest you request TANNER and JERONE. They are personable, knowedgeable, fast, and obviously not scared to dare the elements to get you taken care of. A big THANK YOU to these two, and thank you Roto Rooter. It means more than you know.“

4.4 Superb36 Reviews

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850 E Lander St, Pocatello
24/7 Plumbing And Drain Cleaning, Inc Plumbers

“Highly recommend this company. Fair price for great work. Billy priest was relentless. He found the problem and fixed it!“

4 Good21 Reviews