Best Barber Shops In Hartford

Below are the best 25 barbershops in Hartford picked by BestProsInTown

“I almost hesitate to review this place, and I tend to wait far too long between visits, I'm in and out in half an hour. As much as I used to enjoy reading the paper and yaking it up with the other customers while I wait, these days I simply don't the time; so, this place fits the bill just right. And, why would I want that to change? Speaking of bills, twelve dollars for a haircut, before tip, is unheard of anywhere but here. The price could only be better if you dusted off that flowbee you bought years ago, and quickly forgot about. Now, I have to make it clear that if a simple, old fashioned haircut is what you want, this is the place for you. If you're looking for a cut that will enable you to hob nob with the fashionable crem de la crem, you may want to keep browsing this app. In any event, if you do stop in, you'll be greeted by the sole barber; an older Italian gentleman, who will gladly demonstrate some of that old world charm.”

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“Great experience very professional and clean , I love the service I get everytime I get a haircut”

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“I enjoyed getting my haircut. I felt very comfortable in the shop. Very professional and incredibly skilled. I am glad I went to Los Bambino’s.”

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“My experience there was wonderful. The professionalism is through the roof, and they are very attentive to customers needs. Highly recommended.”

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“At only $20 for a cut, this place has great service and I loved the attention to detail! Thank you and I will definitely return.”

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“Rich Ari and Ronald deliver a professional and relax but great place for a cut. They do a tremendous job and not rush to get it done. They do a great job.Service: Haircut”

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“Best barber shop in Hartford been going here for 20 years.Services: Head shave”

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“Best Barber? to me in Hartford I've been going here for years and will not go to another barber God Bless and keep doing what you do!!”

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“This barber shop has a barber named icon who is excellent at his craft so if you've ever visit make sure you C icon”

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“My barber is the best I don't know I would do if anything happens to him. He does a great job.”

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“This Barber shop is the best Barbers are super friendly... Barber shop is Super clean and a Great Ambient.... The Cuts are Perfect....Thanks Guys........”

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“Great barber shop and wonderful staff. Friendly and professional. Highly recommended to anyone looking for their next GREAT haircut.”

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“Mario is a great guy. Clean barber shop and amazing haircut. Definitely the best haircut I've ever received and I'll be going there regularly now.”

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“Clean, barber shop, cool staff they also have a hair stylist whom can do almost anything”

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“Devin has been keeping my beard looking great for 10 years. He never disappoints me, and my son feel as I do. My son's haircut always looks great. Dev is our go to guy!Service: Beard conditioning”

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“Chris did a great job, and took his time ensuring i got the perfect cut.Service: Haircut”

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“The owner of the shop cut my hair he’s honorable and trustworthy cut my hair right before my professional boxing fight I’ll bring my kids to him all the time he does a great job highly recommend it”

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“Great place to get a haircut especially when you are a parent. They took my 2.5 yr boy and gave him haircut. They were great! As a father being aside with fathers that do the trade made it easier. They took care of babyboy and Albert was awesome! Glad they are part of the community. Please support your local barbershops in Hartford! These great barbers are ready to help via walk-in & appointment.”

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“King Kev is awesome! And there are other awesome barbers there alsoServices: Beard trim”

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“Great place very professional, I love the No cursing rule. My children go to Edwin for their cuts he does a great job every single time. 5 stars”

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“I've been dealing with Peter for almost 40 Years love getting my haircut from him”

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“Walt is definitely one of the best barbers I ever had but you can't go wrong with any barber here. They all got skillz. They all cut with precision, quality and quickness. You can't ever go wrong with this spot. It's my go-to!”

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“One of the best down to earth owner well known. He's an expert at what he does. Take his time but also one of the fastest hair stylists I've ever come across .. Thank You Ray...”

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“I woke up this morning and decided that my struggle with medically induced hair loss needed to end. I just drove a few minutes from our house and entered the first barber shop I found. I told Ron that I just needed what I had left to look good, I didn’t want my cut to look masculine, and I trusted him to help me through this painful journey. Ron listened and said not to worry - he would make my shape up look great. He was so reassuring and I trusted him immediately. Ron took his time, used 4 different clippers and scissors, he had turned on 70s Soul and as I sang along to Teddy Pendergrass, he joined in too. The time, care and precision cost $25. When he was done, Ron said, “This is you - an African princess.” I left his chair feeling that way.”

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