Tips & Reviews for Live Beyond Limit

live beyond limit. we offer holistic high quality, small group and individual movement and lifestyle classes, certifications, and coaching focusing heavily on yoga, aerial, and overall wellness techniques like reiki, performance art, nutrition, massage, and yoga therapy, neurokinesiology, eft, etc. live beyond limit is our philosophy and way of life. live beyond limit represents making the active choice to live and thrive respectfully within our environment moment to moment. it is about creating sustainability for the individual and community in movement patterns, thought patterns, actions, and overall lifestyle. live beyond limit is making the choice to find and focus on the opportunity and growth available in all experiences. it is belief in the human spirit to live without placing limitations on oneself or others? ability to experience, grow, and thrive. it is the belief that in coming together, receiving support, and helping ourselves we can help our regional and world community become a healthier and more sustainable place. our mission is to enliven the human spirit and enrich our community through our offerings in yoga, aerial arts, bodywork, nutrition, and individualized coaching. we promise: individual support in classes, private sessions, workshops, and retreats accessibility for all fitness and health levels from brand new beginners to elite athletes a safe, comfortable, and supportive community and environment improved physical, mental, and emotional awareness and well being local involvement and global outreach with fundraisers, community events, service projects, donated classes and mentoring to teach you how to live beyond limit to give back. online classes on-site services by appointment only accepts credit cards good for kids street parking, private lot parking free wi-fi wheelchair accessible gender-neutral restrooms bike parking

  • May 2022

    This class was wonderful. I have wanted to try this for years, and I am so glad I did. Everyone should try it! The classmates and instructor are friendly and sweet, and very encouraging. I am so glad I tried it!

  • Feb 2022

    I’ve been going to aerial yoga, silks, and sling classes at Live Beyond Limit since October 2021. The classes are awesome - challenging while always encouraging staying within what is reasonable and safe for you in the moment. The people are awesome - every teacher and student is always so kind, welcoming, and encouraging. I’ve found a sense of community here that I haven’t felt since before Covid and 2 long distance (mid-Covid) moves. And I’m so excited about the strength I’ve built - core, upper body, and mentally! Thanks for making an awesome community and place to play!

  • Oct 2021

    I’d never tried aerial yoga before. I did my third class today, and I’m feeling pretty hooked. The instructors at Live Beyond Limit are so helpful for newbies, without seeming to slow down the more experienced folks, and Kate especially is awesome at recognizing that when I’m not doing a thing, it’s probably because going upside down is scary but a spotter is all I really need - her reassurance let me try everything even the first class, which was really invigorating and fun. I’m loving that the silks let me get into inversions, something I’ve never managed on the floor.I’ve gone to a few non-aerial classes here too, and they’ve been really nice too full review



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