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11AM - 6PM

5790 Magnolia Ave #104, Riverside
Riverside Chiropractic Center (Dr. Majed) Chiropractors

“The most talented, caring chiropractor I’ve ever been to. I’ve been suffering from Piriformis muscle syndrome for about five years now. I’ve seen many doctors even had steroid injections, which did not solve my problem. I decided to see Dr. majed while I was three months pregnant since the more weight you gain the more the pain. I saw him about three times, and the pain completely went away. I was so baffled on how he cured me for my whole pregnancy. I continue to go see him since my daughter is now six months and I am experiencing shoulder pain from carrying her on my left arm and i know i will be in wonderful hands. Such a wonderful experience Every time the whole staff is very friendly and professional. Thank you everyone!“

5 Superb50 Reviews

3 - 6:30PM

1485 Spruce St STE I, Riverside
Sheridan Chiropractic Chiropractors

“With the few days and visits, the staff remembers my first name and I feel welcomed and the staff is very empathetic about my care and recovery, they understand the pain I am going through and are helping me with my recovery.Thank you for your servicesErnie Casillas“

5 Superb44 Reviews

9AM - 1PM

6281 Brockton Ave STE 5, Riverside
Fargo Chiropractic Chiropractors

“Dr. Fargo is an amazing chiropractor..I have been suffering from a shoulder pain for few months now he explained how the pain was from my neck and he started with my neck adjustment…He gives his time to make sure the patient understands and listens to his patients…I do recommend him 100%…and his front desk staff are very friendly“

5 Superb22 Reviews

8AM - 12:30PM

3816 12th St, Riverside
Whole Body Wellness Chiropractic Chiropractors

“Thanks so much to the team at whole body. My mom was visiting from out of state and in need of chiropractic care. The team made her feel welcomed and help relieve some of her pain! Thanks so much!“

4.9 Superb138 Reviews

9AM - 4PM

7177 Brockton Ave STE 106, Riverside
Mekhael Chiropractic Chiropractors

“I've been to a few Chiropractors in the Riverside area, but none that I've stuck with for more than a couple of months until Dr. Adriana. I've had 13 sessions with Dr. Adriana so far, and there's already a noticeable difference in the frequency of back pains I used to experience. I've had back aches for 20+ years off-and-on, and never considered having chiropractic services until recently during the pandemic, when my back pain became a bit too much. After calling around several different places and getting some recommendations from friends, I started to see a chiropractor on an as needed basis. I never considered that my health insurance might actually cover chiropractic services until one of my colleagues suggested I look into it. Sure enough, my insurance covered Chiropractic services with a small co-pay.My previous experiences were cash visits and they did not take my insurance (my insurance co-pay was a fraction of the total cost). My first experience with an in-network chiropractor was not so great. He spent maybe 5 minutes with me, and I didn't feel like he was invested in making me better. My second experience with Dr. Adriana was so much better. I was experiencing some back pain at the time, and was hoping to get an adjustment the same day. Not only was she willing to take me the same day, I was pleasantly surprised to find that she answered the phone when I called her office. I liked that I didn't have to explain my situation multiple times to two different people. She sat and spoke with me during the initial consultation, and spent the better part of maybe 45 minutes getting a good understanding of where my pains were, what type of movements aggravated the pain, and what my history was with Chiropractors. She took the time to understand my needs and explained her treatment plan. She adjusted my upper, mid, and lower back, neck, ankles and I forget what other areas, but I felt immediate relief. As time went by, and more sessions went by, I began to have a noticeable decrease in the number of times I felt back pain. I find Dr. Adriana to be very kind and professional, flexible with her schedule and always willing to give suggestions and advice in the overall health during our interactions. If you're looking for a reliable, professional and caring Chiropractor in the Riverside area, I would highly recommend Dr. Adriana.“

5 Superb15 Reviews

8:30AM - 6:30PM

4515 Central Ave # 203, Riverside
JE Chiropractic and Wellness Chiropractors

“I continue to go to this chiropractor because they are very good at what they do. I always walk out feeling better. It’s a relaxing environment. The doctor is great. I would recommend going to this chiropractor to everyone.“

4.9 Superb57 Reviews

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1735 Spruce St suite d, Riverside
Bodycare Clinic Chiropractors

“Bodycare Clinic has been a big part of our lives for over 20 years, they are so knowledgeable in all areas of Body Care! I highly recommend them to everyone!“

5 Superb13 Reviews

2:30 - 6:30PM

6927 Brockton Ave STE 1B, Riverside
Twins Chiropractic and Physical Medicine Chiropractors

“The team here is amazing. I feel like I'm in good hands with this office. The girls in the front are always very friendly and welcoming. The doctor has such a gentle yet nurturing spirit. He really wants to give you a pain free life the best he can. The massage therapist are the best I've ever had. They work hard to relax your body and give recommendations to help prolong your relaxation. Definitely reccomend this office to anyone looking for a new chiropractor.“

4.9 Superb43 Reviews

8:15AM - 6PM

11498 Pierce St A1, Riverside
Acosta Chiropractic Inc. Chiropractors

“I awoke to great hip pain so dr. David's girl fit me in-good thing because the pain is gone“

4.9 Superb36 Reviews

10AM - 6PM

18791 Van Buren Boulevard e, Riverside
Dr. Ted W. Peña - Chiropractor Chiropractors

“For the last couple of years, I have had the joy of getting to know Dr. Pena and the entire staff at his office. As someone who works in healthcare, I know the importance of good selfcare and a knowledgeable, precise chiropractor! Between Dr. Pena's adjustments & decompression treatments, I feel much more balanced (and taller!) every time I leave. :)Thank you all for your excellent work, caring hearts, and fun times reminiscing over great music & stories!“

5 Superb10 Reviews

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16801 Van Buren Boulevard STE D, Riverside
Woodcrest Chiropractic Offices Chiropractors

“I highly recommend Dr Scecina at Woodcrest Chiropractic for a specific issue you may be experiencing and your overall health maintenance. She is the best at what she does and I have been a patient of hers for years.“

5 Superb8 Reviews

10AM - 4PM

5225 Canyon Crest Dr Suite 17, Riverside
Chiropractic Wellness Center Chiropractors

“I have been a patient of Dr. Ben for 5 years now and is the best. Great adjustments always.“

5 Superb8 Reviews

10AM - 6PM

10236 Indiana Ave, Riverside
Lux Chiropractic Health Spa Chiropractors

“Very please I was in n out this is the place to get you fix feel better after adjustment I highly recommend“

4.9 Superb18 Reviews

9AM - 6PM

5015 Canyon Crest Dr, Riverside
Canyon Crest Chiropractic Clinic: Hurtado Arthur F DC Chiropractors

“Dr. Hurtado is amazing! I was diagnosed with Nystagmus and couldn't see clearly for one month. I was having a terrible time and miserable and had an optometrist recommend for me to see a chiropractor to get an epley maneuver. I had it done on Wednesday, the next day my vision came back! He's also helping me with some pain I'm having on my right arm from an injury from 5 years ago! Today was my 2nd visit and am kicking myself i didn't go see him sooner' go see Dr. Hurtado. Your health and mind will be thankful“

5 Superb7 Reviews

8AM - 5PM

6700 Indiana Ave #145, Riverside
Gerardo Guevara, D.C., QME Chiropractors

“#1 Doctor I ever had. He Explains everything to you. He does mind taking the time for the regular working guy. Recommend 10000%“

5 Superb6 Reviews

2 - 6PM

3971 Brockton Ave, Riverside
Raincross Chiropractic & Wellness Center Chiropractors

“Great service, and a wonderful doctor who is gentle and empathetic and they also have terrific massage therapists! I love their office.“

5 Superb6 Reviews

8:30AM - 12:30PM

6670 Alessandro Blvd ste.a, Riverside
Dr Harris - Mission Grove Chiropractic, Inc Chiropractors

“I have been a patient of Dr. Harris for several years. He is very professional and an excellent chiropractor. I highly recommend him.“

5 Superb5 Reviews

11130 Magnolia Ave Ste.B, Riverside
Gregory Conrad, D.C. Chiropractors

“The BEST chiropractor in all the land!! We were so impressed with him! My daughter has been in pain for a month now. Dr. Conrad made her feel so comfortable she wasn't scared at all! So excited to see her back to herself. He even gave her and her brother a rice crispy treat at the end of the appointment. So thoughtful! We felt so taken care of!“

5 Superb5 Reviews

10AM - 7PM

11130 Magnolia Ave Ste.B, Riverside
Westgate Chiropractic Chiropractors

“After my car accident, I was recommended it here. Wonderful doctor. Very friendly. (Spanish) Lo recominedo mucho.“

5 Superb3 Reviews

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3730 Pontiac Ave, Riverside
Douglas D. Herbert, DC Chiropractors

“By far one of the best chiropractors I’ve been to. He pays close attention to your X-Rays and analyzes them carefully, based on his findings he will give you a proper adjustment. Every time I come in for an adjustment the rest of my day is pain free. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️??“

5 Superb3 Reviews

9AM - 1PM

3750 Mccray St, Riverside
Miranda Family Chiropractor & Wellness Center Chiropractors

“I love the ambience of this place. Dr. Miranda & Jackie the receptionist are so personable and caring. You feel cared for in the short amount of time it takes for an adjustment. I've been dealing with sciatic nerve issues for some time & each time I go in to get adjusted, I actually feel so much relief! Such a good chiropractor! Highly recommend.“

5 Superb2 Reviews

4354 Latham St, Riverside
Stephen P. Suzuki Chiropractors

“Neat doctors there. Glad to have them helping us with life's little tradeies. Hope all goes great.“

5 Superb2 Reviews

3 - 6PM

7177 Brockton Ave Ste 219, Riverside

“As an athlete, I've encountered my fair share of injuries, and Millennium Chiropractic has been instrumental in my recovery. Dr. Elgendy has a deep understanding of sports-related injuries and tailors treatments to address both the immediate issues and the underlying causes.“

4.8 Superb47 Reviews

9 AM - 6 PM

7177 Brockton Ave Ste 219, Riverside
Elgendy Meral H DC Chiropractors

“Dr Elgeny took extra time to massage the tightness in my neck and shoulders before attempting to adjust my neck. She takes her time and provides excellent care. I also appreciated the massage I had with Claudia. She explained what she was doing and was very thorough. She used pressure that was comfortable for me while helping to release the tightness in my shoulders. My experience here is always exceptional and I leave the office feeling relaxed and pain-free.“

4.8 Superb18 Reviews

8:30AM - 7PM

7900 Limonite Ave # L, Riverside
Jurupa Chiropractic Wellness Center Chiropractors

“Dr. Raz is truly amazing! I’m very fortunate to have found her.I started treatment with Dr. Raz a couple of weeks ago for severe anxiety and insomnia and I’m already seeing vast improvement.She’s very kind and compassionate and really listens to what you have to say. The staff are also very welcoming and the environment in general is relaxing. You feel right at home.Hands down the best acupuncturist! I highly recommend Dr. Raz for your Acupuncture and wellness needs.“

4.8 Superb16 Reviews

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