Tips & Reviews for Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa

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  • Daniel Gatz
    Jun 2019

    Absolutely amazing. Positive energy and RESULTS! I have tried most of Cindy’s treatments and they have been helping me loss weight on top of exercising at home. From her detox program to her Fire and Ice I would definitely recommend her to anyone. In fact my family has used her programs also and they love it.

  • Vicky T.
    Mar 2019

    I've been working with Cindy for a little over a month now and all I can say is that my life has tremendously shifted for the better. What started off as working on one area in my life quickly made its way to altering other aspects that I had eventually planned on working on, I guess you can say Cindy's effects beat me to them! Cindy is really calm and gentle, she really knew how to ease my worries and conflicts, and she always checked up on me, more so than a full review

  • Jessica V.
    Aug 2018

    There are no words to express what Cindy has done and continues to do with my life. She began working on me in January 2018 and ever since then my life has been amazingly different in a great way. My stress level went from 100 to 0.1 (yes there is stress but I can control it now). An example is my Masters program, for a year and a half I was drowning with school, work and Home life. I was carrying a load that was ready to crush me. The month I went to Cindy my life started full review