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Silverthorn Drilling & Pump 190 Bundy Rd, Lavina Montana 59046
Silverthorn Drilling & Pump
Well Drilling

Silverthorn Drilling & Pump

190 Bundy Rd, Lavina Montana 59046

We had been told our well was dry and it would cost in excess of $80,000 to put in a new, something we could not afford; so we hauled water for over a year. My husband was talking to Scott Silverthorn, owner, who was working on a friends property, and he mentioned our issues. When my husband told him what aquifer we were on, he was confused, saying our well couldn’t be dry. He came out to our property and, after examining our well and finding everything in order there, he asked to see the remainder of the equipment - something the original repair tech had not done. As soon as he opened the cover of the pumptec circuit box, he discovered the circuit board inside was melted; the metal box had contained the fire. After hauling water twice a week for over a year, limiting showers, laundry, and extreme water conservation, it cost us less than $700 to have our well back - a lot less than $80,000. Scott was great to work with; he was knowledgeable about all aspects of wells - from starting one to maintaining, and he was patient with our questions. He was considerate of the fact that we’re on a fixed income; and, overall, he was a fantastic guy to work with. I would recommend Scott and Silverthorn Pump to anyone needing any work regarding their well needs.