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“Kevin was ontime and took care to protect my floors as he worked. He was extremely thorough and my carpets looked fantastic when he was done. He will be my carpet guy moving forward !“

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“I bought a couch that smelled horrible from a dog. They said it was pet free but once we got it home the smell was so bad.Called American Heritage and they came out to clean the couch and worked miracles. It smells so good and I am so impressed. Highly recommend.Service: Upholstery cleaning“

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“Here it is in a nutshell. We are 74, have owned several houses, and have had our carpets"Professionally" cleaned many times. We vacuum, and the Pros come in and run their steam and hose extractors around and the carpets looked ok. I stumbled on to LPI using my phone. The person I spoke with starts rattling of all the things they do to clean a carpet. I wasn't listening closely. I wanted the price and $40 Per Room seemed good to me. This Pro came. We had already vacuumed very well, moving furniture aside, etc. He said their vacuum has a Lot more power and we want to get everything we can up before cleaning. He worked for an hour just on our 3 rooms. The carpets looked fantastic and he he only Vacuumed! Next he inspected for any spots and pretreated them. Next came the hoses and the cleaning. It took him about another hour for that. The person on the phone had said every every carpet comes with a sealer to help keep stills on the surface for wiping up. However, over time, vacuuming and cleanings it dissipates. To have that added would be $20 more per room. I said Do it. So he has a sprayer and only does one room at a time. After spraying he pushes it all around with squeegee with a clear, plastic, blade. After that he put down carpet fans to dry it all. When he left, he said it needed 2 hrs to set up, properly. My wife came outside in the middle of his work and said I don't know what you're paying for this, but it's worth Every Penny! I told him how we always had our carpets cleaned in the past and he said, Yeah, that technique is called Splash and Dash. This is how any of the reputable companies do it...OK. Maybe this wasn't the in a Nutshell version! Sorry!“

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