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  • Aug 2023

    Broke my ankle, waited in urgent care for hours until a colleague offered to drive me home (otherwise would have had to walk home a mile on a broken ankle). I called to make an appointment and was told that there was no mechanism by which I would be able to make an appointment anywhere, any time at this medical facility (?) and that of course urgent care had other cases that they needed to prioritize above my "sore leg." So I kept walking on this broken ankle until I braved urgent care again and finally got seen. Eight years later, and my ankle is a source of chronic pain.

  • Jun 2023

    I had an appointment to get a ultrasound done at the radiology department at 3:00 PM 06/01/2023. I arrived a few minutes before and checked in. 3:20 PM I asked the receptionist if everything was ok and she said yes. Around 3:40 PM I realized that they had booked me and another person at the same time. I went to get some explanation but got nothing. Eventually, about 50 minutes after my original appointment I was seen. Overall, no one seemed to care about my wasted time and no one apologized for the terrible service. It seemed like they were more concerned with finding someone to blame. As a bonus, I got a parking ticket because I ended up spending way more time than full review

  • Apr 2023

    Convenient if you are on the MIT health insurance and want something close by, but consistently poor quality of service. I have had multiple occasions where the receptionist forgets to mark me as checked in, so I end up waiting in the waiting room until I go back up to the receptionist. My PCP has misdiagnosed me even after I explicitly asked if I had a certain condition, so I normally try to bypass the PCP and just ask for a referral to a specialist. Urgent care often sends me on my way with no information on followup unless I specifically ask (e.g. for a referral to a specialist or physical therapy).


From MIT Medical

MIT Medical is a multispecialty group practice and health resource serving the MIT and Lincoln Laboratory communities. Through collaboration, innovation, education, and excellence in service, MIT Medical redefines campus health. Our community depends on our expertise, and other universities and healthcare organizations look to our example. Every patient who comes through our doors knows they will receive excellent care.


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