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“What a phenomenal healer. Thank you so much through this healing process before and through my hip revision surgery healing. Highly recommend.”

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“My family and I have been seeing Kevin Hall for massage therapy appointments for years. He’s wonderful to go too. His skill and craft at the massage is excellent, it’s always positive every time I go in there. He’s like-able and wonderful to work with.”

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“I see Dr. Hitchcock and he is wonderful! He will work with me on payment and I can always get in when I need to. He doesn't keep you waiting in the lobby either! Got an adjustment 2 days ago and I feel great. He wont give up on a stubborn spot and I always leave free of whatever pain I came in with! I work in produce so I am always moving and hefting 50 lb boxes, he has helped me a lot!”

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“This afternoon was my very first massage with DanielleI was a bit nervous since I didn't know what to expectShe is very professional and personable and put me at ease immediatelyI have been under constant stress for years and my body has responded with knotted and painful musclesSoon into the massage I felt so relaxed as years of pain were melting away !For along time depression has clouded my life and after my massage I actually feel happyIf you are suffering from the pressures of life I definitely recommend making an appointment with Danielle at Soothing MassageYou will feel great!!!”

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“Best massage ever!!! Hands down 10 star service. Kara has the best hands. She asks questions on what needs the most attention. Is a very good listener when you explain what areas gives you pain. Not only is Kara professional but her massage area is very tranquil, relaxing and must I say very Clean, Sanitized !!!! Which is always a plus.”

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“It took me eight years of being a mother to understand that I'm not being selfish by getting massages. It's my choice of self care, and it improves my well-being so I can be a better mother. I found Kylie and she provides the perfect massage- tailored to exactly what my body needs each time. I'll never go anywhere else.”

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“10000000/10 best massage I've ever had. Stormi did an excellent job at navigating all the knots in my body, tried to work them out within the hour we had together, and was spot on with the amount of pressure to put into my body. She spoke softly (which was so relaxing), was very kind, and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I'll be recommending this location for sure.”

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“I got a massage from Deneb today and it was wonderful. I have felt relaxed ever since.”

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“Chelsey is the best massage therapist I have been to!! She is so friendly and knowledgeable of giving a massage!! I wait to long to go c her and she goes above and beyond to get my knots out of my neck and shoulders!!”

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“Holly was wonderful! This is the best massage I ever had! Definitely will go back! ???”

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“For the first time in months, I woke up without pain, thanks to Ana's professional touch. In 1 hour, she erased all the frustration of the past 2 years of trying to find solutions. She is definitely gifted in her work, and knew exactly how to approach the problem.”

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“The best massage therapist that I’ve ever been to. I’d even go so far as to say the best in southeast idaho for sure. The atmosphere is inviting and the therapist and her experience is evident from the first visit!”

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5Superb1 Reviews

“Stuart is highly knowledgeable in his field. He is very kind speaking to like a real person and explain things in detail unlike most Dr we have seen. Because of the condition my husband was in and the fact that we drove 5.5 hr to see Stuart, he spent 5 hours with us. He sent us home with a detailed plan to help, and we will be returning monthly for progress. I will be recommending everyone who is at their witness end to see them. We are looking forward to our future visit.”

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“I appreciated Susan's kindness and skill. She worked very gently, at first, and really help open up my shoulders without any discomfort. I could have fell asleep, but I was happy casually reminiscing.”

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“Tried a couple different chiropractors in town before being referred to Dr. Ofisa. He is fantastic at what he does and the staff is great as well.”

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“Amy and Mary both were awesome in their massage techniques, hard-working with good pressure massage mix of Swedish long strokes, with elbow and deep tissue. Both were well-behaved and gave us clean rooms and I would say very consistent throughout the appointment.”

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