Reviews for Great Clips

  • Jun 2020

    I set an appointment, came in on time, and was asked what I’m coming in for today. I said a trim on the back and a shave!!!!! Reply: ok not a problem! Few minutes later, I was asked to come sit down. Lady asks what we are doing today, I said again, trim the back and a shave if possible! Reply again: ok not a problem!! She trims the back. I repeated the shave part again, reply: ok not a problem, just let me get the hair off your neck real quick. Then takes cape off and says thank you for coming in!!! Not only did you only make 5 dollars instead of 10 for the shave, you screwed yourself out of a customer that leaves at least a 20 for a tip at minimum!!!! Never again!! full review

  • Mar 2020

    I liked the haircut I received, but when I got my bill I informed my stylist that I was over 65 and she turned to the other stylist, who I assume was the lead, who commented, “I don’t how to make changes to something that’s already been rung up,” or words to that affect.” Then my stylist commented, “you don’t look over 65!” I smiled and said, “I’m 68, not to worry.....” and added the tip anyway! I probably won’t be back; there are other Great Clips in the area and I live in Viera.

  • Mar 2020

    I received the 2nd worst haircut of my life yesterday. I've been coming here since I moved over here in June of last year, and have never had an issue until yesterday. Do not let Evelyn cut your hair unless you are just shaving it off.



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