Tips & Reviews for Lisa Hair & Nails

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  • Long Tran
    Oct 2019

    Great service. My entire family come here to cut our hair monthly. We love their service and hair styles that they cut for us. My wife always has Lisa cut for her. For me and my boys we have Stephanie cut for us. Note that their price is very cheap too.

  • Blanca Rocha
    May 2016

    I went to get my nails done and it was so horrible they cut me twice and they put all the acrylic all over my finger it was a messed I cut off the acrylic nails and walk out bad service never going back there 😡

  • Marisol A.
    Apr 2014

    I love going to Lana. Here's her new number (714) 468-4577. I had my first Brazilian ever done. A fee weeks ago and I was completely afraid since the first is always the worse. She was great and made sure to keep me calm. As she always says, "Baby girl, I'm gentle. Relax."