• Priscilla Atwood
    May 2019

    What a lucky find! Lovely owners are sisters who have brought their many years of experience to the neighborhood. Had a soothing massage with my professionally done pedicure. Though the salon is not at all convenient to my house, I will be back!

  • hanna oh
    May 2019

    Went into Greenwood Nails for a manipedi yesterday and received wonderful service from Nina and her sister. Nails look great!! Highly recommend. They are the management at this location. :) And plan to go back! Recommend making an appointment for weekends.

  • maritza romero
    Feb 2019

    Nina and her sister are the best

  • Hien Lam
    Jan 2019

    A great place to get all the nails care done.

  • Johanna Greif
    Sep 2018

    Went in to get a fill (20$) and the girl was so nice, gentle, and meticulous. She asked me first if I was in a rush, and spent an hour filling and shaping my nails! Definitely recommend.

  • CJ
    Sep 2018

    New owner Nina and the lovely Le spoiled me like crazy. Nina has 17 years of experience and a great attitude. She says it's important to "have heart" and care about your customers. Her new hours are 10 to 8 pm, 10 to 6 on weekends. Come early during the week for real pampering. She gave me a neck and shoulder rub at my request, and told me about her "comfort oil" a formula originally created by a Buddhist monk. Hint: by appointment you can ask for a 15 minute neck and shoulder massage for only $15. Do that! My neck and shoulders felt better than they had in months!

  • Tailar Montana
    Aug 2018

    Went in to ask about nail service. The woman was indifferent. Made it clear that I was bothering her asking. Telling me if I don't like it ( nails I asked for) I can't come back and complain. I was to hurry up and decide cause she had someone coming in. All this because I asked how powder vs white tip differ. I mentioned I had small nail beds...kept I insisting I get the most expensive cause I have small nail beds. Terrible customer service

  • Nancy Boutwell
    Jul 2018

    Great prices, fast service, good mani, good pedi, good eyebrow wax.

  • Mattie Miller
    Feb 2016

    Always a pleasure to treat myself to some foot love here. Staff is super friendly and plenty of options to fit everyone's budget and personal taste. I personally can't get enough of the hot stone foot massages!