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  • jenn c
    Oct 2022

    New ownership as of May 2022. Great service and love the atmosphere. Every unique nail art I've asked for has turned out superb. My new fav place. Pedicures are AMAzing.

  • S. Ryan
    Aug 2022

    Had a pedicure here and it was amazing. Did a hard hike day prior and feet were very sore. Went here, got a pedicure and basic foot massage and left pain free.Services: Pedicure

  • Derrick Fargo
    Jul 2022

    This is my first nail salon experience. This place was recommended by a friend. They took very good care of me, and said I had beautiful feet. I will be back in three weeks for my next pedicure. The prices are fair and the atmosphere is very chill. I will highly recommend AM Nails if you live in Olympia or Lacey.Services: Pedicure

  • Percivial Cradduck-Walker
    Jul 2022

    Our nail session today was truly amazing! The ladies who did our nails were friendly, informative, and patient! We came in with a group of three and they had us out within an hour and a half, even though I accidentally messed up my nails on the first go round. Absolutely recommend!Services: Manicure

  • Mia Warren-Keyzers
    May 2022

    Amazing. Super friendly people, got me seated and comfortable within 2 minutes of walking through the door. Completely got rid of my alligator feet, both of them are almost silky smooth now and the nail technician that i got did a wonderful job at evenly applying the polish. The leg and foot massage was also heavnly. They use a moisturizer, a scrub, and a polish that just makes everything super soft. Even when i asked for my finger nails to get cleaned up very last minute she happily agreed with it and had not even a slight hint of an attitude. And my finger nails also looked a 1000 times better than when i first arrived. Highly recommend to anyone

  • Robin Royal
    Apr 2022

    I came into this salon as a walk-in at 4:30 on Easter Sunday. First of all I am thankful that Kim, the technician, said yes to doing both services when she was going to be closing soon. I have never been here and just googled a place that was open. I expected just basic service because I expected a rushed job. Kim did not rush a thing and gave me a great pedicure with the extras in a very peaceful and relaxed environment. She took her time and gave me a good experience on top of the very good quality pedicure and a gel manicure. I am very happy to now have a new place to go for my nails. I usually feel disappointment after my nail services when I get home and think about the money I spent on a bad paint job. Kim does a good job and I recommend going to herServices: Gel manicure

  • Alli Doan
    Apr 2022

    Senior nail tech was not very refined w customer service or skills. It’s been only a week and my nails are chipped and day of service… I left with my nails looking terrible. Took over 1.5 hours and I didn’t have time for her to fix the powder dip that was done as my nails were not smooth and polish was lumpy.The nail salon can use a cleaning. Saw many nail clippings on the floor prior to my service and nail stations looked dirty and not sanitized.Should of done more research beforehand but supporting a local business while I was in town. I still tipped $15 for poor service.Services: Brazilian wax

  • Jaidyn Villanueva
    Mar 2022

    If I could give this place zero stars I would. I have been getting my nails done since I was in middle school (7 yrs) and I have never left and cried after. I came in to get a dip manicure, she put tips on which I was fine with but the polish to apply the dip was gummy and sticky but she still used it. After dipping my fingers it wasn’t sticking in all the spots so she pushed it down making them clumpy this proceeded to happen the whole time. I said something multiple times but she kept going. I have bad anxiety so for me to say something made me uncomfortable. She would not listen to me and kept saying it’ll buff out when she filed. It in fact absolutely did not. Towards the end I asked her how much It’d be bc I wanted to know how much I’d have to pay for these bc I am not happy at all and she never gave me an answer. I asked again for the total and she still couldn’t give me an answer. After I left I cried in my car and spend more money to go get them taken off. Completely ruined what is suppose to be a relaxing and good experience. I wouldn’t be so upset if the customer service was there or shown any but she did not listen anytime I said they were clumpy and messed up nor could she even give me an answer for the total. I have been to many salons in the years but this is for sure the worst I have ever been too. This also took 2 hrs as well.Service: Dip powder

  • Jade Mullinnix
    Feb 2022

    My friend and I went in yesterday morning (01-30-22) to get two full sets. Extremely simple sets mind you. We were there for 3 1/2 hours watching people go in and out. They kept leaving us sitting there. I understand being busy but these people were coming in after us and instead of having them wait they kept switching back and forth. The first lady put our tips on crooked & kept gluing herself to my friends fingers putting them on. They switched artists and we showed her what we wanted after showing the previous lady FOUR TIMES. So I had to completely start over and soak everything off because she already put the wrong tips on for what I asked for. The second lady argued with me about what I wanted and in the end I had to pick something else out. My friend got clear acrylic over the tips and then a clear coat on top… it was absolutely horrible looking and even had hair in them. Both of our nails are lumpy, misshapen, thick, bubbly, chunky & all the nails are different lengths. The length isn’t what either of us asked for either.. way too short. We asked for a discount for being there for so long and not getting what we asked for on top of me having to completely start over. She argued with us and insisted on a “reward” system with them. We told her we absolutely wouldn’t be coming back and just wanted a discount. We got 10%… $4 off. I paid $51 & she paid $41 for the worst experience and the most embarrassing nails. I’m going somewhere else to get these fixed because they are horrendous. I’ve been to multiple salons over the years and this is easily the worst experience I’ve ever had.

  • Anushe H
    Jan 2022

    Best part is the service providers are not constantly communicating out loud in their native language which seems to be the case in most nail places. Even if they do, it's soft spoken that you can't really hear them. I enjoy the spa like clean, quiet atmosphere, dim lighting with music. Services are very very good too. The Deluxe option is so awesome! I switched from a very busy spot to this one and I'm glad I made the change. Very professional, friendly and swift service.

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