• Kaylee Johnson
    Nov 2021

    They did an OK job kinda rushed it nice look ok

  • Peggy Nicolas
    Oct 2021

    Fun experience. Everyone there was very nice.

  • Jackie H.
    Sep 2021

    Love, love, my nails ! My gal Nancy is amazing! Wherever she goes, I follow!! I've been loyal to Nancy for years and wouldn't trust anyone else to do my nails. She's super fun, energetic, and outgoing. I can understand that can be much to some people but everyone is so serious about life and needs to let go and relax. Nancy is easy to talk to (she speaks fluent English) and always does a great job on my nails. She lets me know if I have a nail shape in mind if it suits my fingers or what the best length for my type of lifestyle. I've grown out my natural nails now and come in for polish changes with shellac or dipping and sometimes I like regular old fashion nail polish. If you show her nail designs she will flat out let you know if she's unable to do them which I appreciate her honesty bc let's face it who wants to sit at a nail salon only to find out that the end result is botched. My nail art is typically flowers or simple patterns, all which she's done an amazing job on. My signature nails are french tips with a twist from v shaped designs to classic french. You can't go wrong with those. Go see Nancy if you wanna enjoy your Mani or Pedi!

  • Lisa Gergen
    Jul 2021

    Great salon, wonderful service

  • Samantha V.
    Jul 2021

    I originally wanted to go somewhere else, but the nail salon I wanted to go to was booked up. My friend who I was with recommended this place. I came to get a manicure. The lady that did my shellac nails was very nice and sweet, but she did awful on my nails... there's air bubbles/dents, uneven coating of nail polish (you can see the strokes of the brush and some parts are shear) and they are bumpy. The lady seemed really rushed because she was doing everything so fast which I can see why because they were busy, but still.. the lady who did my friend's mail did an amazing job though. Paid attention to little details and shaped her nails really well.

  • Anna L.
    Jun 2021

    My friend introduced me to this salon, and we were so excited to go there after work. We went to have our nails done today. When we first entered the door, a lady told us to look through many nail swatch sticks to pick our wanted color. My friend had a color in her mind so she called out the color she wanted right away; however, it was my first time visiting this salon, and I needed some time to decide what I liked - which is totally normal as I usually do other salons. I bet I am not the only one who does so. We went to have our tables and browsing for nail colors on the Internet. After less than 5min, I went to get the color I wanted and THAT LADY started saying BAD about me in Vietnamese ( I bet she didnt know I can understand her language). She said " Con nhỏ đó nảy giờ ngồi tám, kêu chọn màu không chọn, bây giờ mới đi chọn. ( I TOLD THAT CHICK TO CHOOSE COLOR BUT SHE TOOK HER TIME TO CHITCHAT WITH HER FRIEND)" with a very unpleasant and RUDE tone, even though the store was NOT BUSY AT ALL! She made me feel like she was rushing me out of the store. Since I did not want to ruin my friend's mood, I did not say a word and tried to calm myself down by explaining to the lady what I did to find my nail ideas. She went straight to soak my nails into the water without asking me what service I requested to do, and then I told her I would like to have a complete acrylic set. She GAVE ME SIDE-EYE THEN SIGHED AND TALKED BAD ABOUT ME IN VIETNAMESE AGAIN! I was like :" WTH is going on here!" I would have left right away if my friend had not been there w/ me. I saw a desk with a license attached on it, and her name is Nga( the lady who wears a pair of black cat-eye glasses). C'mon man! I went to the salon to relax and chill after work, and I did not deserve that CRAPPY and RUDE service and SH*TTY attitude. I was so shocked at how they keep speaking Vietnamese while working around non-Vietnamese people, making customers feel offensive and uncomfortable. I did not find the presence of customer service at this place at all. The nails appear less than mediocre. I usually dont leave reviews like this often, but this time it was over my threshold. FIRST TIME HERE AND NEVER COME BACK. BAD SERVICE! I think the owner should be aware of this and train their employees better. You are losing your business because of them.

  • Jamie S.
    May 2021

    This place is terrible. I had a free pedicure on my account and that's the reason I went but once we were finished she looked on their computer and said there was nothing on my account. I know for a fact that I had a free pedicure there..I wouldn't have gone otherwise. The lady was incredibly rude and basically just shouts...too long! Too long! As in it's been too so rude and unprofessional. I will not be going back to this salon. The worst!

  • Donut D.
    May 2021

    Came across this nail shop when searching for one online that accepts online reservation in the area. Quick and received instant confirmation. We had our manicure, pedicure and waxing done. We were all please with the nail techs and the final result. The techs were friendly and very good with kids. The massage felt on my arms and legs felt comfortable They have installed hard plastic to separate each chair and our group sat together due to COVID guidelines. I overall feel comfortable. We left happy with beautiful nails.

  • Melissa Ortiz
    Apr 2021

    Very happy with my pedicure! Space is very clean and everyone was so friendly. Great experience and will definitely be back again soon.

  • Nicole A
    Apr 2021

    Everyone here is always welcoming and friendly. They are clean and professional. In addition to feeling that my business is truly valued.

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