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  • Maryan L.
    Aug 2021

    I had a very unpleasant experience at Jennifers' Nails. I walked in to receive a service which consisted of acrylic removal. The tech cut my finger several times. I began to bleed and she tried to dip my fingers in acetone while it was burning. She also continued to put her bare finger on my open wound bleeding wound. I immediately asked for her to take her finger off my open bleeding wound and in shock asked for alcohol. I expressed my concern to the nail salon manager about how this was unsanitary and an infection risk and based on her reaction she didn't want to intervene and got irritated that I asked to switch out nail techs. The salon manager and workers did not bother to try to assist me with my nails and made a few racially derived comments to me. This place is extremely unprofessional, racist and a health hazard to the public.

  • Michael Crain
    Jul 2021

    I've been coming here since 2004! Consistent quality nails. For all the people complaining about price... you get what you pay for! And I've never had anything but a great experience. ? As long as I'm still living in Bellevue, I'll continue to frequent Jennifer's!

  • Shea R.
    Jul 2021

    i called to see if they could squeeze me and a friend in for a pedicure. The woman I spoke with on the phone wasn't the friendliest but decided to still go anyway. Once we arrived there was confusion on if we had called or not but they managed to squeeze us in. It was very awkward and we felt uncomfortable. The massage was nice and long (mostly due to the fact they started on my friend later and wanted us to be done at the same time) but the paint job was awful. It was smudged, there is nail polish on my toes and it's uneven. My heels are peeling bc they did not buff it either. I am very unsatisfied with the way they turned out especially for the price. I could have done a better job myself. The difference between my pedicure and my friends is night and day. I did not look at the reviews and that was my fault but after seeing the owner not respond to any other reviews i have no hope that this issue will be resolved.

  • marina s.
    Jul 2021

    I got a pedicure by a technician (longer hair. Older lady) she did an impeccable job. I am very happy. The owner did my manicure. Pretty sloppy job for $40. 5 stars for pedicure 1 star for mani

  • Don Campbell
    Jun 2021

    Nice people,nice job. Easy to spot from Bellevue Way in a strip mall before Bellevue Square. Fair prices.

  • Awa Diagne
    Jun 2021

    I was expecting better quality being that there prices are so high and of course it’s located in Bellevue. I came in with 2 of my friends and it was disappointment on top of disappointment. We were rushed and and we all wanted “dip” manicures and regular pedes, and the lady said only in of us can get dipped nails because she doesn’t have enough time to do everyone so we agreed but we ask her can she only do two of us and she said she doesn’t have time. So i ended up getting my nails done and my friend wasn’t able too. The services there is horrible no one listens and plus no one wants to speak English, needless to say i will never go back again to top it off it’s day 4 and my dipped nails are already chipping and peeling off.

  • Barbara Richter
    May 2021

    Best Nail salon in Bellevue! Consistently professional, courteous, friendly, super clean and most recently Covid safe environment. Like so many of our small businesses, Jennifer's has had to struggle to survive and she has. I recognize many of her pre-pandemic employees and that speaks volumes abour the woman who has built this delightful business.

  • Shauna Monahan
    May 2021

    Nails were different lengths and shapes. Not a great painting job ended up repainting my self. Required to pay and give tip before you see finished product.

  • megan durning
    May 2021

    Great service and care as always. Thank you for taking great care of me.

  • Lake Choi
    Apr 2021

    I used to go there because I loved the lady who did my nails and she was so friendly. I moved back to Bellevue, went back and since my lady wasn't there I got to get mine done from Nancy. She was filing my nails over too much and while using her machine she hurt my skin. I still went back because that place was the only place that has flexible hours and since she was nice I requested for Nancy once again. This time somehow she was doing my nails all different length and I asked for french nail and they were all noticeably all cricket. I kindly asked her which one is different length or cricket. She started to speak to another worker in Vietnamese. Unfortunately my friend who was there with me was Vietnamese and she told me that she was gossiping me saying I am annoying and I am asking for too much. I am paying my money to get this nail and I pay for customer service as a tip, if you are going to do my nails all noticeably all different shape and style of course I need to tell you. That lady was so unskilled and you can't tell me to be happy about what you are doing wrong. I've been to so many nail salons for years and this is the first time going through a unskilled nail professional. She also AGAIN basically grinded my skin with her machine twice. One of my finger was bleeding so much, it wouldn't stop bleeding until I got home. She acted like no big deal and it was actually really painful for me. Overall everything was terrible. She gossiped me front of me doing my nails, hurt me and acted like it's nothing, all uneven length and style. So unprofessional and rude. She was keep complaining my nails are too small so it's hard. Then why are you so unprofessional? No one ever said that to me at a nail salon. Jennifer used to have amazing people there. What happened to that place? Never going back.(Also first time she did my nails 3 broke after 2weeks)

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