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  • Vivek Nair
    Oct 2021

    Very short wait time, quick good hair cut, kids and adults

  • elmaestro
    Oct 2021

    Very inconsistent. Hit or miss. Some have no business being hair stylists.

  • Shashwat Srivastava
    Oct 2021

    Horrible experience. I don't recommend anyone.

  • Melinda Schultz
    Sep 2021

    I have long hair (far down my back) and needed a trim. Kim helped me out. I appreciated that she let me stand so she could get a better perspective on my hair, but after I'd paid and checked my hair again, I realized one side was noticably longer than the other. I told her and she promptly tried to fix it. However, afterwards she explained that it only looked longer on one side because my hair is curlier on the other side so the hair doesn't lay the same. That's true, but instead of working WITH my hair to fix it, she kind of used it as an excuse. I left with my hair trimmed (blunt edge, not very blended) but still feeling uncomfortable about the uneven look from the front (the back looks ok). I probably won't be back, but if you need a quick, affordable trim, this will do.Service: Haircut

  • Rizwan Asif
    Sep 2021

    Horrible experience. Staff keep changing. It used to be very good. Never going to go there again for sure.

  • Thongsai Thongsamouth
    Sep 2021

    Horrible job!!!!! I showed the lady who was cutting my sons hair the style that my son wanted and she shrugged her shoulders said “I know what I’m doing” and she didn’t even bother looking at the picture I showed her. She also did a terrible job cutting my sons hair. It’s so uneven. Towards the end of the cut where I had to pay she gave me so much attitude and “whispered” to her coworkers and said something about not being able to afford it.

  • Waleska G.
    Sep 2021

    Terrible haircut. From the first minute I noticed the "stylist expertise". I don't know why I didn't get up and leave. The worst haircut in all my life.

  • Ruth S.
    Sep 2021

    Thang can not cut men's hair. A # 2 with a fade and leaving length on top, with a slight trim to the length should never include the clippers on the top of the head. I stopped her numerous times and she argued that's how it is done however we have never had any other stylist cut hair that way. My sons hair had length only on the top front half of his head and other half back was buzzed! His hair looks nothing like the style he originally had. A clean up and trim should not drastically change the hair style! The buzzed hair on the top back half is now sticking up and does not match the 2.5in length in the front. Also nicked my sons ear with the clippers. If you're a man with a nice hair style, steer clear of the woman named Thang.

  • Lori W.
    Aug 2021

    Rude service and worst haircut I've ever had. Never coming here again. Nobody came out to greet us for at least five minutes of us sitting in the lobby (they were all chatting in the back somewhere). When they did finally come out, they didn't even say hello or apologize for the wait. They just said, "Checked in online?" So rude. I asked for long layers and emphasized several times that I wanted to keep my hair LONG. Instead, the stylist cut my hair at least 4 inches and gave me choppy short layers. It took me 6 months to a year to grow it past my mid back, and now it's just an inch below my armpit. I even showed her several pictures beforehand, and the outcome looks nothing like them. It's a terrible, jagged, and extremely uneven haircut. By the time she showed me the back, I didn't even ask her to even it out because she'd already cut off so much at that point, there weren't many more inches I could afford to lose! She also seated my boyfriend before me, and somehow my haircut was done 10 minutes before his. I felt like she rushed through my cut because another customer had walked in. I also didn't appreciate the way one of the other stylists was speaking to their client. They were trying to explain the style they wanted, and the stylist kept interrupting them and saying, "Tell me exactly what you want." When the customer would try to tell them, they would interrupt repeatedly and say, "You don't need to keep telling me because I understand." I never come to Great Clips but figured that it would be a nice way to save a little money on a simple cut, but nope. Never coming here again. You're better off going somewhere else or even doing it yourself (the outcome would probably be better than this place.

  • Jacob P.
    Aug 2021

    This was the worst haircut i've ever had. The styler cutting my hair not only butchered my haircut but not once did they even wipe the already cut hair off of my face. When I finally asked them to wipe it off they used a napkin and roughly tried to scrape the hair off my face. Not only that but they used clippers on the brink of dying so every time she cut my hair it pulled the hairs instead of just cutting them. The back of my hair was so unevenly cut that I had to go to another barber to try and fix it. I didn't have high expectations going in but I didn't think getting a simple haircut could go so wrong in so many ways. If you are in dire need of a cut just cut it yourself. you're better off that way.

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