• Kelly R
    Nov 2021

    There are a few pros; nice space, updated chairs, clean, and the complimentary drinks are great. Staff is friendly...But the Mani Pedi I got here was easily the worst I've ever had. I saw Kelly for both, who repeatedly cut my thumb until it was bleeding and even me yelling at her wouldn't stop her from continuing to do it. I now have an ingrown nail and my thumb is sore. When she finished my manicure, my fingernails looked terrible and like they were going to come right off, so I had her attempt to fix them, yet three days later 4/10 shellac nails have peeled off. They we're grainy, sloppily painted, and the polish was all over my cuticles and surrounding area. When I pointed out that my nails looked like they were going to peel off she told me I could come back in a couple days . My pedicure was okay except she forgot to use the grater thing on one of my feet, so one foot is smoother than the other. I also paid for an extra massage but got less than a standard massage and she didn't do the hot stones that my friend who got the same pedi as I got. Considering my total was nearly $100, I expect much more out of my nail salons. I'd recommend going to Lynn's in Crossroads instead.Services: Manicures

  • Talulah M.
    Nov 2021

    TL:DR Not bad but expensive and disorganized. Check-in is total chaos and the staff are too busy and frantic to get anything right. They ask if this is your first visit but then get annoyed if it is and you actually have questions because their paperwork is confusing. You're lucky to get a word in between them taking phone calls. Seriously, I cannot overstate what a mess the check-in/pick-a-color process is even if you are the first appointment of the day and get there on time. After surviving the front desk, they got the finger and toe colors wrong that were written in my paperwork. Because I had never had dip before, I thought maybe the blue that was being painted on my nails was some sort of base. Three fingernails in, I asked about it and then they realized their mistake. Cue the non-English muttering. Then they noticed that they'd also given me the wrong color for my toes but luckily it was before the color was applied. The shellac I got on my toes was absolutely perfectly applied, no complaints there at all. "Kelly" was fantastic and she did a beautiful job. She was friendly and professional and I would specifically ask for her next time. No pain at all when dealing with my cuticles or callouses. Even 3+ weeks later, my toes still look perfect. The fingernail tech had no name tag so I don't know who she was but she was not cool. She handled the mix up with the color very poorly and was just not nice to deal with. Very painful manicure and more removal with the dremel than seemed necessary. My nails still really hurt the next day. They are very thin and rough now after removing the dip. The place itself is very clean and the tools are treated in an autoclave. The massage chairs were nice and functional. The complimentary beverage was also a nice treat. The cost seemed very high, though - for basic mani + dip and basic pedi + shellac toes it was almost $100 before tip. I'm still confused about all of that and I'm pretty sure I paid for treatments I didn't get. No one could explain what I was charged for when I was trying to pay. They kept pointing to the form but the form said the pedi included a paraffin treatment but I definitely didn't get one. Their website wasn't helpful in figuring it out after the fact, either. All in all, it's only slightly better than the typical nail place. It is definitely not a spa experience or relaxing, though, it's a high-volume nail factory but I appreciate that they have upgraded decor. If they could get their front desk more organized, it would go a long way to avoiding confusion and questionable charges.

  • Karen Egan
    Nov 2021

    Been going for 2 years now. Great place

  • Domonique P.
    Nov 2021

    Love getting my nails done here. By Vivian, Tai, or Lan. They're great! The service here is awesome. & very clean. Remember to ask them about the free membership.

  • Andrea Uriarte Clark
    Nov 2021

    Extremely rude front desk employee. They treat you as if you’re an inconvenience. I was a walk in and scolded for not making an appointment ahead of time. They didn’t appear to be that busy and then were magically able to help me anyways. The second time, I made a useless appointment. I was turned away because I was five minutes late after waiting for childcare and rushing in traffic. Three of those minutes though, I was being ignored while standing at the desk waiting to check in. The girl gave me so much unnecessary attitude and said they could try to squeeze me in. I didn’t feel valued as a customer so I left.

  • Jessica Crismar
    Nov 2021

    I went there for my birthday manicure and pedicure but I was totally dissapointed. The lady from the pedicure did a really good massage but she messed up one of the nails with the machine… I told them that I don’t like it and they tried to do it again but it was still messed up. The lady from the manicure didn’t start to paint my nails properly as she said it will last longer if she leaves some empty space before the gel. So after paying 120$ I didn’t even like them and they looked old like they were done 2 weeks ago. It is very expensive for what I got. I would never go back, they don’t even clean the cuticles. It is indeed a fancy place but don’t trust what you see, even salt looks like sugar.Services: Foot massage

  • Lisa Pastore
    Nov 2021

    Pretty nice place, reasonable selection of services, prices are standard to a nicer nail bar. I've been here several times and the service was consistently good. Going again next week!

  • Amita J.
    Nov 2021

    My mother in law and I came in for pedicures. The technicians did a wonderful job. They were very accommodating and took their time to complete the service. The pedicures lasted for over a month!

  • Jeanne Moore
    Nov 2021

    Beautiful place! Great service, great pedicure!

  • Jessica Sachara
    Nov 2021

    Tracy did an amazing job on my nails! Acrylic & gel for me. Love the attention to detail, shape and thinness of the nail. Generally very picky about my nails and am very satisfied with the results. The free champagne also added that extra luxury feel!Highly recommend!Services: Acrylic nails

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